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Penobscot, published to Elizabeth Mitchell, late of Belfast, Oct. 17, 1779.” Either he or she changed their minds for I find on the same records that “Ebenezer Buck, of Penobscot was published to Molly Brown, of Thomaston, Dec. 19, 1780.” He built the first framed house in Bucksport. The British burned his house in the Revolutionary War, he being then a captain of militia. He was well spoken of by his contemporaries. He died April 20, 1824, aged 73 ; wife, Mary, died May 1, 1849, aged 87. Their children were :

i. EBENEZER®, b. May 28, 1782. ii. MARY®, b. Jan. 29, 1784; m. Henry Brookman 1845; she d. Aug.

1870. iii. WILLIAM®, b. March 14, 1788; m. Lucy Wescott, of Castine, 1838; he

d. March or Feb. 26, 1867 ; she d. Jan. 1890; child:

1. Eliza, b. 1839; she d. Sept. 20, 1871. iv. JANE®, b. Feb. 10. 1790; she m. first Samuel Martin, and second Tre

worthy F. Swasey; she d. Sept. 29, 1851, aged 61. Mr. Swasey d.

April 19, 1856, aged 63 years, 6 months. Grave stones.

GEORGE®, b. Dec. 10, 1791; d. Jan. 14, 1821. vi. ALICE®, b. Feb. 5, 1794; w. Rev. George T. Chapman, D.D., May 19,

18—. She d. Newburyport, Feb. 25, 1870. vi. JONATHANS, b. April 2, 1796; m. in Eastport, Ann 0. Nelson, 1822; he

d. Eastport Oct. 16, 1839, aged 43. Grave stone.

1. George N.? b. April 1825.
2. Wm. H., b. Oct. 6, 1827; died 1863.
3. Charles F., b. Jan. 1832.
4. Frederic, b. 1838.

Fisher Amos Buck, d. Eastport, Feb. 13, 1886, aged 86? vii. CHARLES,6 b. Mar. 25, 1798; m. Sophronia Herrick of Hampden. He

d. Oct., 1863. Children :

1. Charlotte, m. - Brooks, of Boston.
2. Mehitable, deceased.
3. Sophronia, deceased.
4. Charles.

5. Jedediah. viii. HENRY, b. Apr. 3, 1800; probably lived in Buckville, South Carolina,

where he d. Sept., 1870. He m. lst, -; m. 2nd, Frances Norman,
of South Carolina, 1837-8. Children:
1. William Henry, b. 1827. Did he die in Charleston, S. C., Jan.,

1881 ?
2. Mary J., b. 1829; m.
3. Orvilla, b. 1839; m. Wright; d. 1869.
4. Lucinda, b. 18-12; m.

5. Henry Lee, b. 1844.
6. George, b. 1817; d. Jan. 22, 1865.
7. Fannie, b. 1849.
8. Holmes, b. 1853.

9. Alice, b. 1855. ix. CAROLINE® b. July 1, 1802; m. Benjamin H. Homer; both deceased.


Daniel Buck of Jonathan4 Buck, Senior, born in Haverbill,

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Sept. 2, 1756.

He died Nov. 18, 1826, aged 71; married Mary, daughter of Dummer Sewall of Bath, April 24, 1783. She died Dec. 24, 1841, aged 79 (?) Children :

i. SARAA,6 b. 1785; m. John Benson July 22, 1802.
ii. ELIZA,“ b. 1787; m. lst, Wm. Bigelow; m, 2nd, Thomas Woodbury.
iii. HARRIET,6 b. 1789; m Zina Hyde, 1816; d. 1817.
iv. MARIA, b. 1791; m. John N. Swasey, May 1, 1814. She d. Nov. 5,

1817, aged 26.
1. Sewall B. Swazey, b. June 28, 1817; m. Sarah P. Hinckley,

Oct. 15, 1844; she b. Oct. 16, 1818. He d. May 6, 1889. JONATHAN Sewallo, b. 1793; d. Sept. 1813. vi. Lucy, M.®, b. - ; d. 1814. vii. Rufus, b. Jan. 23, 1797, of Bucksport; m. Sarah Somerby; she b.

Newburyport, July 16, 1800. Mr. Buck was a respected and valued citizen, and had the respect and esteem of all. He was connected with the Congregational church for more than sixty years. He held. many official positions : Collector of Customs, Superintendent School Committee and Representative several years.

