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The Dreamer and The Oracle is an ambitious work of fiction by Chin Ce which tries to investigate the nature of human struggle from both internal and external dimensions of conflict and its resolution.
Using the narrative mode of third person omniscience in the first part of the story and exploring the dimensions of myth legend and history The Oracle tells the story of violence and betrayal in African politics and leadership.
The Babul monster in the story who terrorizes the mind of the hero reflects Africa's corrupt leadership and religious chicanery. Chin Ce is swift to expose religious priesthood as synonymous with the art of witchcraft and dark magic which allied to politics have conspired to spell only doom and destruction to the continental landscape. However in dedicating the Oracle to the father of modern African literature Chinua Achebe of Nigeria CEO seems to positive that it takes the bravery and courage of the modern whistle blower and the rite of self realisation through self discovery to activate the potential in every citizen victim of the truth embargo that has held humanity in deprivation for untold eons.

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