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He was born in Marlborough, Mass. and married Mary Gates in that town. He was brother of Silas Hathorn, of Bangor. He was a soldier in the French War in Nova Scotia. He was at Owl's Head prior to 1770 and about 1772 came to Bangor. That year he and his brother built for themselves or Major Robert Treat a saw mill at the mouth of the Penjejawock stream, near Red Bridge, which was the first in Bangor. As an original settler he had lot No. 26, which be sold Robert Treat and lot No. 99 wbicb be sold William Forbes and lot No. 105, of which he had a deed of Jan. 22, 1805.

He moved directly across the river into what is now Brewer about 1784. He was living there in 1785 with bis wife and ten cbildren. He was a petitioner to General Court for land in 1785 and a grantee in 1788.

He held town offices in Orrington from the time of its incorporation in 1788 to 1795.

He moved to Sunkbaze, now Milford in 1796 and settled on the first lot northerly of Sunkbaze stream. Park Holland* found him tbere in 1797 with "a small house and nine acres cleared, four of which is corn.” I have not ascertained the date of his or his wife's death. I give his children, as near as I could

get them.


Eber, b. April 8, 1763; settled at Sunkhaze. Milford. He married

Hannah Nichols of Eddington, Nov. 4, 1797, by Rev. Seth Noble,
pub. in Orrington, August 14. He was killed by being run over by
his team about 1831. His widow Hannah was appointed administra-
trix of his estate, May 31, 1831. Children probably:

1. Abigail.
2. Daniel, m. Shumway. (?)
3. Polly, b. March 5, 1798; mar. Isaac Haynes of Passadumkeng,

Jan. 21, 1819. She d. Oct. 19, 1877. He d. Sept. 6, 1856.

Twelve children. 4. Betsey; m. Charles Brown, of Milford, Sunkhaze. He d.

April 11, 1852; aged 56 years, 9 months. She d. Feb. 19,

1856, aged 56 years, 2 months. Several children. 5. Lucinda, m. Joseph Reed of Milford, 1826-7. He b. Winthrop,

July 9, 1800. Their daughter, Mary Belcher, m. Paul Dudley, second, June 15, 1850; she d. Oct. 14, 1854. Several

children. 6. Alexander G., of Milford; m. Eliza A. Low; she d. Aug. 17,

Anto Vol. 1. page 208.

1846, aged 32. He m. second Abby W. Howard, of Bangor,

May 18, 1847. He d. Sept. 25, 1852, aged 46.
7. Nancy, m. John Davis, of Edinburg.
8. Eber, m. Melinda Shem way. (?)
9. Nichols, m. Caroline Burt.

10. Isaac, m. Elsie J. Riggs, March 19, 1849.
ii. MOLLY, m. Jacob Cook, of Orrington, August, 1791, by Col. Jonathan

Eddy, said to have removed to Dixmont.
iii. RHEUMAH, b. Sept. 11, 1767; m. Samuel Gilmore, of Holden. Revo-

lutionary soldier. He d. Feb. 27, 1815, aged 79. His widow d. Jan.
26, 1864, aged 96 years, 4 months and 15 days. Their daughter
Lucy, m. John Wiswell of Orrington and Frankfort, 1814; parents of
Arno Wiswell of Ellsworth, and grandparents of Andrew P. Wis-
well, of Ellsworth, speaker of Maine House of Representatives,

iv. Gates, m. Hannah Mann, July 6, 1799, published in Orrington as

*both of Sunkhaze" June 17. He d. 1817. Solomon Blake was
appointed guardian of Robert, Samuel and Eunice, minor children
of Gates Hathorn, late of Sunkhaze, above 14 years old, Nov. 6,
1817. Children, perhaps not in order :

1. Robert, b. March 22, 1800. (?)
2. Robert, b. Jan. 8, 1801; m. Lydia A. Darling. of Enfield, June

11, 1826, in Brewer. Three children, among whom was

Mary L., who m. Adoniram J. Darling of Enfield.
3. Samuel. of Eddington; m. Prudence Rowell in Brewer, Sept.

19, 1830.
4. Eunice.
6. Gates,

Kingsbury. Three children, one, “Lew
Hathorn" of Bangor.
6. Rheumah, m. first - ; second, Ward, of Veazie.
7. Daughter, m. Billington.

