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CAPT. THOMAS SMART,* came here in 1771,7 and was one of the first permanent settlers. He was a man of great enterprise and his death in 1776 was a great loss to the settlement. I give a copy of his inventory, it being the first on record of any early inbabitant. The good sloop Abigail, was she the first vessel owned in the little settlement? The clothing of Capt. Smart was the clothing of a gentleman.

COL. PHINEAS NEVERS,Surgeon and officer in the Revolutionary War, came here after the war about 1782. He was really the first settled physician here. His daughter Hannah married Timothy Crosby, senior, and they were the parents of the late James Crosby, merchant of this city.

Silas HATHORN original settler came here 1770-1. He and his brother Solomon built the first saw-mill here, on the Penjejawock. It has always been written that Major Robert Treat owned a part of this mill, but in the approval, Hathorn is called the sole owner. Possibly this mill enumerated was not the origipal mill, but one built further up the stream near Hathorn's meadow, where there was a saw-mill within the recollection of the writer. In those days they built a saw-mill at little expense, three or four hundred dollars; they were built mostly of wood with but very little iron in them except the saw and the dogs.

JOSEPH POTTER, came here from Union River, and appears to have been a man of substance, perhaps the most so of any man in the town. His clothing was quite remarkable. His "7 part of a double saw-mill on the Condeskeag Stream.” This in 1788, ante dates all other printed accounts of mills on the Kenduskeag. Was this mill where Morse's mills now are or at the Falls above, “opposite Lover's Leap where Judge Godfrey locates a mill later?

* I am indebted to the continued kindness of William D. Patterson, Esquire of Wiscasset in copying and sending me these ancient records,

+ Ante volume 1 page 3.
| Ante volume 2 page 161.
§ Ante volume 1 page 119, and volume 3 paze 116.


THE INVENTORY of Capt. Thomas SMART ESTATE, DECEASED. 15th June, 1776. Elizabeth Smart, of Penobscot, widow, appointed

administratrix of estate of Thomas Smart, late of Penobscot, yeoman. To one Quarter pt. of a Sloop Called Abigail,

25-0--0 3-16ths of a Gundalo, 60 s.

3-0-0 i Gun 40 s.

2-0-0 a fifth pt. of a Single Saw Mill

24-0-0 3 old Sheep and 1-2 at 10 s.

I-15-0 i Lamb and 1-4 at 6 s.

7-6 3 Cows at 100 s.

15-0-0 i Heifer 2 years old 53 S. 4 d.

2-13-4 I Ox 8-0-0

8-0-0 25 wt. of Chairs at 8 d.

0-16-8 2 Hogs at 24 s.

2-8-0 i Feather Bed, 15 lbs. at i s. 6 d.

1-2-6 1 Chest 8 s.

0-8-0 1-4 pt. of 6 Harrow Teeth

0-4-0 i Gun 48 s.

2-8-0 i Third pt. of a Hay Sled 6 s. To i Grindstone 2 s.

0-8-0 1 Case of Draws 40 s. To i Table 12 s.

2-1 2-0 9

Chairs í s. 4 d.
i barge ditto 2 s.
I pr. of Iron Dogs 5 s.

pr. of Tongs is ő d.
To i Trammel 4 s.

0-5-6 his wearing apparel, viz: to i Hat 13 s. 4 d.


0-13-4 I pr. of Cotton Velvet Breeches 12 s. To i pr. of thin ditto 4 s.

0-16-0 I pr. of Moosskin ditto 5 s. To i thin Jacoat 8 s.

0-13-0 2 pr. of Stockens at 2 s. 6 d.

0-5-0 i Surtute 3 s. To i blue Coat 20 s.

1-3-0 I thin Coat 7 s.

0-7-0 i Bed and furniture

4-0-0 I small looking Glass,

0-1-4 1 pr. of Scales and weights 13 lb. of pewter at 10 d.

0-10-10 i large Iron pot 5 s. To i small ditto 2 s 8 d.

Το Ι
Skillet i s. 6 d.

0-9-2 I dish Kettle 3 s.

0-3-0 1 Copper Tea Kettle 3 s. To i block tin teapot is. 6 d. 04-6 a Quit Claim Deed of one hundred acres of Land bought of Mr. Joshua Coulder

8-0-0 I ditto bought of Mr. Timothy Brown

0-1 2-0




£123-2-8 1776, July the 29. We have prized the Estate of Capt. Thomas Smart, deceased, according to our best skill and judgment.


