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a case of Re Sbrihcrn Counties Fire Insurance Company, before the Master of the Rolls on the 13th inst., an application was made in the winding up of the company for leave to prove for the fall smount of a fire policy. The amount of the policy was £500, and the policy was current at the date of tbe winding up, which occurred on the 13th of December, 1579. The fire on the applicant's premises took place on the 22od of January, 1880, and claims were required to be sent in by the 10th of April, 1880. The applicant relied on He Trent and Humber Company (L. R. 6 Eq. 396), and on the fact that there was nothing in the Companies Act, 1862, or in role 25 of tbe Orders of November, 1862, to take away their right of proof. For the official liquidator it was submitted that under rule 25 the policy-holder could only prove 'for the amount due at the time of the winding np, which would be for tbe return of his premium or a proportionate part of it, and further that nnder section 10 of the Judicature Act, 1870, and section 31 of the Bankruptcy Aot, 1369, the creditor could not prove for more than the amount of his debt which he could swear was bond fide due at the time of the winding up, according to rule 67 of the Bankruptcy Rules, 1870, and form 32 of the Bankruptcy Forms of 1870. Jesset, M.R., said that even if tbe rules in bankruptcy applied to this case, which would seem to be doubtful, having regard to the decision of the Appeal Court that day of lie Witkernsta Brick Works, he did not think that tbe affidavit required to be sworn in support of the debt would prevent the applicant from proving his debt, as ench affidavit must of course be subject to adaptation according to the circumstances of tbe particular case. The difficulties in the way of holding that the proof was inadmissible were extraordinary. No doubt where a claim was contingent a man might treat the bankruptcy as a breach of the contract at bis election; but there had been no election in this case, and, in his opinion, the proof would be admissible under the Bankruptcy Act, 1S69. If the proof depended on the Companies Act of 1S62, he should come to tbe same conclusion. Section 158 did not deal with the proof of any ordinary debt, and rule 25 of the Orders of November, 1862, only referred to the proof of claims coming within the 158th section. Even if this was a debt not proveable under the 158th section, it was still proveable nnder the general law, as there was nothing in that section to take away a right of proof. Moreover, in his opinion, the case of In re Trent and Humber Company (L. R. <> Eq. 396), strongly bore out the above view, and therefore, on every ground, he thought the applicant was entitled to prove for the full amount of tbe policy, and he should accordingly make a declaration to that effect.—Solicitors, Oateliffi Howie; Clarke, Rawlins, § Clarke.

Vendor And PurchaserCompulsory Purchase By Sailway Company Building Land — " Mines And Minerals "—Railway Clauses Act, 1845, s. 77.—In the ease of In re The Metropolitan District Railway Company and Cotton's Trustees, before Hall, V.C.,on the 11th inst., the trustees were owners in fee of oertain lands at Fulham, which Qotil lately have been nsed for grazing and horticultural purposes. In 1878 and 1879, the company, acting under the powers of their special Act, served the trustees with notices to treat for some six acres of their land. By agreement the question of compensation for tbe land taken and damage by severance was referred to a well-known valuer as sole arbitrator. He gave his award for a sure which amounted to about £2,000 per acre, upon evidence which valued the property as being, as in fact it was, of great prospective value as building land. No mention of mines or minerals was made open the negotiations or before tbe arbitrator. The company, is taking the conveyance, insisted upon their right to have the words "including mines and minerals in and under " (the property) inclnded in tbe parcels, their reason being that, ^.though there were probably no minerals strictly so called, yet there were gravel and brick-earth, and a reservation by the vendors of tbe right to break or undermine the surface to obtain these would be quite incompatible with the user of the land tor building purposes. The 77th section of the Railways Clanfes Act, 1845, provides that "the company shall not he entitled to any . . . minerals under any land purchased by them, except only snch parts thereof as shall 'be necessary to be dug or carried away or used in the construction of the works, unless the snme shall have been expressly purchased, and all such minerals, excepting as aforesaid, shall be deemed to be excepted out of the conveyance of such lands unless they shall have been expressly named and conveyed

thereby." The oompany contended that, inasmuob as the whole assessment went upon tbe assumption of the property being building land, and as no land the minerals whereof were reserved could be utilized for. building, the vendors must be taken to hav6 expressly included the mines and minerals in the sale, and they took out a summons under the Vendor and Purchaser Act, 1874, to obtain a declaration that they were entitled to have the words in dispute included in tbe conveyance. The summons was adjourned into court for argument, but Hall, V.C., dismissed it with costs, saying that, in the face of the precise language of the Act of Parliament, and the fact that the minerals were not mentioned at the arbitration, there was nothing to entitle the company to the relief claimed.—Solicitors, Baxter Co.; A. F. # Ii. W. Tweedie.

CASES BEFORE THE BANKRUPTCY REGISTRARS. (Before Mr. Registrar Hazlitt acting as Chief Judge.) Dec. 7.—Re Kraft. New first meetiner of creditors allowed where a creditor, who has verbally undertaken to beoome trustee, afterwards declines to act.

This was an application for leave to convene a new first meeting of creditors under an adjudication against J. M. Kraft.

