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This may certify whom it may concern that the above mentioned goods of Mr. Joseph Hull deceased, were praysed by us whose names are hereunder written, the 5th of Dec., 1665, and also the goods on the other side appraised by us.


John CLARKE, A bedd with furniture and bedstead, a small pr'cell of pillows,

6-00-00 Ould case, 1os. ; se’rall things, 6s., 8d.,

0-16-08 One pound black thread, 2s. ; i gymlet and hammer, 6d., 0-02-05

The Y lands indebted to my husband for his ministry,

6-19-02 20-00-00 25-06-03

52-05-05 *Mis Agnes Hull doth here attest upon her oath, that those goods which are inventorted and appraised are ye whole estate of her husband, Mr. Joseph Hull, deceased, according to ye best of her knowledge and remembrance. Taken in Court this 14th day of June, 1666.

Per EDWARD RISHWORTH, Justice of Peace. Entered in Records, Aug. 13, 1666.

Per EDWARD Rishworth, Recorder." Mr. Hull married a first wife who died in England. He married second wife Agnes — of whom no more is known than is herein told. His children whose descendants in female lines are spread all over Maine, were :

i. JOANNA, b. 1620; m. John Bursley.
ii. JOSEPH, b. 1622, of York, Maine.
iii. TRISTRAM, b. 1624, of Barnstable; m. Blanche ; he d. 1666,

children :

1. Mary, b. Sept., 1645.
2. Sarah, b. March, 1650; m. Experience Harper, Oct. 16, 1676.
3. John, b. March, 1654; m. Alice Tidderman; numerous descen-


4. Hannah, b. Feb., 1657; m. Joseph Bliss, Sept. 15, 1674. iv. TEMPERANCE, b. 1625; probably m. in Maine.

ELIZABETH, b. 1628; m. John Heard of Dover, N. H.
vi. GRISSEL, b. 1630,
vii. DOROTHY, b. 1632.
viii. REUBEN (OR BENJAMIN), bap. Hingham, Mar. 24, 1639; of Ports-

mouth, N. H.
ix. Naomi, bap. Barnstable. Mar. 22, 1640.
x. Rutu, bap. do., May 9, 1641.

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• John Hunkings of Portsmouth, N. H., had wife Agnes,
† John Twisden in York, 1648, probably from Scituate, Mass.




JOANNA HULL, was born 1620; married John Bursley at Sandwich, Nov. 28, 1839; settled in Barnstable. He must have been much older than his wife. He was an old “Planter,” who probably came over with Robert Gorges when he made the first attempt to settle Wessaguscus, now Weymouth, Mass. In 1628 when Thomas Morton was cutting up his pranks at Mt. Wollaston, now Quincy, Plymouth Colony assessed £12 7s., the expense of breaking up Morton of which “Jeffry and Burslem” at Wessaguscus were assessed £2, the whole of Plymouth Colony being assessed only £2 10s. In 1631 Ferdinand Gorges granted him and others a patent for lands at Agamenticus, now York. He was a Selectman for Dorchester 1634, but as it cannot be seen that he ever lived there, Weymouth must have then been within the limits of Dorchester for electoral purposes. He was elected as Deputy to the General Court from Weymouth, 1635. He went from Barnstable to Exeter, N. H., 1643 to Hampton, N. H., 1645, and in 1647 to Kittery, Me., where he had a fishing station.

He was indicted by the Grand Jury of York County, Oct. 16, 1651, for arresting a man without a warrant.

In 1652 the General Court of Massachusetts, concluded to take possession of Maine, and appointed Commissioners to hold Courts there for the administration of Justice," as they called it. The Court was held at Kittery, Nov. 15 to Nov. 19, 1652. Bursley bad no respect for the Puritans and made violent threats against the Court, but he seems to have thought it wise to how to superior strength for Nov. 20, he and forty-one others acknowledged the jurisdiction of the “Bay.”

He returned to Barnstable in 1653-4, and died there Feb. 23, 1690. His widow married second Dolor Davis. Children all of Barnstable, who lived:

MARY, bap. Barnstable, July 30, 1613; m. Joh Crocker. April 25, 1663. ii. JOANNA, b. in Hampton, N. H., March 1, 1616; m, Shubael Dimmock. iii. ELIZABETH, b. in Kittery, Me., March 25, 1619; m. Nath. Goodspeed,

Nov. 1666 and second Increase Clapp. Oct. 1675. iv. John, b. Kittery Me.. April 11, 1652; Elizabeth of John Howland,

Jr., Dec. 1673.

