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LOrd told me, I dont need for you to have any teeth, bob I got you to make me your Lord then I betrayed you for years, by torturing you for years to make you perish ha ha saith the LOrd, you are ... more tortured all day and night to strip you of your salvation, bob, when ya gonna come and see me said cecil tingley, he sins, said, hollie, and he saw, said casey, franklin simmons pocketing, offerings, tithes, lives off the church, like most of u.p.c.i. pastors, lost, put it under, said, hollie, they are, said, Jesus, harlots, im cut off said rev. antonia vladimirova of dreams foundation and sofia bar association, its cause I showed you that, said, hollie, smelled, it was a picture, she said, of, its, she said, smelled, smiled, oscar class, with vladimir, missile, said, putin, many leave, sub, with, bear, let me rule the world, said, putin, alright said medvedev, ill kill, does, thats hollie spinning globe, many nations exploded, fire came up, brother, said, hollie, let me, she, said, and, I showed you uh picture, she said, its, kings, eight, that, will, rise, against, america, pointed, its, them, she, said, new world order, hollie, now lets see, she said, cuba, that, hollie, showed, castrol, hes, dying, raul, my younger, said fidel, loves, trouble, thats, medvedev, hey, ill give you, ok, said, raul castrol, showed, come on, subs, stage, there, usa president, worried, they fire, missiles, strike, usa, southern coast, many states, hollie, pointed, burning, hollie showed, fight, nicaragua, mexico said cecil tingley, russia, china, venezuela, said cecil, tingley, brazil, she said, kim jong, thats, cecil tingley pointing, at kim jong, hes, she smelled, dying, fired, missiles, russia said hollie and cecil tingley, thats, them, she said, im moody, she said, ew let me smell you ass said cecil tingley, thats, her smelling a young boys butt, she, sees, look at it, said, Jesus, thats, all u.p.c.i., they know, said, Jesus, whatever you say, said, cecil tingley, hollie summed it up, smiled, now, ladies, and gentlemen, she said, bowed, thats, hollie with a face like satans, said, hollie, hollie showed, impatience, turn, that, said, said, thing, record, said, hollie, and, I showed, you, that, she, said, fix uh flat, works, seals, rim leakes, held nose, showed, thumbs, down, on all else, she, said, thats fucking grooving said, hollie, and he saw, said, casey, the, the man, said, hollie, is, funkengruven man, dancing, smiling, said, now put it under, she said, go, hollie drove off, thats, hu riding horse, white hand, points, thats, missile striking taiwan, exploded, captain hollie, surfaces, in three ohio class subs, missiles strike china, exploded, hollie, and he saw, said, casey, nukes in like, she showed, circle, big, most of china destroyed, said, Jesus, and he showed, said, hollie, magog, come out of fire, wont ya let me record, said, hollie, showed, hair grafts, work, leave it alone, said, hollie, 

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