J. Gatey, in support of the application.

It appeared that after the adjudication had been made tho debtor applied to G. A. Smith, one of his creditors, to ascertain if he would become trustee. He said he was quite willing to do so, and at the first meeting the creditors passed a resolution by which they appointed Smith trustee. Smith was then asked to sign tbe resolution in order that it might be registered, but he said that before doing so he preferred to consult hia solicitor upon tbe subject. His solicitor subsequently advised him not to incur the risk and responsibility of becoming trustee, and he then declined to sign the resolution; and in the result registration of the resolution had been, refused.

Mr. Registrar Hazlitt.—Is the omission to sign the only reason for refusing registration? Gatey said that was so.

Mr. Registrar Hazlitt gave leave, under the circumstances, to summon a new first meeting of creditors.

Solicitors, J. & E. Scott.



Mr. Elliott Square, solicitor, of Plymouth, died from the effects of a street accident on the 12th inst. On Saturday, the 11th inst., he was standing in conversation with a friend, when he was startled by the approach of a runaway horse and cab. He turned suddenly round, when the shaft of the vehicle penetrated his eye, causing injuries to his brain, from the effects of which he died on the following day. The deceased was the son of Mr. Joseph Square, solicitor, formerly of Plymouth, and he was born in 1841. He was articled to Messrs. Rooker, Lavers, Matthews, & Kelly, of Plymouth, and he was admitted a solicitor in 1866. He had practised at Plymouth for about twelve years, and, though comparatively a young man, had succeeded in acquiring a good business. He had a considerable practice in tbe Stonehouse County Court. He was a perpetual commissioner for Devonshire and Cornwall, and was deputy-coroner for the borough of Plymouth, and secretary and solicitor to the local Committee for the Protection of Public Rights of Way. He was an adherent of the Liberal party, and a leading member of the local Masonic body. Mr. Square leaves a widow and five children. His death has caused general regret at Plymouth. The Western Morning News thus speaks of the deceased;— "As a professional man Mr. Square had won a high and well-deserved reputation, and death has cut short what promised to be a long career of increasing usefulness."


Mr. JosEm Binney, solicitor (of the firm of Binney, Sons, & Wilson), of Sheffield, has been elected Clerk of the Peace for that borough. Mr. Binney was admitted a solicitor in 1863.

Mr. Henry Homewood Crawford, solicitor (of the firm of Chorley, Crawford, & Chester), of 34, Moorgate-street, has been appointed by Alderman Sir Francis Truscott to be Ward Clerk of Dowgate Ward, in succession to Mr. Henry Law, deceased. Mr. Crawford was admitted a solicitor in 1872. He is solicitor to the Vintners' Company, and he has served the office of under-sheriff of London and Middlesex three times. Mr. Crawford is one of her Mijesty's lieutenants for the city of London, and also a Land Tax Commissioner.

Mr. Robert Evans, solicitor, of Ashton-under-Lyne, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Lancashire and Cheshire for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

Mr. James GaEBNHALOn, solicitor, of Bolton, has beea elected President of the Bolton Incorporated Law Society. Mr. Greenhalgh is an ex-mayor, alderman, and a magistrate for Bolton, and clerk to the Horwich Local Board. He was admitted a solicitor in 1846, and he is in partnership with Mr. William Walter Cannon, clerk of the peace for Bolton.

Mr. Qeoiigb Waostaffe Hodgkinson, solicitor, town clerk of Rothsrhara (of the firm of Hodgkinson & Pashley, Rotherham), has been appointed a Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments of Marrie 1 Women.

Mr. Charles Mossof, solicitor, of 46, Cannon-street, London, has been appointed a Commissioner to take the Acknowledgments of Married Women.

Mr. Joseph A. Philipson, solicitor, o? 65, Pilgrim-street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Married Women in and for the Town and County of the Town of Newcastleupon-Tyne and County of Northumberland.

Mr. Richard Henry Plater, solicitor, of No. 15, Golden, square, and Hornsey, N., has been appointed a Commissioner to take Acknowledgments of Married Women for the Counties of Middlesex and Surrey, and also for the Cities of London and Westminster.

Mr. Gf.oroe John Robertson, solicitor (of the firm of Robertson & Maule), of Bath, has been appointed Registrar of the Bath County Court (Circuit No. 52), in succession to Mr. Edward George Smith, deceased. Mr. Robertson was admitted a solicitor in 1851.

Mr. Charles Tanner Kingdon Roberts, 'solicitor (of the firm of Roberts & Son), of Exeter, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Devonshire and the City of Exeter for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

Mr. Geoticie Henut Ellert Rdndle, solicitor, of Devonport, has been appointed Clerk to the County Magistrates at Stonehouse. Mr. Rundle was admitted a solicitor in 1841, and he is clerk of the peace for the borough of Devonport.

Mr. James Seable, solicitor, of Exeter and Crediton, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Devonshire and the City of Exeter for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

Mr. James Wilson, solicitor, of Wigan, has been appointed a Perpetual Commi-sioner for Lanca-hire for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. Henry Lindon Riley and James Cook, solicitors, 8, Hardshaw-streci, St. Helen's, and 41, Legh-street, Eirlestown, Lancashire (Riley & Cook). Nov. 6. James Cook will henceforward practise on his account at 11, Hardshaw-street, St. Helen's. [Gazette, Dec. 3, 1880.]

