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the King in the Revolutionary war as in November, 1777, Capt. Agreen Crabtree took him a prisoner and carried him to his own home at Frenchmen's Bay. Jones was soon discharged.

He died in 1806, his wife having died previously. His will of Sept. 14, 1805, proved June 4, 1806, names children: Sarah wife of W. R. E. Boyd; Louisa, wife of Asa Holden; Eunice, wife of Samuel Mackay, Polly Jones, Susannah, Abigail, Elisha, Theodore, who was Executor, grandson Nathan Shaw, and the child of Pamela, wife of Jacob Foster. Children :


NAHUM, b. Weston, Aug. 6, 1757; merchant in St. John, N. B., unmarried.

ii. SARAH, b. Jan. 16, 1759; married first Nathan Shaw, of Gouldsborough, and second Captain W. R. E. Royd, a shipmaster. Children:Nathan Shaw, Jr., by Boyd a son who died at sea, and daughter who married Cobb of Boston, and another daughter who married Eldridge. iii. THEODORE, b. Weston, Mar. 1, 1760. He settled at Union River, now Ellsworth about 1784. He built and bought mills there and carried on a large business in the manufacture of lumber. He married first Sally Brinley of Boston, Oct. 27, 1785. He married second Katherine Winthrop, daughter of Col. Paul Dudley Sargent of Sullivan, Nov. 24, 1793. He d. Feb. 7, 1842; his wife d. May 18, 1842. They had twelve children* all born at Ellsworth. Theodore, b. Dec. 25, 1794; Katherine Winthrop, b. April 26, 1797; Paul Dudley Sargent b. Jan. 30, 1799, d. July 1813: Henry Sargent b. Jan. 14, 1801; Sarah Brinley b. June 8, 1803, d. 1843; Mary E. b. Oct. 3, 1805; Ellen Cobb, b. July 3, 1807; Ann Dudley, Lucy Saunders, Charlotte P., John W. and Thomas Dudley.

iv. LOUISA, b. May 6, 1761, married Abraham Jones, a distant relative by whom she had one son. She married second Holden of New York. PAMELA, b. May 23, 1763; married Jacob Foster of Machias.↑


vi. ABIGAIL, b. April 22. 1765, of Gouldsborough.

vii. NATHAN, b. Jan. 7, 1767; drowned in the harbor near home.
viii. DANIEL, d. at sea unmarried.

ix. ELISHA, of Gouldsborough, married.

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xi. EUNICE, married first, Seaman, and second Capt. Samuel Mackay of Gouldsborough, formerly a British officer. She had children:xii. SUSAN.


Lore Alford died Nov. 2, 1868, aged 67. 31, 1890, age 90.

Nathaniel Averill, Nov. 20, 1845, age 46.

24, 1859, age 59 years, 7 months.

* Ante Volume 2, page 125.

Wife Barbara died Jan.

Wife Sarah died May

+ The Machias Record give Jacob Foster and wife Anna, with children Hannah, Nahum, Harriet, Louisa Holden who married William Chaloner, Jr., July 12, 1819, their daughter Maria married Winslow Bates of Eastport, Daniel, and Sally,

who married Somes.

The first burying ground in Old Town was very near where the Maine Central Railroad Station now is. There were few grave stones there when it was abandoned.

James H. Burgess died Aug. 5, 1865, age 55. died April 4, 1870, age 57.

Thomas Bartlett, died Sept. 26, 1846, age 57. Oct. 17, 1865, age 71.

Samuel Braley died Oct. 13, 1869 age 58. April 12, 1837, age 19. Wife Eliza died Nov. John Babcock died Mar. 17, 1887, age 92. 31, 1804, died Sept. 22, 1871.

Wife Lucy A. D.

Wife Lucy F. died

Wife Nancy B. died 15, 1845, age 34. Wife Rachel born Jan.

James C. Bradbury, M. D., died Oct. 3, 1865, age 59. Wife Eliza W., died Oct. 3, 1865, age 52. Miranda W. Stanhope born Sept. 25, 1801, died Mar. 10, 1869.

Rev. Charles Blanchard died July 17, 1883, age 78. Wife Olive W. born Nov. 25, 1795, died Oct. 22, 1873.

John Randolph Cony, died Sept. 11, 1836, age 28.

Mercy H., wife of Hon. Samuel Cony, died April 9, 1847, age 31.* Welcome Doe died May 1, 1873, age 69 years, 1 month 19 days. Jackson Davis died Sept. 27, 1826, age 48.

Daniel Davis died Nov. 5, 1846, age 56.

