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and river drivers. They were not in official positions. They did not figure much in the Probate Records, but in their way they were bright, shrewd men, many of whom were worthy and industrious.


I first tind him in what is now the town of Penobscot, immediately across the river from Fort Point; a petitioner for relief to the General Court, as "an old soldier," Oct. 3, 1763. In 1771, he sold out there to Dr. Wm. Crawford, surgeon of Fort Pownal. He was the first settler in the town of Orono, 1773, moving his family there that year. He built a house, and with another a saw mill. He gave the name to Ayres Island, Orono, Ayres Falls opposite, and Ayres Rips in the Penobscot river at Greenbush. He lived in Orono until 1800, when he moved to Passadumkeag, where he was the uppermost settler on Penobscot river. Children as near as I can give them :

i. John. ii. JOSHUA, Jr., lived in Passadumkeag, lower side Passadumkeag stream,

in 1801-2; Rev. Mr. Noble, married Joshua Ayer, in 1791. iii. SAMUEL, was on lower lot in Edinburg, in 1813. iv. WILLIAM, b. Oct., 16, 1763; in Edinburg, 1813; and Passadumkeag, in

1835, when town was incorporated; m. Anna, -; b. May 5, 1769;

he said to have died in Exeter. v. Enoch, m. widow Lydia Lovett, Sept. 4, 1794. by Col. Eddy; both of

Orono. In Passadumkeag, 1813; at foot of Rips; daughter m. Simeon

P. Evans. vi. ABIGAIL, m. Elisha Evans; pub. in Orono, Dec. 30, 1809; “both of

Passadumkeag;” perhaps daughter of Joshua, Jr. vii ESTHER. b. April 30, 1777; the first white child b. in Orono; m.

William McPhetres, of Orono, Sept. 13, 1796, by Rev. Seth Noble.
She d. Sept. 5, 1869, on the farm in Orono, occupied by her son

Joseph. viii. PHEBE, m. Francis Robeshaw, 1797, by J. Eddy; both of Orono. He

d. Bangor, Oct. 25, 1853; age 94. ix. REBECCA, m. William Costigan, Dec., 1800, by Col. Eddy; both of

Sunkaize Plantation. His father Lawrence Costigan, was an old Irish soldier from Clinton Me.; in Orono, 1804. He was the first settler at N. Milford, Costigan Brook. William Costigan, lived there for many years, then moved to Burlington, where he lived with his son William, Jr. He had other sons, Franklin Costigan of Grand Falls, Charles Costigan, of Lowell, and Hosea R. Costigan, who went

West. X. ANNA, m. Stephen Page, of Orono, Nov. 2, 1796, by Col. Eddy. He

was born in what is now Bangor. She died. He m. second, Jane

Orcutt; b. 1780; d. Dec. 1. 1871; he d. Jan. 4, 1857 ; eleven children. ENOCH AYER, m. Lavina Thompson of Olamon, Dec. 4, 1828. ABIGAIL AYER, m. Elisha Evans pub. Orono Dec. 30, 1809.



Came from Kendall's Mills, Me., 1814, and settled in Greenbush on the Point, at the mouth of Olamon stream, at the foot of Olamon Island. Children :

i. Susan, m. Samuel Ayres.
ii. Lois, m. John Spencer.
iii. EBENEZER, JR., unmarried.
iv. GILES, m. Nancy Spencer.

EUNICE, m. Thomas Black, 1806; she d. in 1842; he d. in Old Town,

Feb. 22, 1879. He was born in the Parish of Donamore in the north of Ireland, July 12th, 1766. He was brought up a Catholic and continued in that faith until the year 1802. Mr. Black took part in the Irish rebellion in 1798, left Ireland in 1799 in a ship bound for the island of Cuba, was transferred in mid-ocean to a ship bound for St. John, N. B., where he arrived in November of the same year. In St. John he engaged in the business of a drysalter which he continued for a nnmber of years. In 1802 he renounced his faith in the Catholic. and became a Protestant, uniting with the church of England. He continued in this church until 1877, when he again renounced and joined the Catholic church in Oldtown. At the age of 40 he married Eunice Littlefield, of Greenbush, Me., by whom he had 5 children. He lived with Eunice 36 years when she died. When he was 87

years old, he married Margaret Walton, a widow. vi. SAMEUL, m. Dolly Spencer. vii. SALLY, m. Elijah Spencer. viii. Solomon, b. 1797; m. Maria Mann; she b. in Hampden, 1800, of

Thomas and Sarah. He had son Solomon, and Charles B., now

living in Lowell. ix. Moses, unmarried.