He was a merchant with integrity and honest of purpose in his business transactions. He d. May 12, 1879. aged 82. His wife d. Feb. 1, 1870. Children were:

1. Mary Sewall, b. Sept. 12, 1822; m. Joseph B. Bradley. Sept. 16, 1841. "He d. Dec. 3, 1861. Mrs. Bradley resides in Bucksport. Their children: Charles Edward Bradley, b. June 28, 1842; m. Helen L. Homer; he d. July 23, 1872; Frank Rufus Bradley, b. March 8, 1844; d. Aug. 30, 1861; Alice Buck Bradley, b. Dec. 19, 1845; m. L, Warren. 2. Franklin A., b. Aug; 3, 1826; m. Jeny M. Pierce, Oct. 27,

1858; she b. in Bucksport. Nov. 1838. Children: Arthur B.,

Emma L., Mary S., and Rufus. 3. Rufus Sewall, b. Aug. 29, 1831; m. Emily A. Wescott, May 14,

1860; she b. Mar. 6. 1831. He d. Dec. 3, 1861; one child.
viii. DANIEL.® b. Dec. 31, 1799, of Bucksport; m. lst. Mary E. Somerby,

Dec. 25, 1827. She d. July 18, 1834, aged 29; m. 2nd, Mary A.
Stevens, April 22, 1836. He d. Jan. 16, 1869. Children:

1. Ellen M., b. July 8, 1829; m. Wm. Larrabee.
2. Frederick R., b. April 16, 1833; m. Orvilla Patten, 1858.
3: Norman L., b. May 24, 1838; m. Nellie Vaux, Eau Clair, Wie-

4. Charles H., b. Jan. 25. 1842; d. May 8, 1847.
5. Edward P., b. April 17, 1844; m. Addie Phillips of New York,

ix. RICHARD Pike, b. Jan., 1806. “Richard P. Buck, one of the oldest and

best-known shipping merchants of New York, died at his country
house at Bucksport, Me., on Thursday, after a short illness. He
went to New York in 1835, and started in the shipping business on
South street, and occupied the same office, No. 29, for forty-six
years. At one time he was President of the Hanover Bank. He was
prominent in religious circles, and was one of the founders of the
Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn. He was President of the Sea-
man's Home Society and a trustee of Packer Institution and the
Graham Home for Old Ladies. He died in the same house in which
he was born seventy-eight years ago. He leaves a widow and daugh-
ter.” He d. July 11, 1884. Mr. Buck gave his native town a public
library building. He m. Charlotte, daughter of Daniel and Phebe
Peters Spofford, Sept. 3, 1833. She was b. July 7, 1812. They had
one child Emeline b. Sept. 25, 1834; d. Sept. 17, 1889.
MARY LANGVON, b. 1808; d. in childhood.



There are no records of the town of Bangor between 1791 and March 18, 1796. I am inclined to the opinion that the town organization was not fully kept up during that period.

The first town record is March 18, 1796, when Robert Hichborn, Jr., and William Boyd issued their warrant calling a town meeting at Capt. James Budge's April 4th, 1796 for choice of town officers, which was held and officers chosen. See Vol. 1 of this magazine, page 8.

Another warrant was issued by the selectmen April 29, 1796 for a town meeting May 2, which was held at Capt. Budge's when it was voted :

1. That Robert Hichhorn, Buckley Emerson and Timothy Crosby were chosen a committee to settle with the former Collector and Treasurer of Condeskeag Plantation.

2. This Committee to have power to settle with the Plantation Treasurer.

3. That after the Collector and Treasurer are settled with that as a part of the Plantation the remainder is to be * portionable part.

4. The committee to have power to advise the upper and lower part of Conduskeag Plantation to settle with the Treasurers and Collectors.

5. Buckley Emerson and Timothy Crosby shall appear at James Budge's May 7 at 2 o'clock to act on the above business. 6. Committee to have six shillings per day.

The assessors that assessed tax on No. 5* and No. 6 shall make a return to Treasurer,

8. That the committee shall see what consideration Mr. J cob Dennett shall have on the obligation given to Jethro Deiano respecting his carrying the Petition to get off tax on No. 5 and No. 6.

• their pro

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No. 5, now Orono.



Died in Pamrapo, New Jersey, Oct., 1890, Tristram F. Jordan. He was born in Hollis, Maine, Sept. 30, 1804. He settled in Passadumkeag in 1831. He was representative in 1843, and a well known man on Penobscot river. He moved to Boston, 1850, and thence Brooklyn, 1853, and in 1870 to Metuchen, New Jersey, where he has since resided. He was the author of the Jordan Genealogy, 1882, 488 pages.

Died in Millbridge, Oct. 13, 1889, Warren Leighton, Esq., for more than twenty years a resident of Millbridge. He was born in Steuben, June 22, 1800, and was the second son of Mark and Sally Small Leigh

For many years he was a leading business man of that town, being engaged in trade and ship building. In his earlier life he was conspicious in the military affairs of this section, and was the last survivor of Capt. John Allen's company that won distinction in the capture of a British barge in Pigeon Hill Bay in the war of 1812. In 1822 he was married to Johanna Dyer of Steuben.