On Tuesday week, the period for depositing plans at the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons, in connection with the Private Bill legislation of next session, expired. Last year the total number of plans deposited was 213; this year the number is 245.


WINDING-TIP NOTICES. Joint Stock Companies. Limited In Chancery. London Food Stores, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Dec S, directed to bo hoard before the M.R., 011 Dec 18. Lowlesaand Co, Martin's lane, Cannon st, solicitors for the petitioner Ossein Tannine Company, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before Jan 3, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Capo, Old Jewry. Jan 13 at 1Z is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon tho debts and claims

[Gazette, Dec. 10.J

Unlimited re Oh.vncury. Oldfteld Road Lo Vn Society.—Petition for winding up, presented? Dec 9, directed to be heard beforo the M.K , on Dec it*. Pritchard and Co, Painters Hall, Little Trinity lane, for Leigh, Manchester,, solicitor for the petitioner

[Gazette, Dec. 10 I Friendly Societies Dissolved. Blyth Albion Friendly Society, Star and Garter Hotel, BlyUv Northumberland. Dec 3

[Gazette, Dec. 10.1


SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors of thia association was held at the Law Institution, Chanoerylap.e, London, on Wednesday, December 8, Mr. P.fRickmar* (deputy-chairman) in the chair, the other directors present being Messrs. Asker (Norwich), Brook, Hedger, Mellerah (Godalming), Paterson, Pennington, Roscoe, Rose, Smith, Walters, and Woolbert; Mr. Eiffe [(secretary). Grants of relief were distributed, amounting in the whole to £205^ Nine new members were admitted to the association, and other general business was transacted.


THE INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. Hoxovrs Examination. November, 1880. At the examination for honours of candidates for admission on the roll of solicitors of the Supreme Court, the examination committee recommended the following gentlemen as being entitled to honorary distinction :—

First Class.
[In order of merit]

Alfred Edward James, B.A., who served his clerkship tr> Messrs. E. W. & W. B. James, of London.

Frederick William Roe Rycroft, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Preston & Young, of Manchester; and Mr. Jno. Leigh, of Manchester.

Chamberlain Mole, who served his clerkship to Mr. John Merrick Head, of Reigate; and Mr. Henry Tyrrell, of London.

Arthur Leslie Crockford, who served his clerkship toMessrs. Johnson, Barclay, & Johnson, of Birmingham; and Messrs. Burton, Yeates, & Hart, of London.

George Lissant Collins, who served his clerkship to Messrs. T. & T. Martin, of Liverpool.

James Frederick Burton, who served hie clerkship to Messrs. Murray, Hutchins, & Stirling, of London; and Messrs. Burton, Yeates, & Hart, of London.

Second Class. [In alphabetical order.] Arthur Balkwill, who served his clerkship to Messrs Allan & Davies, of Newcastle upon-Tyne.

Walter Creighton Bell, who served bis clerkship to Messrs. Leitcb, Dodd, & Bramwell, of North Shields.

Charles Frederiok Booth, who served hia clerkship to Messrs. L°vett & Champney,of Hull ; and Messrs. Collyer— Briatow, Withers, & Russell, of London.

Edgar Booth, who served his clerkship to Mr. Frauds Jubb, of Halifax.

John Cameron, who served his clerkship to Mr. Henry Gairceroas Duncan, of Liverpool; Messrs. Hill & Diokinsorj, of Liverpool; and Messrs. Gregory, Rowcliffes, & Rawle, of London.

Eustace William Cattle, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Haigh & Son, of Selby; and Messrs. Layton & Jaqnes, of London.

James Henry Havelock Clark, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Ransom & Nelson, of Sunderland; and Messrs. Paterson, Scow, 8c Bloxam, of London.

Henry Cromwell, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Swinburne A Mills, of London.

Chsrles Alfred Emerson, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Stokes, Sannders, & Stokes, of London.

Samuel Jeavons, who served his clerkship to Mr. Stephen Hart Jackson, of Ulverston; and Messrs. Tahourdins & flargreaves, of London.

William Maylett. who served his clerkship to Mr. William Nichols Marcy, of Worcester.

Aubrey Frederick Willoughby, who served his clerkship to Messrs. H. C. Nisbet, Eooke, & Daw, of London,

John Charles Wilson, who served his clerkship to Mr. John Clayton, of Manchester, and Ashton-under-Lyue.

Third Class.
[In alphabetical order.]

Thomas Hammersley Bayley, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Neve & Butter, of Wolverhampton; and Messrs. UUithorne, Carrey, & Villiers, of London.

Thomas Catterall, who served his clerkship to Mr. William Lees, of Wigan.

Edgar Fied Cross, who served his clerkship to Mr. Edmund Wamner, of London.

George Davison, who served his clerkship to Mr. George Maw, jun., of Bishop Auckland.

William Henry Makin Draper, who served his clerkship to Messrs. H. W. Collins, Robinson, Collins, & Driffield, of Liverpool.

John Cross Eocles, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Henry Forsham & Hawkins, of Liverpool.

James Hinter Flegg, who served his clerkship to Mr. Harry William Christmas, of London.

William Charles Flegg, who served his olerkship to Mr. William Martin Flegg, of London.

Alfred James Harman, who served his olerkship to Mr. William Finkoey, of Sunderland; and Mr. Robert; George Chipperfield, of London.