From York, Me., His father is said to have died there at the age of 120. Duty Ivman, son of Joseph, saw him there at the age of 115. His wife was Annabel, probably daughter of Joseph Page, He was in Kenduskeag Plantation, 1789; probably within limits of what is now Orono. Said to have settled there June, 1783; Another account says he married Betsey, sister of Stephen Page, one of the first settlers in Orono; she died at the age of 94. It is said that she once killed a bear, while on her way to the mill with a grist on her back. He died, age 98 and his wife at the age of 94. Children, I am not sure of. i. JOSEPH, Jr., m. Lettice Holmes, June 11, 1798 ; both of Cobentown,

pub. by Col. J. Eddy. He had lot No. 40 as an early settler at

Bangor, which he sold to Robert Treat. ii. BENJAMIN, m. Rhoda Davis; children b. at Bangor; Mary b. July 9,

1827; Anthony W., b. Oct. 22, 1829,

iii. WILLIAM, m. Betsey Spencer; was 22 or 23 years old, 1801. iv. HENRY, m. Sarah Davis ; pub. Orono, Oct. 24, 1812. v. DANIEL, M. Jane Mansel, pub. Orono, Feb. 22, 1809. vi. Duty, m. Sally Antonie Lachance, pub. Orono, Jan. 12, 1810. vii. ADAM, m. Polly Brooks. viii. THOMAS, M. Anna Spencer. ix. Elias, m. Polly Myrick; Revolutionary Pensioneer, Treats Infantry,

July 16, 1830.

CHARLOTTE, in. Thomas Tourtillot; pub. Orono Dec. 21, 1808. xi. JOAN, m. Cary of Veazie. xii. ALLEN (?), m. Abigail Page; pub. Oct. 20, 1812. xiii. RUFUS INMAN (?), of Corinth, 1794; was the son of Joseph Inman,

Sen. He was in Orono, June 23, 1798, and in 1804.



Came from Bath to Bangor about 1771. He was collector and constable here, April 4, 1796. Removed to Orono about that time. Children : i. ARCHIBALD, JR., in Bangor, 1787, settler and petitioner; in Orono,

1797. He m. Patty Spencer. (I have a memorandum that Archibald
McPhetres m. Elizabeth Dunning in Bangor, by Rev. Seth Noble,
June 30, 1789. If so it must have been this man's first wife.)
1. John, of Orono; m. Eleanor Tourtillot. He was drowned at

Great Works, April 13, 1820, aged 28. Widow m. Jedediah
Varney of Lowell; his second wife. His son Warren
McPhetres lived in Milford, and d. there April 8, 1890. His

wife d. April 4, 1890.
2. William, of Orono; m. Nabby Hathorn of Bangor; pub. July

20, 1816, that part now Veazie. He d. there Oct. 15, 1838, aged 49. Did she d. Sept. 5, 1869 ? Children, Bangor Records : Mary, b. Aug. 13, 1818; Lydia, b. Apr. 1821;

John, b. Sept. 13, 1823; Rebecca, b. Aug. 26, 1825. 3. Moses, m. Anna Ayres; of Orono; drowned at Great Works. 4. Isaac, of Greenbush; m. Thankful Costigan. 5. Samuel, of Greenbush; m. Jane Hunt? 6. David, of Orono; m. Belinda McPhetres. 7. Isabel, m. Thomas Low of Argyle. 8. Patty, m. Wilder, of Orono. 9. Polly, m. Ben Estes, of Orono.

10. Lora, (?) m. James Bailey, of Veazie (?) ii. CHARLES, of Veazie; d. Jan. 14, 1857, aged 83 years, 9 mos.(?); mar.

Sarah Page; she d. June 6, 1862, aged 76. Children:

1. Eleanor, mar. White. 2. Charles J. 3. Harriet, m. Howard. 4. Ann, m. York. 5. Elisha J. 6. Abigail M. 7. Willis. Children: 1. Prentiss, b. 1820; 2. Eliza J., b. Feb.

5, 1822; 3. Abigail, b. Mar. , 1826.


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iii. WILLIAM, of Orono; m. Esther Ayres, Sept. 15, 1796 by Rev. Seth

Noble; petitioner in Orono June 1, 1804. children said to have been:

Joseph A. Joseph McPhetres d. in Alexander, Me., April 8,

1890, aged 65.

Daughter. iv. JAMES, of Orono. Petitioner to General Court, June 1, 1804; m.

Isaac Spencer killed Reuben McPhetres at house of James
McPhetres at Orono 1835; children said to have been:

1. Reuben.
2. Elijah.
3. Jeremiah.

4. Matilda.
John, of Orono; m. Thankful Mayo; Town Treasurer 1809. Children
supposed :

1. Martin, of Orono; Representative.
2. Robert; m. Mary C. Partridge in Bangor Feb. 20, 1813; Lieu-

tenant in War of 1812.
3. Ebenezer.
4. Stewart.
5. Belinda.

