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Mr. Flagg moved that the Chairman of the Agricultural Committee be instructed to contract with Mr. Periam according to the terms of this vote. This motion prevailed.

On motion of Mr. Dunlap, the blank in the resolution offered by the committee, was filled with the name of Thomas QUICK.

The report was then submitted for vote of the Board, and adopted.

Mr. BURCHARD presented the following, viz: Resolved, That the sum of twelve hundred dollars be appropriated for the purposes indicated in the report of the Committee on Agricultural Department, and that the Regent be authorized to draw, from time to time, warraats for such parts thereof a may be needed. The whole amount so drawn not to exceed the sum hereby appropriated.

Adopted. The Regent called Mr. CUNNINGHAM to the Chair, and presented the names of gentlemen as suitable persons to fill chairs as Professors in the University, and read testimonials in their favor, viz: William Baker, of Springfield, Illinois, and George W. Atherton.

PROFESSORS ELECTED. Mr. CUNNINGHAM presented the following resolutions, and moved their adoption :

Resolved, That Professor William M. Baker be and he is hereby elected to a chair, bereafter to be named; his term to commence March 1, 1868, at a salary of two thousand dollars per annum.

Resolved, That Professor G. W. Atherton be and he is hereby elected to a chair hereafter to be named; his term to commence on the first day of March, 1868, at a lalary of two thousand dollars per annum. Each resolution was unanimously adopted. Mr. MoCONNELL moved to instruct the Regent to notify the gentemen chosen as Professors, of their election. Carried. The private session was then closed, by vote of the Board.

OPEN SESSION–4 P. M. Mr. GOLTRA, Chairman of Committee on Buildings and Grounds, presented the following report, which was adopted, viz: 1. We recommend that the work on the building, already begun, be finished, and the fence completed

2. That this Committee be authorized to adopt a plan for laying out and ornamenting the University grounds, and that the work, whenever done, on the grounds, shall be in pursuance of this plan.

3. That the necessary black-boards, desks and seats for the recitation rooms, chapel and other public rooms of the University, be authorized to be made or procured. (Signed),

M. C. GOLTRA, Chairman. Mr. LAWRENCE, Chairman of the Auditing Committee, reported bills of expenses of members, which the Committee had allowed.

On motion of Mr. Hayes, the report was adopted, and warrants ordered to be drawn for the several sums named.


Mr. LAWRENCE moved that the bills of expenses of members of the Board, incurred in attending its meetings, with the items named therein, be forwarded to the Regent, who shall draw orders on the Treasurer for the same.


APPROPRIATION FOR THE PURCHASE OF CABINET. Mr. COBB submitted the following resolution: Resolved, That the Regent be authorized to draw warrants on the Treasurer, in favor of the Chairman of Committee on Library and Cabinets, to the amount of four thousand dollars, to be used according to the previous vote of the Board.



Mr. Johnson presented the following, and moved its passage :

Ordered by this Board, that warrants to the amount of fifteen hundred dollars, ($1500), be drawn, by the Regent, on the Treasurer, to finish the fencing of the grounds and buildings.

The resolution was adopted.


Mr. CUNNINGHAM read the following resolution, moving its adoption :

Resolved, That the Regent be authorized to draw his warrants upon the Treasurer, in favor of the owners of the lots on the west side of the University grounds, in pay. ment for the same, as per the report of the Executive Committee, in amount not exceeding two thousand four hundred and fifty dollars, ($2450).

It was adopted.

Mr. DUNLAP offered the following: Resolvedt, That the office of Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, as appointed by the Executive Committee, be continued until the next meeting of this Board.

On motion of Mr. BRAYMAN, this resolution was referred to the Committee on Buildings and Grounds, with instructions to report this evening.


Mr. BRAYMAN presented the following preamble and resolutions: WHEREAS, this University was established for the benefit of the whole people of this State, whose intelligent support is necessary to its success; and,

WHEREAS, a diffusion of all such information as relates to the management and government of the University, is equally necessary to that support; and,

WHEREAS, the newspaper press is the proper and recognized means of communi. cating intelligence; be it, therefore,

Resolved, That the Recording Secretary of this Board, and Secretary of the Executive Committee, may furnish to such newspapers of this State as shall desire to publish the same for public information, such proceedings, orders and reports of this Board, or said Committee, as the Board or Committee shall at each meeting authorize, and that said Secretaries may, under authority of the Regent, in like manner furnish such matter while the Board and the Committee are not in session.