Charles Deane Heaton, who served his olerkship to Mr. Richard Heaton, of Burslem; and Messrs. Ridsdale, Craddock, & Ridsdale, of London.

George James Holme, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Robinson, Sons, & Gill, of Blackburn; and Mr. William Turner, of Newoastle-under-Lyme.

Frank Howard, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Tayior, .Mason, & Taylor, of London.

Arthur Perkins James, who served his clerkship to Messrs. James <Sc Co., of Merthyr Tydvil ; and Mr. Isaac Harris Wrentmore, of London.

Arthur Walker Nicholson, who served his olerkship to Messrs. Middlemiss & Pearoe, of Hull.

Frederic Cbarlee White, who served his clerkship to Mr. Charles Edward Rowolifie, of Stogumber, deoeased; Mr. Edwin Hellard, of Stogumber; and Messrs. Gregory, Rowcliffee, & Rawle, of London.

Frederick Bradbury Winter, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Winter & Co., of London.

The Council of the Incorporated Law Society have aoeordingly given class certificates and awarded the following prizes ot books:—

To Mr. James, the prize of the Honorable Society of Clement'e-inn. Value ten guineas.

To Mr. Rycroft, the prize of the Honorable Society of CHfford's-inn. Value five guineas.

To Mr. Mole, the prize of the Honorable Sooiety of New-inn. Value five guineas.

To Mr. Crookford, Mr. Collins, and Mr. Burton, prizes Of the Incorporated Law Sooiety. Value five gnineaa each.

The council have given class certificates to the candidates in the second and third classes.

The number of candidates examined was ninety-seven.


The weekly meeting of this society was held at the Law Institution on the 7th iuat., Mr. G. H. Bower in the chair. Messrs. W. F. Beddoes and W. F. Barry were duly elected members of the society. Mr. Van Sommer brought forward a series of motions relative to the appointment of a reporter to the society, which were, after some discussion, carried,, and Mr. E. G. Spiers was subsequently, by resolution, appointed to fill that office.

The weekly meeting of this society was held on the 14th inst. at the Law Institution, in conjunction with the United Liw Students' Sooiety, Mr. E. G. Spiers in the chair. The subject for discussion was "That both economical and social reasons render requisite a change in the system of land tenure in England, and that no change can be considered satisfactory which does not embody the abolition of the law of primogeniture and of settlement." The debate was opened on behalf of the United Law Students' Society by Mr. B. T. Bartrum, who was followed by Mr. E. F. Sponce in support of the motion, which was opposed ou behalf of the Law Students' Debating Society by Mr. J. Nicholls and Mr. C. E. Barry. The following gentlemen also addressed the society:—Mr. Maclaren, Mr. Owen, and Mr. Robinson in favour of, and Mr. Van Sommer, Mr. Edlin, and Mr. Collyer against, the motion. Mr. Bartrum replied, and on the motion being put to the meeting it was carried by a majority of one—there being fifteen votes for and fourteen votes against the motion. There was a large attendance of members of both sooieties.


The fifth meeting of the society for the present session was held last night (Tuesday) at the Law Library, Crossstreet, when the chair was taken by Edwin Jones, Esq., barrister-at-law. Messrs. J. H. Payne and Rowbottom were elected ordinary members of the society. Mr. F. W. Roe Rycroft, lately articled with John Leigh, Esq., solicitor of this city, to whom has just been awarded by the Incorporated Law Society the Cliffords'-inn Prize, and a first-class certificate in connection with his final examination, received quite an ovation on entering the room, and to him and to Mr. J. C. \V ilson, also lately a member of the society, who has gained a second-class honours certificate at the same examination, the congratulations of the society were voted. The subject for the evening's debate was as follows:— "John Thompson, who has carried on business in Manchester as a merchant in his own name, sells the stock and goodwill of his business to William Smith. He recommences the same business in Manchester under the same style, and deals, though not upon his own or his servants' private or special solicitation, with certain of his old customers. Is he restrainable from so doing?" The hon. secretary (Mr. Butcher) opened in the affirmative, and was followed by Messrs. Winser and Schofield on the same side, whilst Messrs. Hislop, Read, and Cleworth supported the negative. The following gentlemen also took part in the debate: Messrs, Norton, Lowndes, Rycroft, Hardman, Rayner, and Innes. Mr. Butcher replied and the chairman summed up, leaning in favour of the affirmative, but upon a vote being; taken that contention was negatived. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the meeting.

A correspondent of the City Press complains of the waste of time at the Mansion House. He says, "Professionally I have been in the court since the opening at twelve^ and here we are at three o'clock waiting for something, but no one appears to know what. The alderman is not on the bench, the clerk's chair is vacant ; but here we are waiting. What with the adjournments and other inconveniences, professional men will soon have to bid adieu to the Mansion House."

A correspondent of the Times says that in a recent issue of a local newspaper (the Clare Independent) he found the following :—" At a numerously attended meeting of the Clooney Branch League, Mr. J. Oulligan in the chair, it was unanimously agreed by resolution that Mr. J. Molony, solicitor, be 'Boycotted,' and that the peasantry shun his office, for having lent his professional services to issue writs on tenants of Maghera."