6. Irene. vi. DAVID, of what is now Veazie; m. Lydia Hathorn, Dec. 25, 1806; he

d. Sept. 4, 1819, age 30; belonged to First Methodist Society in Ban-
gor 1812. He bought Lot No. 51, on the Kenduskeag, of William
Hasey, June 23, 1803. Cnildren. (?) Bangor Records.

1. James, b. March 27, 1806.
2. Daniel, b. May 5, 1808.
3. Josiah, b. April 20, 1810.
4. Silas, July 28, 1812:
5. Lucinda, Feb. 1. 1815; d. Sept. 5, 1818.
6. David, June 28, 1817.

7. Isaac, Jan. 16, 1820. vii. m. William Duggins, (or Durgin ;) lived in Orono near Mac



Is said to have been the son of Benjamin Tourtillot, of Newport, R. I., born there in 1744. He came here in 1784; and settled in Orono, on a lot owned by Samuel Page in 1874. Capt. John Chamberlain, in his field notes says 1784 also. His lot was about half a mile northerly of Veazie town line. Condeskeag Plantation, which included all the territory from Wheelers mills, upon the west side of the river, to Orono, had a plantation meeting, March 3, 1788, Abraham Tourtillot was elected a surveyor. October 6, an Assessor. March 2, 1789 Capt. Tourtillot was appointed to meet the selectmen of Orrington, to consult on Rev. Mr. Noble's salary. He was the first Deputy sheriff, on the river above Castine. He was a selectman in Orono, 1809–10. He was a Revolutionary Pensioner, and the records say, died Dec. 6, 1820; age 76. He died in Maxfield, or Passadumkeag probably on a visit. March 6, 1821, Joseph Carr was adminstrator

NOTE.-Ixabella McPhetres m, Silas Hathorn, Jr. Bangor, April 17, 1806. In 1820 Robert McPhetres lived in Veazie a few rods south of Orono line. A. McPhetres lived southerly of Robert.

. of his estate and Joseph McIntosh, Jeremiah Douglas and Prince Thomas, all of “Board Eddy,” were appointed appraisers. He had no real estate, and his personal property was appraised at $70. He married first, Harnah Coombs ; married second — ; married third, widow Leab (Mansel) Burley, of Peleg Burley.* Children probably not in order. i. Reuben, b. Newport, 1765, by first wife. In Orono, 1784; had lot

there, Petitioner to General Court, 1804. Removed to Passadumkeag,
about 1813. He m. Lucy Mansel. Abraham Tourtillot appointed
adminstrator on her estate, Mar., 1837. They were said to have had
12 children all b. in Orono. Not in order.
1. Elisha, removed to St. Stephens, N. B., where he died, April 30,

1828, age 42.
2. Abraham, of Passadumkeag, m. widow Judith Hodgdon.
3. Joseph, m. Susan Part (?), went to Scotch Ridge, near St

Stephens, N B.
4. Anna, b. Dec. 9, 1794;

m. Joseph Eldridge, May 5, 1819. (Brewer Records.) He b. Nov. 19, 1791. Children as by Brewer Records : Caroline W., 1820; Ruby A., 1822; Mary

E.; William A., 1827. 5. Nancy, b. Feb. 14, 1801; m. John C. McIntire of Lowell, 1822

3. He b. June 4, 1791. 6. Ruby, b. Mar. 24, 1804; m. Isaiah Cole of Passadumkeag. He

b. Oct. 12, 1801; d. April 4, 1816. 7. Reuben, m. Miriam Shaw, sister to John Shaw-or Miriam

Piper, April 26, 1827. 8. Coombs, b. Feb. 1, 1810; m. Achsa J. Furnald; she b. Dec.

15, 1812. She appointed administratrix on his estate, March,

1837. ii. ABRAHAM, settled in Ellsworth, Me.; m. Rebecca Maddox. Children:

1. Nathaniel.
2. Sabin Pond.
3. Eliphalet.
4. Reuben.
5. Abraham, d. in North Ellsworth, Apr. 25, 1890, aged 81 years,

2 mos.
6. Joshua.
7. Elisha.

8. Rebecca, iii. HANNAH, by second wife; m. Carpenter; did not come to Maine. iv. AMY, by second wife; m. Andrews; (lid not come to Maine.

Polly, by third wife; m. John T. Clark of Orrington; pub. Aug. 30, 1800; removed to Veazie. He d. Aug. 15, 1865 ?

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*Peleg Burley, had two children.

1. Peleg.
2. Abigail. who married David Hathorn, about 1792.

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