Died in Ellsworth, August 20, 1890, Colonel John Lowder Moor, aged nearly 88. He was born in that part of Surry, now Ellsworth, Dec. I, 1802. His mother was daughter of John Lowder of Bangor, who was a son of Jonathan Lowder of Bangor, who was a gunner at Fort Pownal, and during the Revolutionary war Truck master, con fi dential agent and interpreter for the State, located at Treats Falls, now Bangor. Col. Moor was much interested in historical matters, and a frequent contributor to this Magazine and the Ellsworth American. He was a representative in 1837-56-57, and held other important positions in the town and Masonic bodies. He was a man of real integrity, ability and fidelity in all the relations of life.

Died in Islesborough, Mar. 26, 1890, John Gilkey, aged 85 years, 9 mos., 18 days.

Died on 700 acre Island, Islesboroughi, May 26, 1890, William R. Coombs, aged 90 years, 12 days.

Died in Hampden, Dec. 21, 1848, Zoeth Smith of Bucksport, aged 86. A Revolutionary soldier.

Died in Prospect, Joseph P. Martin, May, 1855, aged 90. A Revolutionary soldier.

Died in Tonesboro, Dec. 12, 1855, Mrs. Hannah Weston, aged 100.

Died in Robbinston, Col. Thomas Vose, Jr., March 9, 1856, aged 64 ; 1 ormerly of Milton, Mass.

Died in Ellsworth, Oct. 6. 1890, Mrs. Tempe Jordan, aged 91 years, 6 months, and 21 days. Miss Teinpe L. Langdon was married to Sylvanus Jordan of Ellsworth, May 11, 1819. He died March 6, 1862. He was a brother of the late Mrs. Sally Peters, wife of Andrew Peters, Esquire.

Died in Newark, Cal., Jan. II, 1878-9-90, Mrs. Anna Howard Jarvis, wife of Hon. Leonard Jarvis, late of Surry, aged 100 years, 7 months.

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The first number of the Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record is at hand. This number for July, 1890, contains much valuable matter. One of the objects of the publication is the printing of local records. The work will be much appreciated by all lovers of historical investigation. The Pre-Historic Discovery of America by the Northmen, with Trans

lations from the Icelandic

Sagas, by B. F. De. Costa, second edition. Albany, N. Y., John Munsell's Sons, publishers, 1890. Doctor De Costa has rendered valuable service to all lovers of Ancient American history. Just where the Northmen landed on the North American coast, it may be hard to say, but that they or some of their kindred were here as early as the ninth century can hardly admit of a doubt. This book gives us the gist of all that is known relative to those Ancient Mariners in their voyages here. Dr. De Costa apparently takes no stock in Dr. Horsford's theories.

"NOBLE.—The golden wedding of Deacon Enoch Noble and wife of Blaine, was observed June 25. At the time of their marriage, fifty years before, there were six persons who stood up with them, and four of these were present at this aniversary, Deacon Noble and wife, Dea. Noble's sister, Mrs. Robinson, of New Brunswick, and Mr. Clark McRaw, of Blaine, a brother of Mrs. Noble. Many gifts were presented the couple.-Aroostook Star Herald, June, 1890.

Deacon Enoch Barker Noble, was son of Benjamin Noble of Brighton, New Brunswick, born there Aug. 17, 1818. Benjamin Noble was son of Rev. Seth Noble, the first minister of Bangor, born here June 25, 1787.

Married in San Francisco, Nov, 29, 1875; Mr. James S. Jameson and Miss Salome S. Knapp, formerly of Bradley, Maine.

ADRIAN BLOCK, 1614:-Map of Chesapeake to Penobscot, prepared Sept., to Oct. 1614; called Block's Chart; N. Y. State library, N. E. magazine, Oct., 1878; p. 174; partial cut of map, p.-; Winsor's

Narrative and Political History of America, volume iv. page 433-4.

JOHN DENNY. In No. 6 of vol. 5 page 102, you refer to a note to one of Col Westbrook's letters in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for Jan. 1890, representing one John Denny a person east of Penobscot of whom Westbrook writes: Your doubts are well founded, for the Denny of this letter to Penhallow, was none other than Samuel Denny, of Arrowsic, Clerk, Captain, Major, Justice, &c. His block house was near Pendhallow's garrison and the two men, I have reason to believe "did not hitch horses very well.” The note is an entire misapprehension, and tells nothing about the unknown John Denny.-H. 0. Thayer

Limmington, July 12, 1890.

Aaron Capen, of Dorchester, Mass., was elected Brigadier General in 1828. General Capen was of one of the old Dorchester families, and lived on the ancestral farm, which had been in their possession for

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