Adrian, Julius, Giessen, Germany. Jan 17. Adrian v Bojanowski, V.C. Hall. Fielder and Sumner, Godliman st. Doctors' commons

Crook, Thomas, jun, Seaford, Contractor. Jan 15. Denham v Crook, V.C. Hall. Brown and Sons, Finsbury pi

Davidson, Jakkb, Middle Temple, Student-at-Law. Mar 15. Davidson v Davidson, M.R. Davidson and Morriss, Queen Victoria st

Dicas, William, Garrick st, Covont Garden, Wine Merchant. Jan

7. Bigncll v Moir, M.R. Hicks, Wellington st, Strand Ifbrakley, Charles, Burston, Stone, Stafford, Farmer. Jan 31. Nevitt v Mountford, V.C. Hall. Blakiston, Stafford

Millakd, Joseph Sewbll, Hornsey, Lime Merchant. Doc 29. Goodman v Jeram, V.C. Hall. Jeram, Manning st, Southwark

Mountford, William, Stafford, Gent. Jan 31. Nevitt v Mountford, V.C. Hall. Blakiston, Stafford

[Gazette, Dec. 7. J

Allen, John Cooper, Blaby Hall, Leicester, Esq. Jan 7. Everard

v Allen, M.R. Place, Leicester 'batten, Robert, Ellesmere rd, Victoria pk, Gent. Jan 11. Batten

v Batten, V.C. Malins. Webb, Austin friars Clarke, JonN, A3'lesbeare, Devon. Jan 15. Clarke v Clarke, V.C.

Hall. Brown, Exeter Cox, William, Crewe, Chester, Ginger Beer Manufacturer. Jan 7.

Donkin v Cox, M.R. Pointon, Crowe Fay, Rohkkt, Awebridge, Mitchelmersh, Southampton. Jan 18.

Carter v Fay, V.C. Malins. Mortimer, Romsey Lee, Lilian Adelaide (known as Miss Neilson), Park lane. JanlO

Glyn v Lewis, V.C. Hall. Lewis and Lewis, Ely pi, Holbom Milks, Elizabeth, Dawlish, Devon. Jan 7. Andrews v Square,

V.C. Hall. Halse and Co, Old Burlington st, Regent st Morris, John, Oakham, Esq. Jan 0. Royco v Morris, V.C. Hall.

Adam and Son, Oakham Pullbn, Daniel, Dorking, Surrey, Builder. Jan 7. Taylor v

Alloway, M.R. Morrison, Reigato Smedley, John Thomas Marsdbn, Matlock, Derby, Esq. Jan 10.

Smedley v Hunter, V.C. Malins. Tweedie, Lincoln's inn fields Wilkinson, John Sheldon, St James's pi, St James's, Civil

Engineer. Jan C. Maples v Wilkinson. V.C. Bacon. Tweedie,

Lincoln's inn fields

[Gazette, Dec. 10.]



Adams, Francis, Bristol, Esq. Feb 12. Fry and Co, Bristol
Ayre, John, York, Ironfounder. Jan 15. Mann and Son, York
Bell, TnoMAs Fotherlby, Kingston-upon-Hull, Shipowner. Jan

8. Martinson, Hull Blinch, William, Stretham, Cambridge, Farmer. Jan 18. Archer

and Son, Ely

Boobyer, Henry, Farringdon st, Bookseller. Dec 30. Saxelby

and Faulkner, Ironmonger-lane Fohster, Edwabd Morgan Llewellyn, Melcombo pi, Dorset sq.

Architect. Jan 15. Tilleard and Co. Old Jewry Hamilton, Hon. Robebt, St. Andrew, Jamaica. March 1.

Tilleard and Co. Old Jewry Hctton, Richard, Watford, Hertford, Gent. Jan 12. Rowell,


Imray, Hon. Johtt, St. Aromant, Dominica. March 1. Tilleard

and Co, Old Jewry Jacob, Maby, Sturry, Kent. Jan 11. Mercer and Co, Deal Jabv.s, Richard, Mason st, Southwark, Currier. Jan 31. Hinckley

and Co, Lichfield

Jarvis, Thomas, Burton-upon-Trent, Brewer's Labourer. Jan 31.

Hinckley and Co, Lichfield Jones, George William, Newport, Monmouth, Shipbroker. Jan

16. Pain and Son, Newport Lambert, Joseph, Great Dunmow, Essex, Miller. Dec 30. Wade

and Co, Great Dunmow Hayling, Edward Haygarth, Sunderland, Surgeon. Jan 1.

Wright, Sunderland Ogilvy, Maby Ramsay, Grove rd, St. John's Wood. Jan 1. Angell

and Co, Grcsham st Petlby, John Edward, Old Charlton, Kent, Navy Lieutenant. Jan

15. Marsden and Wilson, Old Cavendish st Hanson, Robebt Robinson, Beverley, York, Tailor. Jan 20.

Jackson, Hull

Robertson, Josepha Maby, College pi, Brighton. Dec 30. Vincent, Rydo

Rolls, George, Bisham Lodge, Upper Teddington, Gent. Dec 25.

