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Mr. BURCHARD moved that the bill of Mr. T. P. Bonfield, for services as Attorney for the Board, be allowed, and the Regent instructed to draw a warrant on the Treasurer for the same, to the amount of $100.

It was so ordered.

Mr. BURCHARD moved that the following bills be allowed, and warrants drawn for their payment, viz: C. Scribner & Co., for maps.....

$135 65 M. S. Hall & Co...

56 62 Which was agreed to.


Mr. BURROUGHS offered the following resolution; which was adopted :

Resolved, That the Committee on Buildings and Grounds be instructed to immediately examine the condition of this building, with special reference to its safety on occasions when large numbers of people are collected in it; and also to devise and carry out, within the shortest possible time, such means of egress from the Chapel and other public rooms, as would allow the more expeditious exit of large audiences, in case of fire or other alarms.


Mr. Hayes offered the following resolution, asking for the yeas and nays upon it:

Resolved, That this Board of Trustees have undiminished confidence in the integrity, ability and fitness of the Regent, and pledge hiin a firm support in the performance of his duties.

The vote was unanimous—all the members present voting yea, as follows: Messrs. Allen, Blackburn, Brayman, Burchard, Burroughs, Cobb, Cunningham, Dunlap, Flagg, Galusha, Goltra, Harding, Hayes, Johnson, Mahan, McMurray, Pickrell, Pullen, Quick, Scroggs and Van Osdel.

Mr. BLACKBURN moved that the terms of admission to this Institution be so amended, that no fees for matriculation or for incidentals, shall be demanded, and the room rent be reduced one half.

On motion of Mr. BURCHARD, this subject was referred to the Executive Committee.


Mr. COBB moved the adoption of the following resolution: Resolved, That J. O. Cunningham be authorized to sell the Griggs farm, or any portion thereof, at not less than sixty dollars per acre. Terms: Twenty per cent. down, and balance on ten years' time, at eight per cent, interest, payable annually.

The yeas and nays being called on this resolution, were taken, resulting as follows:

Members voting yea, were : Messrs. Burchard, Cobb, Dunlap, Galusha, McMurray, Pickrell, Quick and Scroggs—8.

Members voting nay, were: Messrs. Allen, Blackburn, Brayman, Burroughs, Cunningham, Flagg, Goltra, Harding, Hayes, Johnson, Maban, Pullen, Van Osdel and the Regent-14.

The resolution was declared lost.


On motion of Mr. CUNNINGHAM, it was voted that indigent students be admitted free, at the discretion of the Faculty.


Mr. BLACKBURN moved that the petition for a school house site upon the Busey farm, as per report of the Committee on Agricultural Department, be granted, and the acre of ground asked for be leased, rent free, for school purposes only, upon condition that a good fence is kept up around said lot.

Carried unanimously.


The thanks of the Board were unanimously tendered to Prof. George F. Root, and all who assisted him, for the most excellent music rendered at the Inauguration exercises; also, to the ladies and citizens of the two cities of Urbana and Champaign and their vicinities, for the sumptuous collation provided to-day for this Board and its guests.

On motion of Mr. CUNNINGHAM, the thanks of the Board were unanimously tendered to the Recording Secretary, for the able manner in which he has discharged the duties of his office during

the year.


On motion of Mr. PICKRELL, it was ordered that the Corresponding Secretary publish the minutes of this meeting in his first Annual Report.


On motion of Mr. Goltra, the Board adjourned at two o'clock A. M., of March 12th, to meet at the call of the Regent.


Recording Secretary.


DURING 18 67.

Doane House, CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS, May 9th, 1867. Pursuant to announcement, the Executive Committee of the Illinois Industrial University met at the Doane House, in Champaign, Illinois, May 9th, 1867.

Present—John M. Gregory, J. O. Cunningham, J. W. Scroggs, J.M. VanOsdel, and T. Quick.

John M. GREGORY was elected Chairman, and J. W. SCROGGS, Secretary

On motion, J. W. Scroggs, and J. O. Cunningham were appointed a Committee on grading the ground around the University building, with power to make contracts for necessary work in said grading.

On motion, John M. Gregory, the Regent, was authorized to obtain plans for the improvements of the University building, erection of front steps, etc.; also, to make contracts for material and work on said Industrial University for front entrance on the north, and such other improvements as the Executive Committee may deem necessary.

On motion, Resolved, That J. W. Scroggs and J. O. Cunningham, be a Committee to obtain a survey and to have the grounds staked and otherwise prepared for the grading, by some good and competent engineer.

Also, resolvad, That the Regent, John M. Gregory, be authorized to obtain the necessary amount of stationery for the University. On motion, the Coinmittee adjourned.


Chairman Executive Committee. J. W. SCROGGS, Secretary Executive Committee.

June 14, 1867. Pursuant to the call of the Regent, the Executive Committee of Illinois Industrial University met at nine o'clock, A. M., in the University building.

Present—John M. Gregory, J. M. Van Osdel, M. L. Dunlap, J. O. Cunningham, I. S. Mahan, Emery Cobb, J. H. Pickrell, and J. W. Scrogy s.

The REGENT assumed the chair and called the members to order, after which he presented an order of business.

On motion, J. W. SOROGGS was elected permanent Secretary of the Execntive Committee.

On motion of J. O. CUNNINGHAM, a committee from the county Board of Supervisors, consisting of A. B. Condit, S. K. Koogler and Mr. Morgan, were invited to communicate with the Executive Committee, in relation to the business pertaining to the proposed purchase of certain lots from the county.

On motion, Resolved, That J. W. Scroggs be a Committee to obtain the refusal, in writing, for lots 4 and 7, in block 62, in the town plat of Urbana, from the parties to whom they belong.

J. O. CUNNINGHAM offered the following resolutions, which, on motion, were adopted.

Resolved, that it is desirable that the University enlarge its grounds by the purchase, or otherwise, of all the lots in blocks 52 and 53, and of lots 5, 6, 4 and 7 in blocks 41, 42, 51, and 57,

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee that Champaign county should make good its offer to the State, by conveying sufficient ground contiguous to the University, to make up the size of the ground to ten acres.

By motion of the Committee, an order was drawn on the Treasurer, in favor of the Recorder of Champaign county, for $18 85 to pay for recording eight deeds, $7 75, ten patents, $7 50, and four copies of patents, $3 60.

On motion of M. L. DUNLAP, an order was drawn on the Treasurer for $61 25, for the purpose of paying express charges upon books from Washington, D. C.

A resolution was passed instructing the Regent to draw orders for the payment of expenses of the Trustees for the May meeting, when their bills should be received and approved by the Auditing Committee.

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