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purposes named in the act; and that the state appropriation made to be used for other apparatus and books be appropriated for purposes named in the act.

On motion, the Committee adjourned, to meet Wednesday, May 5th, 9 A. M.

J. M. GREGORY, Regent. W. F. Bliss, Secretary.



URBANA, ILLINOIS, May 5th, 1869. The Executive Committee met, pursuant to order, at the Regent's office, at 9 o'clock A. M.

Present-Messrs. Cunningham, Goltra, Pickrell, Pullen and the Regent.

Absent-Messrs. Cobb, A. M. Brown, Wright and Griggs.

The Regent read the following statement of the book-keeper, of accounts, from March 12th to present date :

EXPENDITURES, Board expense.

$520 25 Salaries

3,046 94 Farm account..

603 82 Building account..

29 15 University grounds.

291 49 Chemical laboratory.

61 05 Library account

21 50 Student's labor...

117 60 Fuel and lights ....

60 00 Material and lumber in hands of carpenter.

563 35 Purchase of 2 lots ...

425 00 Salaries of treasurer and corresponding secretary

700 00 Stationery, etc.....

20 90 University seal.....

20 00 Visit of legislature.

66 00 University buttons..

25 00 Incidental expenses.

272 42 Total expenses.....

$6,927 80 There have been collected by me, and remitted to the treasurer, the following amounts: March, 1869, various fees...

$612 00 Farm produce...

125 45

April, 1869, fees
Collected for coal.

$72 50 39 48

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$849 43 Respectfully,

E. SNYDER, Book-keeper.
The following accounts were then examined and allowed:
May 3d, C. G. Larned, hardware, etc., for laboratory ......

$30 15 April 10th, Johnson, Myers & Co., repairing agricultural implements.... 6 45 April 17th, F. K. Phonix, flowers and seeds......

22 60 April 10th, Adams, Blackmer & Lyon, pamphlet cases.

21 60 April 26th, D. W. Weir, trees...

58 00 April 23d, R. B. Nelson, whitewashing and plastering..

25 16 April 16th, Moulding & Harland, flower pots....

15 75 April 23d, Union Coal Co., 1 car coal......

15 00 April 23d, Fuller, Finch & Fuller, 2 boxes glass

8 88 May 3d, Chas. G. Larned, hardware

3 25 April 13th, C. W. Beyer, insurance on library

21 50 May 4th, Prof. Stuart, expenses for chemicals

4 57 May 3d, F. M. Avey, blacksmithing.......

12 50 May 4th, Hibbard & Finch, seeds and plow...

33 0 May 4th, Trevett & Green, Hardware...

15 70 May 4th, E. T. Whitcomb, recording deeds

3 75 May 4th, G. Hessell, barness repairs...

7 95 May 4th, G. K. Hosford, oil, chimneys, etc.

7 72 The Committee on Buildings and Grounds offered the following:

The Committee on Buildings and Grounds, on examination, finding that the cast iron water-table proposed, by the Committee, will be of inferior value and efficiency to a water-table made of tin or galvanized iron, with a timber so placed as to make a proper projection, do hereby recommend such change in the plan, and ask the Executive Committee to authorize the same.

Respectfully, submitted,

M. C. GOLTRA, Chairman,

J. M. GREGORY. On motion of Mr. PULLEN, the recommendation was accepted and the change authorized.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was voted that the Regent be authorized to make such purchases of books and apparatus, in Europe, as he may find can be made with advantage there; and that, for this purpose, the necessary warrants be drawn on the appropriation made for library and apparatus.

On motion of Mr. PICKRELL, it was voted that a warrant of $1,000 be drawn for the Committee on Locating Lands, and

accounted for by said committee, as fees and expense in locating said land scrip.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was Resolved, That the faculty be authorized to publish such catalogue and circular as, in their judgment, may be deemed necessary.

Adjourned to meet at the call of the Regent.


The Committee was called to order in Dr. Gregory's library, at 12:30 P. M.

Or motion, it was voted that Prof. Stuart be authorized to have the room intended for a laboratory enlarged.

Permission was given to the Professor of Agriculture to have put up in his room a case for agricultural specimens, books and documents.

The following communication was received from Prof. Stuart: The undersigned, to whom was referred the valuation of the cabinet offered for sale by Prof. Burrill, respectfully begs leave to report that, in his judgment, the said cabinet is worth $500.

A. P. S. STUART. URBANA, May 5th, 1869.

On motion of Mr. Pullen, the report of Prof. Stuart was accepted, and the Regent was authorized to purchase the cabine for $500, subject to the State appropriation.

On motion of Mr. Goltra, it was voted that the Regent be requested to purchase a pump for the well of the University.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was voted that the salary of the Regent to the first of September, 1869, be paid in advance.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was voted that the gardener's house be located at such point on Green street as the Regent and the Professor of Agriculture may determine.

On motion of Mr. PULLEN, it was voted that the experimental orchard be planted in quincunx order, with trees 24 feet apart, and that the East and West avenue be extended to the western line of the orchard.

On motion of Mr. PIUKRELL, the Recording Secretary was authorized to purchase a desk for his office and procure a copying press.

On motion of Judge Cunningham, it was Resolved, That the Regent be authorized to purchase such amount of hard coal as, in his judgment, may be required for the use of the University during the winter months.

On motion of Mr. Goltra, it was ordered that in planting hedges on the outside of the experimental farm, they be set two rods from the lines on each side of the same, except on the west side, along Wright street, where the hedge shall be set 14 feet from the line, and along Mount Hope avenue, where it shal. be set 40 feet from the line.

Proposals for a new roof on the University building were then opened, in presence of the committee, and, on motion of Mr. PICKRELL, referred to the Regent and Judge Cunningham, with power to act.

J. M. GREGORY, Regent. W. F. Bliss, Secretary.



URBANA, June 2, 1869. The Executive Committee was called to order in the Regent's office, at 10 o'clock, A. m., and, in the absence of the Regent, Mr. Goltra elected chairman.

On calling the roll, it was found that only Messrs Cobb, Pickrell, Cunningham and Goltra were present; and, on motion of Mr. Pickrell, the Committee, for want of a quorum, adjourned to Wednesday, July 7, the time of their next regular meeting, without transacting any business.

M. C. GOLTRA, Chairman W. F. Bliss, Secretary.


Following the precedent of the Yale agricultural lectures of 1860, the following course of agricultural lectures and discussions were held at the Industrial University, in January of 1869.

A number of gentlemen from Illinois, Missouri and Michigan, all eminent in their respective specialties, kindly consented to aid gratuitously in the inception of the first of what it is to be hoped will be a long series of farmer gatherings for mental instruction in the art and science of agriculture.

Prof. Bliss and SANFORD HOWARD were unable to fill their ap. pointments. With these exceptions (resulting from circumstances beyond the control of the gentlemen mentioned) the lecturers were all able to be present, and performed the parts assigned them.

A large portion of these lectures have been solicited for and published in the Missouri Agricultural Report, for 1868, with the following note by the Secretary, Dr. L. D. Morse :

“Thus was inaugurated a new and probably important movement in Western agricultural education and improvement. Regarding it as an experiment, it may safely be recorded as resulting successfully. The lectures and discussions were attended by the students of the University, seventy or more in number, quite largely attended by the citizens of Champaign and vicinity, and there was a goodly number from various parts of the State. The lectures were, most of them, of an eminently practical character, and the discussions lively and interesting.”


CHAMPAIGN, December 19, 1868. The first annual course of agricultural lectures and discussions, instituted by the Illinois Industrial University, in Champaign, commencing Tuesday,

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