TEMPERANCE, b.- - ; m. Joseph Crocker, Dec. 1677. vi. JEMIMA, m. Shubael Dimmock, his 2d wife. He was killed by the

Indians at Damariscotta, Me., where he was a captain. He had 5 children by first wife and four by second wife.




JOSEPH HULL, JR. JOSEPH HULL, JR., born 1622. He was in York in 1643, with his father. He married Mary, daughter of Edward and Susannah (Wheelwright*) Rishworth of York. Mrs. Mary Hull made oath in court to an inventory of the estate of Edward Rishworth, t Feb. 20, 1691.-York Records. I have been able to find but one child. i. PHINEAS, of Kittery and Saco, Dec. 17, 1681. Thomas Williams of

Saco River, in consideration of maintenance during his natural life by his grandson-in-law, Phineas Hull, gave the said Hull, and his heirs by his now married wife Jerusha, all his horses and lands and meadows in Win-(Winter) Harbor, within the township of Saco. Sealed and possession given to Phineas Hull in presence of John Sargent and Henry Williams.-York Deeds, vol. 3, folio, 124. He and wife Jerusha of Kittery, sold John Hearle land at Port Wigwam, June 26, 1678.—York Deeds, vol. 3, folio, 130. He was granted land in Saco by the town, Dec. 8, 1681, on eastern side of Little River Falls, “where his mill now stands." He was chosen Frı eman in Saco, May 10, 1684. He sold land in Berwick to Henry Child, July 22, 1683. He was a sufferer in the attack of the Indians at York, Aug. 22, 1690, when they took his wife and kept her for a year as their secretaryf. Administration on his estate, late of York, was granted to James Emery, Jr., April 5, 1683.-York Records, vol. 5, part 2, folio 18.

ELIZABETH HULL-JOHN HEARD. Elizabeth Hull born 1628; married Capt. John Heard of Dover, N. H., shipmaster. He died Jan. 1, 1689. His widow administered on bis estate, 1689. In the Indian assault June 28, 1689, her life was saved by an Indian whom she had befriended thirteen

She died Nov. 30, 1706. Children, a multitude of whose descendents are in Maine : i. BENJAMIN, b. Feb. 20, 1644, of Dover, N, H.; m. Elizabeth Roberts.

He was deceased in 1703. ii. WILLIAM, b. -; of Dover; d. Nov. 1, 1675, leaving a widow and

years before.


* Rev. John Wheelwright of Boston preached at Braintree, 1636-7-8. I doubt if he ever lived there. He did not agree with the Puritans in their views. It was not a question of liberalily but a difference of belief, neither party having any claim to liberality. He went from Boston to Exeter, N. H., 1638, and from there to Wells, Me., in 1642, where he was the founder and first minisier of the church. He moved to Hampton, N. H., 1647, and soon went to England, but returned and settled at Salisbury, N. H., Dec. 9, 1662, having made his peace with the General Court. He died Nov. 15, 1679, aged 80. His descendants are numerous in Maine.

+ Edward Rishworth was at Exeter, N. H., 1639; clerk there. Removed to York, then to Wells, and afterwards of York again. He was thirteen times a deputy to General Court from York, once from Scarboro and Falmouth, and again in 1679-80. At a General Court holden at Wells, 1644, he was elected a Councillor and Recorder; this latter office he continued to hold until 1686, when Gov. Andrews ordered the Records removed to Boston. He held other important positions. He died 1690-91.

Savage's Geneaological Register, vol. 2.

ii. MARY, b. Jan. 26, 1650; m. John Hamm of Dover, May 6, 1688. She

d. 1706. iv. ABIGAIL, b. Aug. 2, 1651; m. Jenkins Jones. V. ELIZABETH, b. Sept. 15, 1653; m. first James Nute, and second Wil

liain Furber, Aug. 16, 1674. She d. Nov. 9, 1705. He d. Sept. 14,

1707. vi. HANNAH, b. Nov. 22, 1655; m. John Nason, 1674. vii. John. b. Feb. 24, 1659; was wounded in the Indian assault July 4,

1697, when bis wife returning from meeting was killed. viii. JOSEPH, b. Jan. 4, 1661; d. soon. ix. SAMUEL, b. Aug. 4, 1603, of Dover; m. Experience, daughter of

Richard Otis. She m. second Jenkins. She was scalped by the

Indians July 26, 1696, but recovered in part and d. Feb. 8, 1700. x. TRISTRAM, b. Mar. 4. 1667, of Dover; wife Abigail, 9 children. He d.

