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The Twelve Townships Lately Granted by the General Court to
David Marsh and
Others Lying Nere Penobscut River
To Samuel Livermore

To 51 Days Service at 6s. per Day

my Expenses from Falmouth to Waltham

6.0 To Six Days Service to Haverhill at os. per Day 1.16.0 Expenses on my Journey

15.0 Horse and Chaise

I 2.0

Credit By Cash received of Marsh and others
for the west six Towns



Remains due from the Six East Towns

Seven pounds Sixteen Shillings.

17: april 1762
3 March 1762 The apointment

agreed on.
(written on the outside of the paper)
Maj'r Livermore's Acc't for laying
out 6 Townships Eastward.

memo. £7.16. this
to be deducted & paid by the Grantees.

-Mass. Archives, Miscellaneous Files, Dr. 7. F. Pratt.

Miss Alice Bennett, M. D., a native of Wrentham, Mass., is the physician in charge of the women's department of the State Insane Hospital at Norristown, Penn. She has or had I believe this year nearly 800 patients under her care. She is supreme in her department, and employs her own assistants, between eighty and ninety in number; she has lately been elected president of the Montgomery county medical society. Dr. Bennett was the first woman to be appointed to the independent direction of an insane hospital, for, while both the men's and women's departments at Norristown are managed by the same board of trustees, the medical superintendence of each is totally distinct; and she has held the place ten years with noteworthy success in administration and in treatment, becoming a recognized authority in alienism. She was also, we believe, indirectly the cause of the opening of the Massachusetts medical society to women, through her visit to Boston some years ago as delegate from Pennsylvania. And now she is the first woman to be elected president of a medical society composed almost entirely of men. But Montgomery county is famous for the liberal and enlightened character of the profession, which is largely owing to the precept and example of the venerable Dr. Hiram Corson, whose indefatigable efforts in behalf of progress in the treatment of the insane have been of so great importance.

Thomas (Nock) Knox of Dover, N. H., in 1652, and some of his descendants. Compiled by Doctor William B. Lapham of Augusta. Privately printed. Augusta. Press of the Maine Farmer, 1890.

This pamphlet of 34 pages contains some account of this Knox family and the allied family of Sherburn. A few of these families have been in the Eastern part of the State: Bangor, Old Town, Orland and Bucksport.


Hathaway of Passadumkeag, gives his son Justus Hathaway his time Dec. 8, 1828. (He was born Nov. 28, 1808, and has been a lumberman ever since 1828, 62 years.)—Bangor Register.

LIME.-James Tolman will sell new lime (burnt in Bangor) as low as can be obtained in town, March 24, 1828.—Bangor Register.

Doctor Charles T. Bean died in Chelsea, Mass., Nov. 24, 1890. He was born in Corinth, 1823, and was the son of Thomas and Eliza (Hammond) Bean. (His mother was daughter of William and Susannah (Campbell) Hammond. She was born in Bangor, on the spot where now stands the block in which is the store of Ara Warren.)

Dr. Bean lived in Bangor, Warren, and removed to Chelsea about 1865. He was an Assistant Surgeon in the 7th Maine Regiment, and Lieutenant-Colonel of the 24th Maine Regiment in the War of the Rebellion. He was much interested in historical matters and was a subscriber to this MAGAZINE.

Warren Ware, of Orrington, mortgaged to Lemuel Shaw, of Boston, for $366 lot he bought of Benjamin Snow July 19, 1806 (Hancock Vol. 2, page 211) 100 acres and lot he bought of Elisha Robinson July 29, 1811, in 1815.

Orono, Nov. 10, 1827 Samuel Veazie, Benjamin Fiske and William S. Bridge advertised for the first meeting of persons named in act to incorporate the proprietors of Old Town bridge, at Ira Wadleigh's tavern in Orono, Old Town, Dec. 2, 1827.-Bangor Regisier.

“Here Lyes The Body of Mr. Samuel Cushing of Settueat, Who Died May The 170, 1770, In The 25th Year of His Age.”—Inscription on old grave stone in old Orland burying ground.

Died in Orland, Feb., 1817, Mrs. Mary, wife of John Hancock, formerly of Boston, aged 78.

Married in Frankfort, Sept. 12, 1793, Aaron Walker to Betsey Knowles.-Seth Noble's Diary.

In Mr. John Fiske's text book, "Civil Government in the United States," designed for the public schools, page 217, he writes of a “Republican Legislature" in 1812. The average scholar of to-day would be confused by that statement. In the whirligig of time those Republicans are now Democrats.


Shipped by the Grace of GOD in good Order and well Conditioned, by Joseph Bowditch and Wm. Hunt on their own Proper Account and Risque in and upon the good Brigatine called "The Two Brothers," whereof is Master under GOD for this present Voyage Joseph Grafton, and now Riding at Anchor in the Harbor of Salem, and by GOD'S Grace bound for Barbadoes, to say:

No. В i to (4) four hhd. of fish. Being Marked and Numbered as in the Margent, are to be delivered in the like good Order and well Conditioned at the aforesaid Port of Barbadoes (the dangers of the Seas only excepted) unto Mr. Cedney Clarke, or to his assigns, he or they paying Freight for the said Goods, four pounds and ten shillings with Primage and Average accustomed. In witness whereof the Master or Purser of the said Brigantine hath affirmed unto two Bills of Lading of this Tenor and Date. One of which Bills being Accomplished the other stand void. And so God send the good Brigg to her desired Port in safety, Amen. Dated in Salem, July 31, 1733.



(Continued from page 72.) vi. ABIGAH, instead of Abigail, of Gouldsborough; m. Miss Sargent;

several children. ix. ELISHA, m. widow Taft; no children. xii. SUSAN, m. Moses Goodwin, of Gouldsborough; several children.





Page 66, for “Samuel Hoskins” read Samuel Hodgkins; for “Stephen Hindison” read Stephen Hardison; for “Nathaniel Handison” read Nathaniel Hardison.

Page 67, for “Jona. Reddicks” read Jona. Rorlick; for “Jno. Johnston” read Jno. Johnson.

Page 69, for “Abijah Gubtail” read Abijah Guptill; for “Phillip Morton” read Phillip Martin.

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