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McKinzie & Bowman....

$65 00 J. M. Gregory....

47 19 Wall's Coal Mining Coi..

40 00 Thomas Franks...

60 00 George Stipe...

35 00 Patrick Sullivan.

40 00 Patrick Sullivan..

20 00 Holbrook & Parker

140 00 Fritz Finder

70 00 A. Scharelon.

87 00 J. A. Busey

21 20 Western Rural.

24 00 A. F. & G. Childs.

150 00 Elisha Eldred..

270 00 B. C. Be ch & Co....

8 70 Bullock & Crenshaw

384 87 R. S. Walker......

18 00 American Express Co....

15 70 J. H. Blakesley..

37 35 Patrick Lamb.

37 00 Patrick Lamb...

37 00 George Stipe.

35 00 J, S. Searfoss

83 33 Geo. K. Hosford (amount left blank at request of Regent). Wall's Coal Company

20 00 On inotion of J. O. CUNNINGHAM, 1500 copies of catalogues were ordered.

On motion of J. M. Van OSDEL, there was appropriated from library fund

dollars, for periodicals, foreign and American.

On motion of Mr. GOLTRA, the Regent was anthorized to prvcure a wood-cut of the farm, for insertion in the catalogue.

On motion of Mr. CONNINGHAM, the Regent was authorized to draw a warrant to


lecturers. On motion of Mr. VAN OSDEL, it was

Resolved, that the present course of lectures delivered by Dr, Warder be limited to twelve.

Bill of Journal Company, Springfield, was allowed, for $34.

The following preamble and resolution were offered by Mr. COBB, and carried :

Section 6, of the state laws, entitled "An act to provide for the organization and maintenance of the Illinois Industrial University," says: No money shall be drawn from the treasury, except by order of the board of trustees, on warrant of the regent, drawn upon the treasurer, and countersigned by the recording secretary." This section pre-supposes that the regent, treasurer and recording secretary will all reside where the institution is located. This not being the case, be it therefore,

Resolved, That all appropriations of money by this board be made for specific purposes and classified accordingly, stating amount appropriated for each ; and that it shall be the duty of the recording secretary to furnish the regent and treasurer with a copy of such appropriation; and that all warrants drawn by the regent shall men. tion for what purpose drawn and the fund chargeable therewith,

On inotion of Mr. Goltra, the following gentlemen-Messrs. Cunningham, Duplap and Cobb-were appointed a committee to make arrangements for and receive the members of the legislature, with power to audit the necessary bills made.

On motion, one hundred additional loads of gravel were ordered to be bought.

The fees of Mr. Cushing, whose health did not permit him to remain at the University, were remitted. On motion, the committee adjourned.




URBANA, ILLINOIS, April 8th, 1869. The Executive Committee met at the Regent's office—and the meeting was called to order by the Regent, at 10:15, A, M.

Present—the Regent, Messrs. Cobb, Pickrell, Cunningham, Goltra and Wright.

Absent—Messrs. Brown of Pulaski, Griggs and Pullen.

On motion of Mr. Goltra, it was voted that Messrs. Johnson and Allen, who were engaged in an adjoining room with the business of the Agricultural committee, be invited to sit at their convenience with the Executive Board.

After considerable discussion of the limits of the jurisdiction of the Committee on Agriculture and Horticulture and the committee on Buildings and Grounds, the following resolution was adopted, on motion of Mr. Cobb:

WHEREAS, the territory and duties of several of the committees have never been precisely settled by the board; and whereas, it has become a matter of present įractical importance that these duties and territories be more definitely settled; therefore,

1st. Resolved, That until the meeting of the board the Horticultural Committee shall have charge of the 40 acre tract, the orchard on the western part of the experimental farm and ornamental grounds.

2d. Resolved, That the Agricultural Committee shall have charge of the stock farm and the experimental farm, except so much of the latter as shall be occupied by the orchards, to which is hereby assigned the 53 acres lying west of the line Wright street.

On motion of Mr. COBB, it was voted that the bills of “Prairie Farmer” and “Western Rural," and such other papers as may have bills against the Illinois Industrial University, for advertising winter lectures, be referred to the Corresponding Secretary, to report to this Committee, as soon as practicable, as to their correctness.

The bill of Dodson and Hodges, $32 48, was then audited and allowed.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, the Committee adjourned to 1:30 P. M.


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The Committee met, pursuant to adjournment, and the following bills were audited and allowed : Prairie Farmer, March 19th, 1869, advertising seed corn...

$19 20 A, F. Childs, March 27th, draining tile ...

126 00 Hulburd, Herrick & Co., March 30th, hardware.

