The Beauties of Scotland: Containing a Clear and Full Account of the Agriculture, Commerce, Mines, and Manufactures; of the Population, Cities, Towns, Villages, &c. of Each County ...

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Thomson Bonar and John Brown [and 7 others], 1805 - Architecture

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Page 515 - The sire turns o'er, wi' patriarchal grace, The big ha-Bible, ance his father's pride; His bonnet rev'rently is laid aside, His lyart haffets wearing thin an' bare; Those strains that once did sweet in Zion glide, He wales a portion with judicious care; And "Let us worship God!
Page 118 - His numbers, his pauses, his diction, are of his own growth, without transcription, without imitation. He thinks in a peculiar train, and he thinks always as a man of genius ; he looks round on nature and on life with the eye which nature bestows only on a poet ; the eye that distinguishes, in every thing presented to its view, whatever there is on which imagination can delight to be detained, and with a mind that at once comprehends the vast, and attends to the minute. The reader of the Seasons...
Page 526 - I pocketed, all expenses deducted, nearly twenty pounds. This sum came very seasonably, as I was thinking of indenting myself, for want of money to procure my passage. As soon as I was master of nine guineas, the price of wafting me to the torrid /.one, I took a steerage passage in the first ship that was to sail from the Clyde, for " Hungry ruin had me in the wind.
Page 522 - They committed to memory the hymns, and other poems of that collection, with uncommon facility. This facility was partly owing to the method pursued by their father and me in instructing them, which was, to make them thoroughly acquainted with the meaning of every word in each sentence that was to be committed to memory.
Page 523 - Ayr; and in 1773 Robert Burns came to board and lodge with me for the purpose of revising English grammar, &c., that he might be better qualified to instruct his brothers and sisters at home. He was now with me day and night, in school, at all meals, and in all my walks.
Page 536 - ... themselves approaching an Ayrshire peasant who could make rhymes, and to whom their notice was an honour, found themselves speedily overawed by the presence of a man who bore himself with dignity, and who possessed a singular power of correcting forwardness and of repelling intrusion. But though jealous of the respect due to himself, Burns never enforced it where he saw it was willingly paid ; and though inaccessible to the approaches of pride, he was open to every advance of kindness and benevolence....
Page 526 - I had been for some days skulking from covert to covert, under all the terrors of a jail; as some ill-advised people had uncoupled the merciless pack of the law at my heels. I had taken the last farewell of my few friends; my chest was on the road to Greenock; I had composed the last song I should ever measure in Caledonia — "The Gloomy Night Is Gathering Fast,
Page 516 - That thus they all shall meet in future days ; There ever bask in uncreated rays, No more to sigh or shed the bitter tear ; Together hymning their Creator's praise In such society, yet still more dear ; While circling Time moves round in an eternal sphere.
Page 534 - ... dwindled into a paltry exciseman, and slunk out the rest of his insignificant existence in the meanest of pursuits, and among the vilest of mankind.
Page 338 - In a city which abounded in wit this bold challenge, to answer to any question that could be proposed to him without his being previously advertised of it, could not escape the ridicule of a pasquinade. It is said, however, that being nowise discouraged he appeared at the time and place appointed, and that, in the presence of the pope, many cardinals, bishops, doctors of divinity, and professors in all the sciences, he displayed such wonderful proofs of his universal knowledge, that he excited no...

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