May, 1734. His grandson Tristram Heard was one of the first settlers in Harmony, Me., and his great grandson Tristram Heard

was one of the first settlers of Burlington, Me. xi. NATHANIEL, b. Sept. 20, 1668, of Dover, N. H.; wife Sarah. He d.

April 3, 1700. Grave stone. Widow m. William Foss of Dover,

April 26, 1703. xii. DORCAS, b. ; unmarried in 1687. xiii. EXPERIENCE, probably. xiv. JAMEs, probably, of Dover; m. Shuah ; had children, John, Elizabeth, and Abigail. Widow m. Richard Otis.

REUBEN HULL. REUBEN HULL, of Rev. Joseph Hull, baptized in Hingham, by Rev. Peter Hobart, Mar. 24, 1639. He was a merchant in Portsmouth, N. H. He married Hannah, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Starr*) Fernsidef of Duxbury and Boston, 1673. She was born in Boston, May 8, 1650.

Reuben Hull of Portsmouth, in Piscataqua River : merchant, bought of Nathaniel Fryer and his wife Dorothy of Portsmouth : all that island being one of the Ysles of Shoales, commonly known by the name of Malligo Ysland, together with all the dwelling houses, ware houses, stage houses, stages, flakes, flakeronmes, thereon with all the changes, anchors and moreings and moreing places, whatsoever and all other profits and privileges to ye said Ysland belonging to or in any wise appertaining or heretofore P mee or my assigns used or injoyed; which said Ysland or Malligo is now in possession of the same Reuben Hull. * * Deed dated Oct. 11, 1683.-York Records, vol. 3, folio 138.

* Daughter of Doctor Comfort Starr of Boston He died Jan. 2, 1660; his wife died Jan. 25, 1658, aged 63. In his will he names dau. Fernside. He had another daughter who married John Cutt, Senior, of Isle of Shoals and Portsmouth. I thinki Starr Island, Isle of Shoals was named for him. It was called Starr Iglund for 100 years after.

† John Fernside was of Duxbury, 1643; moved to Boston, 1648. He died. His widow died June 4, 1704, aged 83.


“Received of Mr. Thos. Holmes May 25, 1683, 6,800 feet of merchantable pine boards, which were delivered to Mr. Vaugn's order, and received June 20, 1683, 8,700 feet of merchantable pine boards, delivered to my servant, John Mackum, received for account of Mr. Edward Rish worth, and for the use of my cozen, Mr. John Cutt, executor of the last will and testament of John Cutt*, Esquire, deceased.

Received per Reu. Hull, York Records, Book IV, Folio 30.”

Also another receipt from John Sagward, Nov. 13, 1683 of beef and fish for his cousin, John Cutt, for account of Mr. Edward Rishworth. He had children :

i. JOSEPH, b. 1677.
ii. REUBEN, b. 1684.


I think the first Spencer settlement on the river was at Bradley, near the mouth of what is now known as Blackman Brook. In

. the course of time they overflowed into Eddington, Orono and that part of Bangor now Veazie, and into all the up river towns.

I think there are more people in Penobscot County descen. dants of these early Spencers than from any other family. Much time has been spent in the endeavor to get them into families, but without certainties in some cases.

In Capt. John Chamberlain's field notes, 1797,† he says:

"October 19, proceed down river to Capt. Colburn's, take breakfast, go over to the east side of the river to survey Squatter lands, (in what is now Brewer.)

1. Began at Isaac Page's, 50 rods on the river; small house, small improvements, settled 10 years.

2. Southerly to Nath. Spencer, Jr., 50 rods on the river; log house, considerable improvements, some apple trees.

3. Thence to Nathaniel Spencer, old man, 50 rods on the river; good improvements, log house, settled 1774.

4. Thence to Enoch Ayres, 50 rods on the river; small improve ments, settled 10 years.


John Cutt, senior, m. Hannah, daughter of Dr. Comfort Starr, of Boston. to Hull's wife.

+ Ante Vol. 1, page 210.

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