Deney Dyer, died Nov. 13, 1859, age 78.

Asa DeWitt, born Nov. 17, 1802, died July 21, 1889. He was an honest man.

Samuel Fogg, died Jan. 6, 1842, age 35. March 22, 1847, age 42.

Wife Hannah J. died

Thomas Guliver, born June 30, 1851, age 78 years 8 months. Wife Abigail died Aug. 28, 1885, age 96 years 5 months.

Mrs. Abigail wife of Samuel Grant died Dec. 4, 1836. age 64.

Mrs. Alice Hubbard died June 14, 1858, age 74 years, 9 months 28 days.


John H. Hilliard, 1809-1880. Wife Lydia died Feb. 18, 1846, aged

Adeline Heald, wife of Samuel Knapp died June 4, 1885, age 65 yrs. I month, 22 days.

Achsa, wife of Deacon Lucius Hyde died Nov. 6, 1846, age 53.

Thomas Hunt, born Feb. 2, 1802, died March 17, 1880. Wife Lydia Crosby born July 7, 1810, died May 4, 1861.

Vespasian Hinckley, died Jan. 9, 1846, age 47.

Jeremiah Le Ballister died May 11, 1884, age 87 years, 6 months. Wife Elmira P. died April 2, 1854, age 50.

Deacon J. M. Lombard, born Bath, April 1808, died Jan. 5, 1884. Charles T. Martin, died Oct. 4, 1869, age 68 years, 6 months.

Hiram Miller, died Dec. 8, 1866, aged 66. Wife Louisa died Oct. 9, 1866, age 60.

John Oakes, died July 3, 1865, aged 83. Wife Harriet died April 18, 1867, age 67.

Samuel S. Oakes, died May 2, 1861, age 50 years, 4 months.

Matthew Oliver, died Aug. 30, 1849, age 61 years, 5 months. Wife Mary Marsh, born April 1794, died Nov. 1, 1874.

Henry M. Oliver, 1815-1887.

• First wife of Governor Samuel Cony.


Born April 24, 1811.

Died Dec. 30, 1881.

"They shall rest from their labors."

Wife of George Popham Sewall.
Born March 10, 1815.

Died March 26, 1887.

"Numbered with thy saints in glory everlasting."


Born Aug. 22, 1854.
Died Jan. 16, 1887.
"Into thy hands."

Margaret G. Tingey, wife of Joseph Wingate died June 19, 1862†.
Nathaniel W. Pollard, died Sept. 8, 1846, age 24.

Joseph W. Pollard, born Feb. 17, 1813, died Aug. 27, 1873.

Benjamin Poor, died July 29, 1874, age 84 years, 5 months, 27 days. Wife Lydia, died Feb. 29, 1841, age 59. Wife Mary, died Jan. 4, 1842, age 50.

Asa Pond, died Feb. 2, 1882, age 84 years, 8 months. Wife Clarissa died Oct. 3, 1882, age 75 years, 6 months.

John Rowell, died Dec. 17, 1866, age 63. Wife Nancy Y. died Nov 10, 1862, age 53 years, 5 months, 12 days.

Capt. Ben Rideout, died Feb. 11, 1843, age 44. Wife Margaret, died April 9, 1839, age 37.

Deacon Henry Richardson, died March 9, 1868, age 59 years, I month, 15 days. Wife Salome E., died Jan. 19, 1870, age 56 years, 3 months, 21 days.

Eliza, wife of Stover Rines, died Mar. 19, 1835, age 24.
Asa Smith, died July 4, 1862, age 82 years, 3 months.

died Aug. 2, 1867, age 81 years, 3 months.

Wife Jane

Thomas Smith, died Mar. 13, 1864, age 58 years, 5 months, 4 days.
Wife Mehetable B. died June 22, 1855. age 44 years, 6 months.
Samuel Sterling, died Mar. 20, 1850, aged 46.

Mrs. Ruth Sterling, died Sept. 24, 1848, age 82.

Silas Stowe, died Eeb. 9, 1872, age 67 years, 3 months, 4 days. Wife Belinda died Oct. 1, 1875, age 60 years, 6 months.

Benjamin Shaw, died April 9, 1851, age 69. Wife Hannah M. died Jan. 27. 1857, age 62.

Elizabeth, wife of John Spaulding, died Oct. 23, 1848, age 66 years,

7 months.

Jonathan Sylvester, died June 29, 1884, age 77.

James Temple, M. D., Jan. 27, 1854, age 30.

Doctor John Temple, died Feb. 15, 1849, age 39.