8. Daughter, in the West.
Solomon, JR., m. Sarah Leavens, of Jarvis Gore; pub. in Orrington

Sept. 13, 1809. vi. EUNICE, b. April, 1765; m. Jewell or Sewall and said to have

removed to New Brunswick.
vii, JESSE, was in Edinburg, about 1813. He m. Mary A. Nichols, of

Eddington. He was drowned at Great Works, 1822-8. Children:
1. John. of Lincoln; m. first, Arabella Spencer; second, Lovina

2. George, d. unmarried.
3. James, m. Adela Spencer.
4. Louisa, m. John Webster.
5. Almira, d. young.
6. Eliza A., m. first Samuel DeBeck (?) and second Donald or

Daniel Smith, of Chester.
7. Hiram, of Mattawamkeag, m. first Mehetable Spencer and

second Charlotte Reed.

8. Franklin, d. in childhood.
viii. BETSEY, m. Asaph Gates, of Brewer, July 9, 1794. He d. 1801. She

m. second Lemuel Tozier, of Exeter, 1804. He removed to Brewer,
then Dedham. Children:

1. Jacob Gates.



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2. Rheumah Gates. Did she marry Allen McLaughlin in Brewer

1828 ? ix. ELI, b. Jan. 17, 1785; settled in Milford; m. Hannah W., daughter of

Paul Dudley, Oct. 4. 1812, in Brewer by John Whiting, Esquire.
She was born Sept. 26, 1794. Children :
1. Solomon, b. Feb. 22, 1812; of Milford; m. Julia A. Field, of

Sidney, Feb. 20, 1845. He went to California about 1852,

and I believe died about that time. 2. Paul Dudley, b. Nov. 27, 1813, of Milford, and Bangor. Mar

ried first Loantha Wyman, Dec. 29, 1847-8; she was b. Aug. 12, 1827 and d. 1850. He m. second Martha Wyman, sister of his first wife. Their daughter, Sada L., m. Dr. Thomas

U. Coe of Bangor; pub. in Bangor, May 18, 1867. 3. Martha, b. Dec. 4, 1815; m. Samuel Orcutt, Oct. 17, 1833. He

was the well known tavern keeper on Penobscot River; b. Aug. 19, 1805 and d. 1864. She m. second Col, Shepard Bean of Lee, 1868, and d. a few years since. He d. a year

or two since.
4. Matilda D., b. Nov. 2, 1817; m. William T. Willey, of Milford.

He b. 1808 and d. 1841.
5. Rebecca, b. Nov. 30, 1819, d. Mar. 5, 1841.
6. Emma b. April 8, 1822, d. Feb. 6, 1846.
7. Catherine, b. March 26, 1824, unmarried.
8. William, b. Dec. 31, 1825, d. may 26, 1846.
9. Nancy, b. March 2, 1828 m. Everett Crocker.
10. Lucretia, b. June 20, 1830.
11. Adeline, b. July 5, 1832, m. Lewis Wendendorf?
12. Charles, b. Oct. 24, 1831, d. Oct. 18, 1836.
13. Lucy M., b. March 19, 1839, m. John Dudley, of Milford.

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(Communicated by Dr. J. F. Pratt, of Chelsea, Mass.) To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives in General

Court Assembled :

The memorial of Agreen Crabtree, Oliver Wooster, Phillip Hodgkins and the undersigners, humbly Sheweth That we are the Free holders and Inhabitants of above one third part of the Town of Sullivan, in County of Hancock, humbly sheweth that we are so separate from the Eastern part of said Town by the water of Frenchman's Bay and Taunton Bay that it is very Inconvenient and at some times impossible for us to Meet together, either for the Worship of God or schooling our children, or to meet in Town meetings, therefore we humbly pray, so that we may be set off from the East part of said Town as a separate body, and may be invested with full powers to vote money for the benefit of the people, and assess the Same, to receive our part of the State and County Taxes and assess the same.-In fact to be impowered with all the powers of a free precinct, and that our bounds may be as followeth : Beginning at the Southwest corner of said Town and run North by the town line to the North West corner of said town, then East to Taunton Bay, thence by said Bay and Frenchman's Bay to the first bonds as will fully appear by the Plan presented with this Memorial, and as in duty bound Shall ever pray. Sullivan, August 28th, 1797.

Oliver Wooster

Agreen Crabtree
Phillip Hodgkins

Sam'l Ball
David Wooster

Robt. Mercer
Oliver Wooster jr

Summers Wooster
George Crabtree

William Davidson
John Springer

William Smith
William Hodgkins

Samuel Hodgkins
James Hodgkins

Eleph't Pettingill
William Wooster

Edward Pettingill
Betty (?) Cook

James Mobley
Joseph Lancaster (?)

Chandler Coats
Daniel Harris

Stephen Young
Moses Hodgkins

Patrick Googins
Rub'n Abbot Jr

Steven W. Merchant
Thos. Foss

William Foss
Shimuel Hodgkins

Geo. Hodgkins
James Leland

Reuben Abbot sen'r
Peter Lancaster

John Clark.
A true copy attest:-ROBERT MERCER.