ANDREW WEBSTER JUNR. Lincoln Probate Records, II, 216. EBENEZER HAYNES. 8th August, 1776. Estate represented insolvent.



SAID PENOBSCOT, DECEASED. 20th June, 1787._ John Nevers of Penobscot River appointed Admin

istrator of the Estate of Phineas Nevers, late of said Penobscot River,

The dwelling house unfinished, worth

£20-0-0 A Barn frame partly covered, worth

6-o-o One thousand Acres of wild land granted by Government

upon Conditions of being settled within two years from
June last past, lying in No. 10 township on the East
side of Penobscot River, out of which is reserved by
Government one hundred and Eleven Acres to pay the
survey and other Expenses,

133-7-0 The wearing apparel,

3.120 a small matter of Doctr. Medicines,

1-15-0 Silver Stock Buckle and Knee buckles,

0-7-0 Silver headed Hanger*,


Sum Total, £169-5-0
The above being all that was shown to us by the Execr.
Penobscot River i2th July, 1787.

JONA. Eddy,

Lincoln Probate Records, III, 249,

ESTATE OF SILAS HATHORN, LATE OF PeNOBSCOT River. The house lot with the buildings thereon

£70-0-0 100 Acres Land adjoining

85-0-0 125 Acres Land adjoining

I10-0-0 Two cows

8-8-0 Two ditto

7-10-0 1 Yoke Yearling Steers,

3-0-0 3 Calves, at 16 s.

2-8-0 I Round Table 10 s. i Large Wheel 2 s.

I 2-0 2 Chests 4 s. 1 Bedstead 3 s. 1 Coverlid 6 s.

13-0 i Cheese press 9 s. Trowel, Shovel and tongs 12 s.

I-I-O 1 Copper tea kettle 4 s. and 1 Brass kettle 6 s.


£389-2.0 Penobscot, August 17th, 1787. The above is the Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Silas Hathorn, Deceased.


* A broad sword.

Penobscot, August 22d, 1788. Appraisernent of a Sawmill and half Lott of land, belonging to the Estate of Silas Hathorn, deceased. The Mill Irons 125 s.

£6-50 half Lott of Land

I 2-0-0

£18-5-0 JAMES BUDGE, Isaac FREEZE, Appraisers.

ADDREW WEBSTER. Lincoln Probate Records, II, 235.


Sept. 9, 1788. Margaret Potter of a place on Penobscot River called

Sunbury, widow appointed adminstratrix of the Estate of Joseph

Potter late of said Sunbury Lincoln, P. R., III, 164. Inventory of the Estate of Joseph Potter late of a place called

Sunbury on the West side of Penobscot River now in the County of Hancock, taken by us the Subscribers appointed by the Honorable Jona Bowman, Esq.. Judge of Probaté for the County of

Lincoln, Viz:
One quarter part of a double saw-mill lying on the stream

called Condesskeig, Penobscot River together with the
quarter part of all the Utensils belonging thereunto and
the half of the Mill Priviledge,

45-0-0 1 Yoke of Cattle £7 id, 2 Cows and i Calf £7, 10 s,

15-0-0 29 Sheep and Lamb,

8-14-0 100 Acres of Land with a dwelling house thereon,

45-00 Household Furniture Viz: 2 Feather Beds with bedsteads, blankets and sheets,

4-0-0 i Desk 12 s. i Barrowhog 248,

1-16,0 1 Sow with 5 Pigs 18 s. i Iron Pot and i Kittle 8 s,

1-6-0 2 Broad-cloth coats 48 s. i Velvet waist coat 18 s,

3-6-0 i Broad cloth Waist coat 6 s.

6-0 i Light colered Broad cloth Waist coat and Breeches,

I-10.0 i Lot of Land lying on Union River called the Mill Lot, i Lot of land Containing 100 Acres being and lying on Newbury Neck (so called),



£165-18-0 Sunbury on Penobscot River October 20th, 1789.

The above is an Inventory of the Estate of the late Joseph Potter deceased as shown to us by the Widow of Joseph Potter deceased as Adminstra, to said Estate.


Lincoln Probate Records, IV, 96.

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