Witt, Chancery lane Selfe, Edward Henry, Hanley, Barrister-at-law. Jan 1. Hiffe

and Co, Bedford row Shepard, John, Alne, York, Farmer. Jan 15. Phillips, York Smith, Arthur Warren, Lichfield, Brewer. Jan 31. Barnes and

Russell, Lichfield Sthangk, Elizabeth, Worthing, Sussex. Dec 25. Verrall,


. Stuchbery, James, Buckingham, out of business. Jan 1. French, Buckingham

Tomlinson, Gbobgb, Lichfield, Yeoman. Jan 31. Hinckley and

Co, Lichfield

Tfbneh, Martha, Newport, Monmouth. Jan 31. Sheppard, Gloucester

Walpole, Reginald Robert, Stony Stratford, Buckingham, Barrister-at-law. Jan 10. Davidson and Co, Spring gdns

Watson, Boswell, Welton, Northampton, Grazier. Jan 1. Roche, Daventry

Welles, Emma, Gadbrook, nr Leigh's, Surrey. Jan 1. Paice, Staple inn

Wilcocks, Cblia Douglas, Holland rd, Kensington. Jan 8. Carter, Budge row

Williamson, Hbnby, Orrell, Lancaster, Farmer. Jan 15. Brabner

and Court, Liverpool Wilson, John, Francis st, Tottenham Court rd, Butcher. Dec 30.

Holmes, Eastcheap Woollby, Thomas, Kings Bromley, Stafford, Farmer, Jan 31.

Hinckley and Co, Lichfield

[67az«tf«,Dec. 3.]

Busigny, CnAELBs Edwaed, Worcester, Surgeon. Jan 20. Pidcock

and Sons, Worcester Chaelbs, Edward, Goytroy, Monmouth, Farmer. Jan 8. Edwards

and Son, Pontypool Child, Henry Hall, Stockton-on-Tees, Gent. Jan 10. Draper,

Stockton-on-Tees Deighton, John, York, Cork Merchant. Jan 15, rhillips. York Fasnfield, George James, Woolwich, Gent. Jan 20. Farnfield,

Lower Thames st Finch, Eliza, Homefleld rd, Wimbledon. Jan 1. Dixon and Co,

Bedford row

Gbrrard, Charles, Runcorn, Chester, Printer. Jan 1. Linaker, Runcorn

Godson, JonN Winterton, Hook Norton, Oxford, Farmer. Jan 19.

Rawlinson, Chipping Norton Hardtiam, William, Worthing, Sussex, Confectioner. Jan 8.

Verrall, Worthing Harding, Samuel Tufflby, Chester. Solicitor. Feb 1. Hardings

and Co, Manchester Hemming, Rev. Geobge, Little Parndon, Essex. Jan 21. Paine*

and Co, Old Broad Bt Jarvis, Richaro, Mason st, Southwark, Currier. Jan 31. Hinckley

and Co, Lichfield

Jarvis, Thomas, Burton-unon-Trent, Brewer's Labourer. Jnn 31.

Hinckley aud Co, Lichfield Lewis, Morris, Tyndall pi, Islington, Wino Merchant. Jan 14

Montagu, Buckle rsbury Mackrbll, William, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, Gent. Jon 1.

Marahfleld and Hutchinga, Wareham Montague, Mary Ann, Hastings, Hotel Keeper. Jan 3. Austen Morgan, Thomas, Tredegar, Monmouth, Mason. Dec 24. Morgan,


Peddeb, Mart, Hayton, Lancaster. Dec 27. Stone, Liverpool Ratcliffe. John, Ovenden, HaUfax, Worsted Spimier. Feb 5.

Longbottom. Halifax Sudbon, William, Stockton-on-Tees. Jan 10. Draper, Stocktonon-Tees

Taylor, Samuel, Manningham, York, Common Brewer. Jan 1-4.

Taylor and Co, Bradford Tearl, Amelia Cooper, Southsea, Southampton. Jan 10. Milno

and Co, Harcourt bldgs, Temple Tomlinson, George, Lichfield, Yeoman. Jan 31. Hinckley and

Co, Lichfield

Tyler, Joseph, Bishop's Stortford, Coach Builder. Jan 14. Baker

and Thornoycroft, Bishop's Stortford Walker, Emma, Wolverhampton. March 1. Riley, Wolverhampton White, Henry, Brighton, Carpenter. Dec 15. Penfold and Co,


Wilcock, Thomas, Cadishead, Lancaster. Jan 10. Makinson and

Co, Manchester

Williams, Rev. Jambs, St Giles, Camberwell. Jan 8. Baker and

Nairne, Crosby sq Williams, Thomas, Pendleton, Lancaster, Skein Dyer. Jan 12.

Howarth, Manchester Woollby, Thomas, Kings Bromley, Stafford, Farmer. Jan 31.

Hinckley and Co, Lichfield

[Gazette, Dec. 7. J

Allen, William, Hartpury, Gloucester, Farmer. Jan 21.

Bonnor, Gloucester Barber, Mary Ann, Sunderland. Deo 20. Smith, Pancras


Bedford, William, Whitfield st, Licensed Appraiser. Dec 20.

Shicrs, Burleigh st. Strand Boob, Charles, 'Wimborne Minster, Dorset, Gent. Jan 8.

Tanner, Wimborno Minster Bryant, Samuel, Brislington, Somerset, Surgeon. Jan 20.