1815, In Bangor, Samuel W. Hayes, late of Scituate, R. I.

In Hampden, Mrs. Sarah, of Ezekiel Atwood.

Dec. 28, in Frankfort, Mrs. Oakman, wife of Tobias. 1816, In Orland, Joshua Hopkins, aged 42.

May 14, in Frankfort, John Pike, Counsellor at Law, aged 34.
Aug. 23, in Castine, Mary, wife of Bradshaw Hall, aged 27.
Aug., in Hampden, Nathaniel Myrick, aged 35.
Oct. 3, in Lincolnville, Phillip Ulmer, aged 65.
Nov. 28, in Hampden, Mrs. Ziba, wife of Col. Andrew Grant,

aged 53.

Dec. 30, in Eddington, Isaac Spencer, aged 22. 1817, Jan., in Bucksport, Jonathan Brown, aged 54.

Jan. 28, Samuel Davis formerly of Oxford, Mass., miller, aged

70. Jan. 2, in Bath, Mrs. Harriet Hyde, wife of Major Zina Hyde,

and daughter of Capt. D. Buck of Bucksport, aged 27. Jan., in Orland, Joseph Gross, aged 8o. Jan., in Orland, Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. John Hancock former

ly of Boston. She lived with her husband 56 years, and left a large family of children and grandchildren.

1817, Feb. 25, in Charleston, S. C., Samuel K. Whiting, Esquire.

Attorney at Law, of Portland, and not long since of Bangor. April, in Castine, Capt. John Perkins, aged 80.

Nov. 4, in Bangor, Mrs. Mary Wiggins, aged 72. 1818, March, Mrs. Dennett, aged 77.

April, Hannah, wife of Deacon Boyd, aged 74.
April, in Bucksport, Capt. James Ginn, aged 71.
Sept., in Penobscot, Daniel Wright (Wight,) aged 56.
Oct. 1, (of Castine, Capt. Elisha Dyer of Brig Phebe, died at

Saint Lucia, aged 52; also on board same vessel Mr.

Abraham Booden of Penobscot, aged 53.
In Frankfort, Ann, wife of Bailey Pierce, aged 29.

Aug., in Castine, Capt. Joseph Perkins, aged 82. 1819, Nov., in New Charleston, Jacob Dennett.

Nov. 11, in Bucksport, Lois Colby, aged 40.
Dec. 16, in Corinth, Mrs. Azubah, wife of Jacob Wheeler,

and daughter of Daniel Skinner, aged 43.
Feb., in Bucksport, John Patterson, a native of Scotland, aged

6o. June 9, in Blue Hill, Col. Nathan Parker, aged So. July 21, in Frankfort, Mrs. Elizabeth, wite of William

McGlathery, aged 67. 1820, March 1o, in Penobscot, Mrs. Elizabeth Winslow, aged 81.

March 17, in Bucksport, Mrs. Caroline Little.
April 24, in Blue Hill, Mrs. Mary, wife of Simeon Burnham,

aged 75:
Aug. 28, in Northport, Capt. William Pendleton, aged 98,

formerly of Islesborough. Feb. 9, in Hampden, Gabriel Johonnot, aged 81. Dec., at Board Eddy, (Maxfield,) Mr. McIntosh. He lost

his way in the woods and perished. (From Hingham,


Dec., in Hampden, William Wheeler, mariner. 1821, in Exeter, Dea. Ebenezer Quimby, aged 65.

Aug., in Castine, Col. Abel W. Atherton, Clerk of Courts.
Nov. 3. in Hermon, Asa Flagg, aged 62.
Nov., in Gouldsborough, Thomas Hill, postmaster.
Dec., in No. 4. Bradley, Moses Spencer.
Dec. 19, in Dexter, Lieut. John Safford, aged 56.
Dec., Widow Deliverance Lowder, formerly of Castine, aged

72. 1822, Oct 4,, in Bangor, John Emerson, of the firm of J. & W.

Emerson, aged 45.
Oct. 9, in Bangor, Hon. Lathrop Lewis, of Gorham, aged 58.
Oct. 5. in Etna, James Wilson, aged 60.
Aug. 19, in Penobscot, Elijah Winslow, aged 84.
Sept., in Frankfort, Miss Hannah Little, aged 41.
Feb. 19, at Cold Stream (Enfield) Mrs. Jane, wife of Jedediah

Varney, aged 39.
April 19, at Louisville, Ky., Robert Salinond, of Hanover,

Mass., formerly of Bangor, aged 40.


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