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tions of nearly all the titles, excepting the constitution and corporations, have been revised, and these have been given special care in the index.

The act in relation to marriage and divorce has been divided, and that portion of it relating to marriage has been placed under its own title in alphabetical order in volume 1, and the part relating to divorce and the act concerning the adoption of children have been inserted as subheads under civil practice in volume 2.

The federal constitution and acts of Congress relating to the organization of the territory and state, the land grants to the state, agricultural colleges, animal industry, bankruptcy, authentication of records, land, mining and water laws, townsites and rights of way on the public domain, and election of United States senator, which are as controlling and of as much interest to the people of the state as the enactments of our own legislature, have been included in the compilation. When pertinent to the same subjects, such as mines, public lands or water, as the state statutes, the acts of Congress have for convenience been placed adjoining and preceding the state statutes under the same title, and the federal and state sections are accompanied by notes under each giving reference to the other. The rules and regulations of various departments, boards and officers, both federal and state, which either have the force of statute or are essential in the application of statutory provisions, have been placed immediately after the statutory law to which they relate.

In kindly response to the solicitation of the commission, valuable suggestions were made by members of the bar, state and other public officials. It is desired to especially acknowledge the assistance rendered by the legislature; by Hon. Joe Farnsworth, superintendent of state printing; Hon. H. F. Bartine, chairman of the railroad commission, in the preparation and indexing of the laws affecting the railroads and the public utility commission act; Mr. Edward T. Patrick, in the review and classification of all the original territorial and state statutes and the insertion of annotations of most of the decisions under the greater part of the titles; and Mr. Walter D. Cole, in the examination and submission of the laws of other states for the use of the commission in the preparation of new acts for the legislature and insertion of most of the references to decisions relating to mines.

It is regretted that the magnitude of the undertaking has necessarily occasioned so much delay in publication. With a full consciousness of many imperfections, and with the realization that lack of time has rendered it impossible to bring the work to that high degree of excellence for which the commission has entertained a sincere purpose and earnestly labored, the compilation is finally submitted in the hope that, notwithstanding its defects, it will be a valuable aid to the people of the state and to some appreciable extent fulfil the object of the legislature.


Carson City, December, 1911.


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This list covers the main titles, but does not contain a direct reference to all the duties of officers or all the various subjects found in the numerous acts which are detailed in the table of contents and index.



Adoption of Children.
Age of Majority...
Agriculture and Horticulture..

Artesian Well Bounties
Articles of Confederation.

1158 1171 1175 1218 1697 137 138 1328 148 149 212

13 455 459

90 1188

152 1193 156 158 161 191


Auditor, State.
Authentication of Records.
Banks and Banking
Benevolent and Other Societies.
Board of Examiners.



3991 4056 4080

4250 .5825-5834

431 432- 476

4655 477- 481 482- 497 702- 717

71- 85 1569-1581

1586 312, 315 4128-4147

498- 525 4148-4153 526– 529 530- 542 513- 615

616– 694 1390-1397

314 4455-4481 695- 701 695- 701 702- 727 4186-4494

1390 .4411-4126 .3063-3097 728– 766

345 767- 999 4943-5856


3988 4060, 4064


4078 1000-1004 .1005-1016


4928 86- 191 226, 127

Bonds and Undertakings..
Bureau of Industry, Agriculture and Irrigation.
Bureau of Animal Industry.
Capitol Commissioners...
Carey Act
Cities and Towns

91 1267 210 210 212 1274 1249 1257 872 218 103 233 1433 1154 1158 1172 1173 1174 294 295 481 1413


Civil Practice.. Commander-in-Chief

Commissioner of Deeds... Compilation of Laws.. Constables

Constitution of the United States. Constitution of Nevada.


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