Resolved, That matters so furnished, shall not in any case include reports of discussions, nor relate to criticisms upon the Board or Committee, nor members thereof; but only such as shall be deemed useful for public information and beneficial to the University.

The preamble and resolutions were adopted.

Mr. moved to take up, for consideration, the paper relating to lectures, which was read by the Regent this A. M., (in connection with the report of Committee on Faculty and Study).

Mr. McCONNELL moved that the lecture course be postponed until a year from next January. Carried.

Mr. Flagg moved that the consideration of this paper be postponed indefinitely.

Which motion prevailed.


Mr. Hayes moved that the Regent and Committee on Faculty and Study be authorized to provide for carrying out the labor system recommended in their report. Carried.

Mr. Hayes moved that the Regent be authorized to issue the necessary circulars preparatory to the opening of the University.




Mr. GCLTRA, Chairman of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds, to which the resolution of Mr. Dunlap was referred, relating to the continuation of the office of Saperintendent of Buildings and Grounds, reported verbally, recommending that the resolution be not passed.

This report was adopted.


Mr. DUNLAP presented the following: Resolved, That, hereafter, all accounts and vouchers made to the Illinois Industrial University, shall be made to the Illinois Industrial University, and not to any officer or employee of the Institution; and no other accounts or vouchers shall be received or paid by the Regent: Provided, that memoranda and receipts for traveling expenses may be made to the person traveling on business of the University, to be filed with the regular vouchers.



Mr. BURCHARD moved that the Regent be directed to embody the instructions relating to the examination of students, in the circulars which he has been ordered to issue. Carried.

RESOLUTION RESPECTING RAILROADS. Mr. Hares presented the following, and moved its adoption by the Board:

Resolved, That this Board disavow and disapprove of any attempt on the part of the Executive Committee, or any other Committee of this Board, to grant or allow to the Danville, Urbana, Bloomington and Pekin Railroad Company, or any other Railroad Company, the right of way over any of the property of this Institution; and that none of the real estate of this Institution, nor any easement or right of way upon the same, shall be given, granted or sold, without the direct authority of a vote of the Board.

The resolution was adopted.

Mr. Hayes moved that the Regent, in his discretion, be instructed to serve a copy of this resolution upon the proper officers of the said Railroad Company; and, if necessary, to take legal counsel and other steps necessary to defend the lands of this Board, as contemplated in this resolution.

The motion was carried.
On motion, the Board adjourned until seven o'clock this evening.


November 27th, 1867. The Board met at appointed time. REGENT in the chair.


Mr. BRAYMAN moved that the report of the Committee on Horticultural Department be taken up.

It was so voted by the Board, and the Secretary read the report.

On motion of Mr. Flagg, the report of the Committee was adopted.

Mr. GOLTRA, Chairman of Committee on Buildings and Grounds, stated to the Board that the collision between the provisions of this report and the instructions given to said Committee, in reference to the laying out of the grounds, would be obviated by the mutual co-operation of the two Committees charged with this work.

Mr. BRAYMAN moved that the Chairmen of the Committees on Agriculture, Horticulture and Buildings and Grounds constitute a Committee, with power to carry out the provisions of this report, and that the Regent be instructed to draw upon the Treasurer orders for expenses incurred in said work.

Carried. Mr. Hayes moved that the Regent and Mr. Dunlap constitute a Committee, with instructions to complete the arrangement with Mr. Busey for delivering to this Board possession of the “Busey tarm" upon the first day of January next. This motion prevailed.


The following resolution, presented by Mr. COBB, was adopted by the Board:

Resolved, That the Regent and Mr. Cunningham effect such insurance on the Uni. versity building as they may deem proper, and that the Regent draw a warrant to cover the premium.

Mr. BRAYMAN moved that the minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Committee be approved, except such as relate to the right of way of railroad, and such as is modified by the motion of Mr. Hayes, relating to the possession of the “Busey farm.”

The motion prevailed.

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