Beckingham, Bristol Bulleh, Ann, Strete Ralegh, Whimple, Devon. Feb 10. Phillpotts,

Old sq, Lincoln's inn Chambers, Harriet, Nottingham, Spinster. Feb 20. Parsons

and Son, Nottingham Cairns, Robert Donald, Bombay, East Indies, Agent to tho

Oriental Bank Corporation. Jan 10. Hutchins, Birchin lano Deterell, John, Purbrook Park, Hants, Esq. Feb 7. Walters

and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn fields Downs, Henry, Basingstoke, Southampton, Land Agent. Jan

31. Lamb and Brooks, Basingstoke Finchbr, William Sanders, Stratford-upon-Avon, Fnrnituro

Dealer. Jan 21. Slatter and Co, Stratford-upon-Avon Goodwin, Benjamin, Heaton Norrw, Lancaster; Gent. Jan 9.

Chapman and Co, Manchester Hales, Elizabeth, Old Charlton, Kent. Jan 10. Devonshire,

Frederick's pi, Old Jewry Habe, Sir TnoMAs, Stow Hall, Norfolk, Bart. Feb 7. Walters and

Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn Hill, George, East Rotford, Nottingham, Gent. Jan 1, Marshall,

East Retford

Hollis, Elizabeth Godwin, Winchester. Jan 29. Best and

Scotney, Winchester Holt, William James, Gorphwysfa, Carnarvon, Esq. Jan 15.

Burton and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Isaac, Matthew Henry, Bristol, Grocer. Jan 31. Miller, Bristol Jarvis, RicnARD, Mason st, Southwark, Currier. Jan 31. Hinckley

and Co, Lichfield

'Jarvis, Thomas, Burton-upon-Trent, Brewer's Labourer. Jan 31.

IHinckley and Co, Lichfield Jones, Moses, Worcester, Ironmonger. Jan 31. Southall, Worcester

Lewis, William, Oakmere, Chester, Farmer. Jan 20. Green and

Dixon, Northwich Mickiijik, Edw.ied, Fawley ct, Bucks, Esq. Feb 1. Femberton

and Co. Liverpool Mute, William, Gloucester, Gent. Jan 10. Bretherton and Son,

Jonjf, Sherwood st. Bromley-by-Bow, Gent. Dec 31. Atkinson. Stratford Mishlitok, Thokas, Earlstown, Lancaster, Pork Butcher. Jan 17.

Gartside and Robinson, Ashton-nnder-Lync Milleb, Giici, KingBton-upon-HulU Jan 24. England and Co, Hnll

Otms, Tsohas, Southampton, Store Keeper. Jan 20. Hickman

and Son, Southampton Falvteb, Sophia, South Lambeth rd. Jan 21. Clabon, Great

George H

Peace, Thomas, Birmingham, Gent. Feb 20. Field and Sons, Leamington

Phillips, Geoboz, Liverpool, Jan 6. Priest, Liverpool

Fotooz, Joseph, Cannock, Stafford, out of business. Jan 31.

Harlow and Potter, Bridge st, Walsall BrsH, William, Norwood green, Southhall, Gent. Jan 10.

Williams and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Saxsox, Alexaxseb, Eongstone, Somerset, Yeoman. Jan 22.

Poole, South Petherton Scrrr, Geobge, Winterbornc St» Martin, Dorset, Common Brewer.

Jan 15. Andrews and Co, Dorchester Srsvrirsoir, Johe Bask, Dolcorsllwyn, Montgomery, Farmer. Jan

3L Rowlands, Machynlleth Tatlob, Tom, Lavender Sweep, Wandsworth, Esq. Feb 8. Walker

and Mewburn-Walker, Furnival's inn Tosiissoj, Geobqe, Lichfield, Yeoman. Jan 31. Hinckley and

Co, Lichfield

VisTcoBr, Rev. CoBirELirs Eoxnxr/s, Busholme,nrManchester. Jan

6. Farrington and Crofton, Manchester Welch. Rev. Albas Hehbt Deew, Southbrook st, Hammersmith.

Jan 20. Ticehurat and Sons, Cheltenham Woollabd, Mabx, Berners st, Oxford st. Jan 24. Kinsey and Ade,

Bloomsbury pi

Woollet, Thomas, Kings Bromley, Stafford, Fanner. Jan 31. Hinckley and Co, Lichfield

fGaaette, Dec. 10.]

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The Lord Chancellor has appointed Mr. Alfred Wills, Q.C., of the North-Eastern Circuit, a commissioner for the ensuing winter assizes, and, as at present arranged, he will accompany Mr. Justice Williams on the Oxford Circuit. The following dates have been fixed for the assizes on the North-Eastern Circuit (Lush, L.J., and Manisty, J.)—Newcastle, Tnesday, January 11; Durham, Tuesday, January 18; York, Tuesday, January 25; Leeds, Monday, January 31.

Mr. Justice Stephen will accompany Mr. Justice Field on the Northern Circuit instead of a commissioner as formerly settled ; and it is understood that Mr. Justice Stephen's place on the South Wales Circuit will be allotted to a commissioner. The following are the days fixed for holding the assizes on the Western Circuit (Baggallay, L.J., and Lopes, J.):—Devizee, Tuesday, January 11; Winchester, Friday, January 14; Dorchester, Thursday, January 20; Exeter, Saturday, January 22; Bodmin, Friday, January 28 ; Taunton, Tuesday, February 1; Bristol, Saturday, February 5.

