Filson Club Publications, Issue 13

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Filson Club, 1898 - Kentucky - 222 pages

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Page 172 - ... and hurled his bolts among them, till the whole were slaughtered except the big bull, who, presenting his forehead to the shafts, shook them off as they fell, but, missing one, at length it wounded him in the side, whereon, springing round, he bounded over the Ohio, over the Wabash, the Illinois, and finally over the great lakes, where he is living at this day.
Page 176 - It should have sufficed to have rescued the earth it inhabited, and the atmosphere it breathed, from the imputation of impotence in the conception and nourishment of animal life on a large scale : to have stifled, in its birth, the opinion of a writer, the most learned too of all others in the science of animal history, that in the new world, 'La nature vivante est beaucoup moins agissante, beaucoup moins forte ;'* that nature is less active, less energetic on one side of the globe than she is on...
Page 171 - A delegation of warriors from the Delaware tribe having visited the governor of Virginia during the revolution, on matters of business, the governor asked them some questions relative to their country, and, among others, what they knew or had heard of the animal whose bones were found at the Saltlicks on the Ohio. Their chief speaker immediately put himself into an attitude of oratory, and with...
Page 110 - The people in this town began to enquire my business, and because I did not readily inform them, they began to suspect me, and said I was come to settle the Indians' lands, and they knew I should never go home again safe.
Page 144 - It was performed by three dancing-masters, who were painted all over of various colors, with long sticks in their hands, upon the ends of which were fastened long feathers of swans and other birds, neatly woven in the shape of a fowl's wing ; in this disguise they performed many antic tricks, waving their sticks and feathers about with great skill, to imitate the flying and fluttering of birds, keeping exact time with their music.
Page 163 - ... of them at a time. The women, the whole time they danced, sung a song in their language, the chorus of which was, I am not afraid of my husband ; I will choose what man I please, singing those lines alternately.
Page 176 - As if both sides were not warmed by the same genial sun : as if a soil of the same chemical composition was less capable of elaboration into animal nutriment ; as if the fruits and grains from that soil and sun yielded a less rich chyle, gave less extension to the solids and fluids of the body, or produced sooner in the cartilages, membranes, and fibres, that rigidity which restrains all further extension, and terminates animal growth.
Page xi - I graved my name on a tree by ,the river side; and the Governor buried a bottle with a paper enclosed, on which he writ that he took possession of this place in the name and for King George the First of England.
Page 120 - Ohio." In answer to which, one of the chiefs stood up and said that their king and all of them thanked their brother, the governor of Virginia, for his care, and me for bringing them the news ; but...

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