The Continent of Opportunity: The South American Republics--their History, Their Resources, Their Outlook. Together with a Traveller's Impressions of Present Day Conditions

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F.H. Revell Company, 1907 - South America - 349 pages

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Page 28 - ... to the entire exclusion of the exercise by the Republic of Panama of any such sovereign rights, power or authority.
Page 141 - When it raineth it is his pent-house; when it bloweth it is his tent ; when it freezeth it is his tabernacle. In summer he can wear it loose, in winter he can wrap it close ; at all times he can use it ; never heavy, never cumbersome.
Page 28 - ... the Republic of Panama. ARTICLE II The Republic of Panama grants to the United States in perpetuity the use, occupation and control of a zone of land and land under water for the construction, maintenance, operation, sanitation and protection of said Canal of the width of ten miles extending to the distance of five miles on each side of the center line of the route of the Canal to be constructed...
Page 72 - Gold, in the figurative language of the people, was "the tears wept by the sun," and every part of the interior of the temple glowed with burnished plates and studs of the precious metal. The cornices which surrounded the walls of the sanctuary were of the same costly material ; and a broad belt or frieze of gold, let into the stonework, encompassed the whole exterior of the edifice.
Page 68 - We are filled with astonishment when we consider that these enormous masses were hewn from their native bed and fashioned into shape by a people ignorant of the use of iron ; that they were brought from quarries from four to fifteen leagues...
Page 78 - All this cloth and its fringe were mine, and now they give me a thread of it for my sustenance and that of all my house.
Page 71 - The interior of the temple was the most worthy of admiration. It was literally a mine of gold. On the western wall was emblazoned a representation of the deity, consisting of a human countenance looking forth from IV.— v ff 41 amidst innumerable rays of light, which emanated from it in every direction, in the same manner as the sun is often personified with us.
Page 89 - You were kind enough to refer to an incident in the diplomatic history of the United States and Peru when my own country recognized its error in regard to the Lobos Islands and returned them freely and cheerfully to their rightful owner. I would rather have the record of such acts of justice for my country's fair name than the story of any battle fought and won by her military heroes.
Page 341 - The Lore of Cathay Or, The Intellect of China. In five parts: Arts and Sciences, Literature, Philosophy and Religion, Education, History. By the former President of the Imperial University at Peking. New Popular Edition. Illustrated, net $1.50.
Page 78 - Nevertheless the Spanish occupation brought many incontestable benefits to South America. To say nothing of the civilized system of jurisprudence, the letters and the religion which have made the peoples of the continent members of the great western European family...

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