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Mos. D’ys £. 8. d.
Benj. Welch,

50 %

1 4 2 16 8 Benj. Ward,

1 8 2 10 0 Tilly White,

1 03 3 4 Dan'l Richardson,


2 10 0 Richard Parsons,

0 18 1 10 0 Samuel Reed,

18 1 10 0 John Manchester,

18 1 10 0 Jona Reddicks,

1 18 3 3 4 Sam'l Jordan,

1 4 2 16 8 Jno. Barnes,

14 1 3 4 Moses Butler, Jr.,

24 2 0 0 Jno. Johnston,

20 1 13 4 Thos. Ash,

201 13 4 Joshua Bickford,

20 1 13 4 John Springer,

14 1 13 4

£ 78 11 8

No. II. Pay Roll for sundry persons belonging to Capt. George Hasten's company in Col. Foster's regiment militia, who marched to Machias in three different times, said duty in Capt. Sullivan's company for 50% bounty.

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£91 13 4 Copy. N. B. The original sworn to before Moses Gill, Justice of Peace, Feb. 28, 1778.

Capt. Daniel Sullivan Roll examined and found due £91, 138., 4d. for service at Machias.

EZRA SARGENT, Per Order. Examined and allowed.

A. FULLER, Per Order. In Council, March 2, 1778. Read and allowed and ordered that a Warrant be drawn on the Treas. for the £91, 138., 4d., full of this Roll.

JOHN AVERY, D'y. Sec. Copied from Muster Rolls on file at State House, Boston.-Vol. 37,

page 20.

No. III. Muster roll of Capt. Daniel Sullivan and his company of volunteers on the expedition against Major Bagaduce from the 28th day of July, 1779, made up for two months agreeable to a resolve of the General Court, passed December 23d, 1779.


21 0 0 Ezra Ive,

21 0 0 William Worster,

21 0 0

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Wages due £2808
Milage due 455

Whole due 3263
N. B. The original sworn to before me, Justice Cranch.
Capt. Sullivan Roll for a company of volunteers against Bagaduce.
State pay examined and found due £3263, os., od.

Ezra SARGENT, Per Order. Examined and the above sum of £3263, os., od., is found due.

A. FULLER, Per Order, Copy.

In Council, Dec. 27, 1779. Read and allowed and ordered that a Wrr. be drawn on the Treas. per £3263, os,. od., in full of this roll.

(signed) JOHN AVERY, JR., Sec. In Council, Dec. 27, 1781. Read and allowed and ordered that a Wrr. be drawn on ye Treas. per £3263.

Copied from Muster Rolls on file at State House, Boston.-Vol. 37,

page 122.

No. IV.

A pay Roll for Capt. Daniel Sullivan, company of militia in the Sixth Regiment of militia, in the County of Lincoln, whereof Benj. Foster, Esq., is Colonel and ordered on duty by Col. John Allan for the protection of the inhabitants of Frenchman's Bay, Oct. 1780.

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Mos. D’ys

Daniel Sullivan,
Asa Dyer,
John Bane,
Nathan Whitney,

£. s. d. £ £. 8. Capt. Oct. 20 2

Dec. 19 24
20 2

20 2

19/16 Serg't 21 22 Nov. 12 2 6 30 2 6

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Moses Wooster,

27 John Nash,

Corp'l 21 Thos. Ash,

20 2 Benj. Ash

24 1 James Campbell, Clerk

20 1 John White, Private 2012 John Hammond,

2 Francis Shaw,

24 Lem'l Clark,

24 Amos Bragdon,

24 James Bane,

Nov. 16 Sam'l Ash,

1 Benj. Sergent,

1 Shem Hodgkins, Serg't Oct. 29 Ruben Abbott, Corp'l 29 Step Card,


29 David Hooper,

29 John Ford,

29 Moses Abbott,

29 John Bragdon,

29 Reuben Abbott, Jr.,

29 Jona Doane,

21 Rich Morrell,

21 George Tinney,

21 Dan's Allen,

21 Freeman Knowles,

27 Jona Tenney,

27 Dan'l Fickett,

27 John Dinbo,

27 Josiah Moore,

27 Benj. Stout,

27 Jos. Small,

27 Will Rea,

27 Dan'l Small,

Nov. 8
Elisha Parker,

John Stevens,
Caleb Joy,
Trustham Pinkham,
James Noonan,

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HEADQUARTERS Machias, April 12, 1782. These are to certify that on October 22, 1780, having received intelligence from the Committee of Frenchman's Bay and Lieut. Col. Campbell of the militia, that an attack was expected on the settlement within the vicinty of said Frenchman's Bay, by the enemy, whose preparatory at Bagaduce and other corroborating circumstances evinced the certainty and requesting assistance and advice from the Department, that in consequence the Subscriber issued orders for Lieut. Col. Campbell to take ye command at Frenchman's Bay and to collect as many of the militia as possible, at the same time sent a party of the troops stationed at this port with ammunition for the whole.' Lieut. Col. Campbell having made a satisfactory report of these proceedings, upon examination of the foregoing Roll find the several persons were in service the time affixed, respective names:

(signed) J. ALLAN,

Colonel and Com. Officer of the Department. LINCOLN SS. Number four, April 10, 1782.

Then personally appeared the within named Asa Dyer and made oath to the truth of the within Roll by him subscribed before me.

(signed) A. CAMPBELL, Justice of Peace. Capt. Daniel Sullivan Roll in Col. Allan's Reg't at the Eastward, 1780. Examined and found due in specie, £115 8s. 2d.

(signed) EZRA SARGENT, Per Order. Examined and the above sum of £115 8s. 2d.

(signed) A. FULLER, Per Order. Copy. To be charged to ye United States.

In Council May 8, 1782. Read and advised that Warrt. be drawn on the Treas. for £115 8s. 2d. in full of this Roll.

Copied from Muster Rolls on file at State House, Boston, Mass.Vol. 36, p. 251.




Nathan Jones was son of Elisha and Mary (Allen) Jones of Weston, Mass., born there Sept. 29, 1734. He married Sarah daughter of Samuel, Jr., and Sarah (Jennison) Seaverns, Oct. 13, 1756. He went to Mt. Desert with Gov. Francis Bernard, in Oct. 1762, as a surveyor. * It was not far from that time when he settled at Gouldsborough. He was living there prior to 1768, as agent for Gov. Bernard. He built a saw-mill at Bass Harbor which was being taken down and removed to Cromwell's Harbor, in 1768. He was an Original Grantee of Gouldsborough, with Robert Gould and Francis Shaw. He was appointed one of the commissioners to divide Mt. Desert, between, De Gregoire and John Bernard, July 4, 1780. The report was made and accepted by the Court June 14, 1794. Meletiah Jordan charges him Aug. 6, 1789, with two days services as a witness before Esquire Alexander Campbell. He was one of the early Justices of the Peace, east of Penobscot. It seems that he was inclined to be loyal to

Ante Volume 2, page 185. + Joseph Chadwick's Journal, of a survey of Mt. Desert, 1763. Harvard College library.

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