Amos Tozier, died April 1, 1840, age 71. Wife Mary A. died June

6, 1850, age 67.

These three stones are of granite about 3 feet by 6 feet, and 6 inches thick, and lie flat on the ground. + Near the Sewall stones.

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Rev. James Williams, died Nov. 12, 1872, age 62. _Minister at Montville, 1846, St. George, 8 years, Camden five years, East Machias two years, Harrington four years, Cherryfield three years and Old Town three years.

Ira Wadleigh born June 12, 1795, died Aug. 27, 1875. Wife Theodosia B. died Dec. 9, 1842, age 47. Wife Katherine M. died at Augusta Feb. 16, 1854, age 43 years, 10 months, 26 days.

Jesse R. Wadleigh, died Nov. 26, 1872, age 74 years, 2 months. Wise Susan M. died Jan. 11, 1877, age 76 years, 4 months.

Danford Wallace, died April 14, 1858, age 88. Wife Ruth, died Jan. 10, 1861, age 84.


When Champlain "rested" on Cross Island in 1604, doubtless he thought, as he claimed that he was its discoverer and first explorer. This indefatigable Navigator had just then no way of knowing that he had been preceded by John Rutt in his schooner Mary of Guilford in 1527, also by De Monts and that the former had with his own pen made a map of the “Island just West of West Quaddie” also “erected a Cross thereon."

Evidence of this is seen in the Historical Rooms at Paris where the maps and etchings of Champlain are found, also of Rutt and De Monts.

Champlain sailed near to the "Mayne Highlands" (Mt. Desert) thence to the mouth of the Kennebec and probably farther West extending dates to 1605.

Before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth there were French and English Trading ports on Cross Island, also on

Birch Point now Clark's Point in Machiasport, five miles below Machias. Cross Island, was preferable as no organized attempts could be made by Indians to capture the store house and men left there for purposes of trade in furs etc., with the different tribes frequenting the shores of Machias river and bay, as the Island could only be approached by canoes.

For centuries prior to the American Revolution evidence indisputable exists that the tribes of natives from the North including the St. Lawrence and the Narragansetts on the South gathered by hundreds each autumn in October usually at the mouth of Machias river, Holmes Bay being Head Quarters, for rendezvous, camp fires, hunting, fishing and sporting. See the big heaps of clam shells along the Bay, also West and toward the mouth of Chandler's River, Jonesboro, near Look's Point where Indian arrows, pipes, tomahawks, &c., have been taken out of these heaps of shells almost any time when one chooses to dig into the pile.

Machias river does not know its early history yet. That it is of deep interest and compares proudly with Fort Popham, Old York Harbor and Plymouth Rock the writer of this has believed for more than thirty years.

--Machias Union.


FALL, 1815


Joe Mary Neptune, Esq.

Sol Lolar
Capt. John Neptune

Betsey Neptune
Capt. Nicholas Nicola

Toli Monce
Capt. Francis Loring

Collail Wassos
Capt. Pole Susup

Capt. Tom
Capt. Pearl

Bill Williams
Capt. Atteon Mitchell

Bison Sabbattus
Capt. Mitchell

Molly Oldsoul
Capt. Bison

Attean Sawroon (?)
The Widow Lolar

Saphice Notannes
Lewey Swasson

Francis Pincie (?)

Pearl Tomer Snake
Joe Lion

Masterain Sallow
Wine Mitchell

Francis Tomer
Sol Bison

John Ossong

Pearl Molly

Eneces Moon (?)

Andrew Denny
Pearl Sock

Lewy Snake

Sockbasin Neptune
Widow Betsey Sockbasin

Capt. John Attean
Michal Looy (?)

T. Entway (?)
John Nicola

Tanee Tomer
Allolar (?)

Joe Martin
Joe Supses Notannes

Joe Stansilaus
Joe Phinepas

Sabbattus Legs
Atteon Moxey

Sabbattus Obyson (2)
Olee Moxey

Sockbesin Sylvester
Joe Crow

Andrew Tomer
Little Beson

Moleas Elliot
Sock Susup

Michal Martin
Joe Ninepence

Nicola Dennyt

Scpphia (?) Mary
Sol Sapptua (?)

The Widow Collail
Pearl Pineway

Masterain Jackwooder
Pearl Tomer, sick

Mary Bollassa or Mollassa
Crosson Wassos (?)

Newell Sylvester
Polier Wassos

Nicola Tomer.
Swasson Wassos
302 souls, 87 huntsmen.

- Rev. C. M. Blake, San Francisco.

I am not sure of the correct spelling.-EDITOR. + Probably a Passamaquoddy Indian.

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