JUDGES' CHAMBERS. Mr. Baron Pollock will attend chambers on the following Jays after the present Michaelmas Sittings :—The 22nd, 23rd, 28th, and 31st Inst., and the 5th and 11th of January.

The summonses, therefore, in the judge's list, and returnable on the days after-mentioned, will stand adjourned as under, of which the applicants are to give reasonable written notice to respondents :—The summonses in the list for December 29 and 30 will stand adjourned till the 31st inet.; those in the list for January 1, 3, and 4 till the 5th; and those in the list for the 6th, 7th, 8ih, and 10th until thellth.

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. Dec. 21.—Messrs. Ventom, Bull, & Coopbb, at the Mart,' at 1 p.m., Freehold Property, Reversions, &c. (see advertisement, Deo. 11, p. 3).



Asbwell.—Dec. 14, at 1, Mount Pleasant, Newcastle, Staffordshire, the wife of John B. Ashwell, solicitor, S toke-uponTrent, of a daughter.

Odgebs.—Dec 14, at Savile House, Fitzjohn's avenue, Hampstead, the wife of W. Blake Odgers, barrister-at-law, of a son. MARRIAGE.

GiddyPiebs.—Nov. 4, at Rondebosch, Cape Town, Shepstone Giddy, barrister-at-law, to Jessie Anna Fresgrave, daughter of Charles Piers, J.P., Civil Commissioner of the Cape District.


Bennett.—Deo. 7, at Northgate-street, Ipswich, Garrod Bennett, solicitor, aged 33.

Bkown.—Dec. 13, at Bournemouth, Francis Why borough Brown, of Leeds, solicitor, aged 31.

Moore.—Deo. 7, at St. Helier's, Jersey, Joseph Schroder Moore, barrister-at-law, late one of the judges of the Supreme Court of New Zealand.



Fbidat, Dec. 10, 1880. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Chaine, Louisa Rebecca, Queen's gate, South Kensington, Lodginghouse Proprietress. Pet Dec 7. Brougham, Jan 14 at 11 Whitworth, Edward, Elm pk, Brixton hill. Pet Dec 3. Pepys. Dec 22 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. Caldecott, F J P , Clifton, Bristol. Pet Dec 8. Harley. Bristol, Dec 22 at 2

Cobb, Michael Miles, Stowmarket, Suffolk, Innkeeper. Pet Dec 9.

Collins. Bury St Edmunds, Dec 22 at 12 Cooke, Herbert, Wood Ditton, Cambridge, Innkeeper. Pet Dec 8.

Eaden. Cambridge, Dec 29 at 1.30 Cross, Charles, Ellcsmore, Salop, Miller. Pet Dec 23. Vaughan

Williams. Wrexham, Dec 23 at 12 Derry, Fletcher, Donnington le Heath, Leicester, Grocer. Pet Dec ■

6. Hubbersty. Burton on Trent, Dec 22 at 1.30 Eccles, Jamos, Stockton on Tees, out of business. Pet Dec 3. Crosby.

Stockton on Tees, Dec 22 at 2.30 Smith, Joseph Amos, Rockloy, Askham, Nottingham, Miller. Pet

Dec 7. Uppleby. Lincoln, Dec 22 at 11

TuBsnAT, Dec. 14,18S0. Under the bankruptcy Aot, 1869. To Surrender in London. Davis, Charles, Giltspur Bt. Manager to a Carrier. Pet Dec 10.

PepyB. Jan 14 at 11.30 Xenos, Aristides, Gt St Helens, Bishopsgate St. Pot Dec 10. Pepys.

Jan 12 ut 12

To Surrender in the Country. Hughes, Rov Augustus, Hastings. Pet Dec 10. Young. Hastings, Dec 30 at 12

Langley, George, Sheffield, Fish and Gamo Salesman. Pet Dec 10.

Rodgers. Sheffield, Dec 30 at 11 Moore, William, Leeds, Solicitor. Pet Dec 8. Marshall. Leeds, Jan

12 at 11

Sntton, William Henry, Carmarthen, Accountant. Pet Dec 9. Lloyd.

Carmarthen, Dec 28 at 1 Treneny, Thomas T, Dovoran, Cornwall, Miller. Pet Dec 11. Chil

cott. Truro, Dec 29 at 12 Wilson, Robert Towers Robertson, Berwick upon Tweed, Iron.

founder. Pot Dec 9. Daggett. Newcastle, Dec SO at 11

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. Fbidat, Dec. 10, 1880. Boyle, William, York, Joiner. Dec 7

Tcesdat, Dec. 14,1880. Castledino, Edward Gillcad, and Percival Charles Nutt, Bury St

Edmunds, Agricultural Implement Dealers. Dec 11 Elderkin, Thomas, Houghton Mill, Northampton, Miller. Dec 1 Tibbit, James, Jun, St Peter's rd, Kingsland, Builder. Dec 3

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. Fbidat, Dec. 10, 1680. Adams. Henry, Copenhagen st, Barnsbury, Islington, Laimdryman* Dec 23 at 12 at offices of Richardson, Broad st buildings

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