28 40 Elijah Eldred, March 29th, lumber

90 79 31st,

201 45

90 31 E. Snyder, April 8th, postage and petty expenses..

30 87 Wall's Colliery Coal Mining Company, March 30th

20 00 S. D. Childs, jr. & Co., seal and press, March 30th...

20 00 Chas. W. Rolfe, March 30th, pump

12 55 Hovey & Heffron, March 26th, kitchen garden and flower seeds

24 07 Seed for market garden.....

34 80 Garden syringe, etc.

18 60 Fuller, Finch & Fuller, March 29th, oil and lead....

83 90 Miller & Toll, muslin......

2 00 Trevett & Green, hardware Trevett & Green, twine ..

40 J M. Campbell, seed oats

37 87 W. F. Bliss, two sugar hogsheads

2 00

9 05

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was ordered that Dr. Warder's bill for $150, for three lectures delivered in January, 1869, be referred to the Corresponding Secretary, with instruction to report, for the information of the Executive Committee, the particulars of the arrangement made with Dr. Warder.

A recommendation from the Faculty " that the rooms south of the library should, at as early a day as possible, be prepared for the reception of the geological and mineralogical cabinets," was, on motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, adopted; and it was ordered that it be carried out immediately.

The Regent presented the following proposition, from Prof. Barrill, for the sale of a cabinet of minerals now on exhibition in the library room of the University :

INDUSTRIAL UNIVERSITY, April 8, 1869. GENTLEMEN: The cabinet of fossils and minerals, now in eases in the University, and belonging to Mr. M. S. Hall, has been left in my hands for sale. Mr. Hall's price is $1000; but, owing to pressing demands for money, he is desirous of disposing of it, even though a much less sum be obtained.

The following statement, based upon my own count and estimate—the latter drawn from every source of information at hand-may aid in determining the value of the collection: 750 fossil plants, of about 35 distinct species, being about one-fourth of those known to exist in Illinois—40 cents, each..

..$300 00 25 extra fine geodes, at $3......

75 00 70 medium 1....

70 00 70 smaller 30 cents

21 00 40 specimens of minerals, granites, etc., 40 cents

16 00 60 fine specimens of pol. marble, agate crystal spars, at $3.

180 00 200 animal fossils, at 30 cents....

60 00

Total ..

... $722 00 Duplicate specimens, if valuable separately, are equally so for exchange; but as there are many of these, and exchanges will be attended with some expense, and also making due allowance for the sale of a whole collection rather than by single specimens, I offer it to you for the sum of six hundred dollars.

T. J. BURRILLO On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was voted that the proposition be referred to Prof. Stuart for an opinion in regard to the propriety of making the purchase, with instructions to report to the next meeting of the committee.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was voted that the proposed change of the walk running parallel with the main drive on the west side of the grounds be entrusted to Mr. Franks.

On motion of Mr. COBB, it was voted that the appropriation made for buildings and grounds, allowing $2,575, be disbursed by the Regent, with the advice and consent of the chairman of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was ordered that regular monthly meetings of this committee be held on the first Wednesday of each month, for the transaction of business.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was ordered that the carpenter be instracted to complete, as soon as possible, the sidewalk on the street in front of the University building as heretofore ordered.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, the following preamble and resolution were adopted :

WAEREAS, the Regent has offered to visit some of the chief Industrial schools of Europe, during the summer vacation, at his own expense, to observe carefully their methods and facilities of instruction, to aid in the further development of the University; and whereas, sucb observations, at the present stage in the progress of the University, seem important and may prove of great benefit; therefore,

Resolved, That leave of absence be granted to the Regent from the middle of May to the opening of the autumu terin; and he be requested to make thorough exami nation and copious notes of such things, in the several agricultural aud polytechnic schools be may visit, as may serve to aid us in the more perfect organization of this Industrial University.

On motion of Judge CUNNINGHAM, it was voted that the authorities of the town of Urbana be requested to vacate the public road on the east and south side of the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 19, township 19, range 9, and to locate a road on the north side of said tract, to connect the road, as now laid on the north side of said section 19, with the road laid on the range line between ranges 8 and 9.

The Agricultural Committee brought in their report; which was recommitted, with instructions to report to the Executive Board.

An application of Prof. Wm. M. Baker, for permission to have his lumber purchased and shipped with the lumber of the University, was not granted.

On motion of Mr. PIOKRELL, it was Resolved, That the state appropriation made for the Agricultural department be appropriated for the purposes named in the act; that the state appropriation made for the Horticultural department be appropriated for the purposes named in the act; that the state appropriation for the Chemical department be appropriated for the

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