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the more important matters referred to us, might be of interest to you, we herewith submit the following:

!. Sale of SCRIP.-As per your instructions, the Treasurer, Regent and Chairman of the Finance Committee advertised and sold 180,000 acres of the scrip, realizing therefor $101,764 50.

This sale, being considered favorable at the time, induced the Executive Committee to recommend to the Trustees the sale of an additional 100,000 acres.

Your approval, in writing, having been obtained, the sale was conducted in the samie manner as the first, realizing therefor the sum of $58,427 91.

2. Fonds FOR CURRENT EXPENSES.—In accordance with a resolution offered by Mr. Burchard, at our last meeting, the Treasurer sold twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) of Champaign county bonds, using money obtained from the sale of scrip for the purchase of the same; thereby keeping our one hundred thousand dollars of Champaign county bonds good.

3. LOCATION OF SCRIP.---A resolution of the Board instructed our Committee to take immediate steps to ascertain the practicability of obtaining desirable lands, and if, in their (our) judgment, a judicious location of such lands can be made, they (Fe) were authorized to locate the some to the extent of one hundred thousand

The Committee having become convinced, after extensive inquiries, that excellent lands could be obtained, instructed the Regent and their Chairman, with such other Trustees as they might call in to aid them, to proceed to make locations in the four States of Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska,

The Regent and Mr. Goltra proceeded to Minnesota, and, after a careful inspeetion, located about sixteen thousand acres in that State.

At a later date, Mr. Goltra proceeded to Nebraska, and located about nine thousand acres; making in all, located to this time, something over twenty-five thousand acres.

Mr. Goltra expresses his opinion that thirty thousand acres, in addition, can be advantageously located during the next four months; and that, by taking a little further time, the balance, to make the entire amount of one hundred thousand acres, can be well located.

It is believed that the lanás already obtained will, within a few years, bring from three to fire dollars per acre.

As soon as the location of the 100,000 acres is completed, a descriptive catalogue should be issued and measures taken to secure an early sale.

Upon application to the Regent for a detailed statement of the expenditures thus fer

, he furnished the following, which, upon examination, seems to be correct, and in accordance with instructions of the Board and Executive Committee :

EXPENDITORES.—The total expenditures made thus far, for all purposes, is twentyfire thousand six hundred and twenty-two dollars and thirty-five cents ($25,622 35). Some of the warrants embraced in this amount are, probably, still outstanding, and may not, tberefore, appear in the Treasurer's statement.

Of these expenditures, much the larger part, viz: fourteen thousand and eightyt#0 35-100 dollars, ($14,082 35,) was paid for additional grounds. The other expenses were as follows, viz; For expenses of meetings of boards and committees..

$1,032 30 For grading grounds....

902 32 For furniture, stationery, printing, etc...,

690 00 For cut stone, lumber, labor, etc..

3,053 07 For salary of Regent...

2,333 33

24 50

For expenses attending sale of scrip.....

$385 55 For insurance.

132 18 For cabinet, Powell's expedition...

500 00 For express charges on books.....

61 25 For fees and expenses locating scrip...... There are outstanding bills and contracts for labor, material and lands, which will require, perhaps, three thousand dollars more.

In order to make an estimate of our expenses for the coming winter, we would respectfully ask Chairmer of committees, or members of the Board, to band in accounts or unpaid bills at once.

Mr. PICKRELL Moved that the bills presented at this meeting be referred to the Auditing Committee.

The motion was sustained.

Mr. Brayman moved that the report of the Finance Committee be laid upon the table, to be taken up for action at some future time during this meeting.


Mr. GOLTRA, Chairman 'of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds, asked further time to report; which was granted.


Mr. Quick, Chairman of Committee on Agricultural Department, presented the following report:

The Committee on Agriculture beg leave to submit, for the consideration of the Board of Trustees, the following, as the result of their deliberations since the May meeting, touching the condition and management of the University Iands :

1. The present extent of our grounds, including the purchases made by the Executive Committee, exclusive of the University lot, is about (1000) one thousand acres: nearly 200 adjoining the University lot, 410 in the Busey farm, and 400 in the Griggs farm.

2. There will be needed, for the University work, only about 600 acres; the 35 acres of the new purchase for horticulture, 160 acres for the experimental farm, and the 410 for the stock farm, tree planting, etc.

3. The Griggs farm should be sold as soon as it can be done wisely, and the proceeds should be sacredly kept to reimburse the permanent fund for the sums used in the purchase of additional lands.

4. The Horticultural Department may be allowed twenty acres, from the one hundred and sixty, for orchards.

6. The remainder of the experimental farm should be put at once, the coming season, under active cultivation, both to bring it into a higher state of improvement, and to ascertain carefully its soil and topography, preparatory to the subdivision into proper fields, for the future work of the Agricultural Department.

6. The stock farm (Busey place) may also be taken into the care and supervision of the University officers, in order to secure on it a cultivation which may tend to its improvement, and leave at our disposal such part of it as may be found necessary to occupy. Such fields as are not wanted for the year's work may be rented, under such conditions as to use as may seem necessary.

7. To carry on the work on the farm, it is desirable that there be secured the serrices of a competent head farmer, who, under the direction of the Regent and Professor of Agriculture, shall oversee and carry forward the farm work.

8. The committee recommend the appointment of - as head farmer, with a salary of $

per annum 9. It is desirable, also, to secure, as early as may be, two or three good farm hands, to be permanently employed. These, with the students (if the students are to labor on the farm), will be able to do the work on the farm,

10. There will also be needed for the farm two or three horse teams, and the necessary tools for the working of the farm. These the Executive Committee may be instructed to purchase, when they are needed; or, in the absence of the Executive Committee, the Regent may direct the purchase of tools which may be wanted.

11. The Regent may be directed to secure, with the aid of the Faculty, at as early a day as practicable, a complete topographic survey of the farms, and an analysis of the several soils, and present to the Board a map of the farms, with a plan for the subdivisions, roads, building sites, etc.

12 In the absence of suitable barns and buildings, for the care of fine stock, it is desirable to confine the purchases of stock, the first year, to such animals as may be needed for economy on the farm and in the boarding hall.

In the mean time, the Faculty should be requested to act in conjunction with the Farm Committee, in preparing a thoroughly digested report of the character and extent of the future Stock Department, and of the barns and buildings needed for its accommodation. All of which is respectfully submitted. [Signed]

T. QUICK, Chairman of Com. on Agricultural Department. On motion of Mr. CUNNINGHAM, the report was laid upon tho table, to be taken up for consideration in its due order.

The report of the Committee on Horticulture was called for, but the Chairman was not present and no one responded.

Upon the call for report from the Committee on Mechanical Department, Mr. Scroggs, Chairman, stated that he had not conferred with members of the Committee, and was unable to report.

Gen. Beayman, Chairman of Committee on Military Departments, asked further time, to enable him to complete his report; which was granted.

Mr. BURROUGHS, Chairman of Committee on Library and CabiDets, asked the same favor; which was given.

Also, Mr. Mahan, Chairman of Coinmittee on By-Laws; the



Mr. Scroggs, Chairman of the Committee of the Executive Committee, on the purchase of additional lots, reported as follows:

The Committee appointed to inquire into the feasibility of the purchase of additional lots to the Illinois Industrial University grounds, would beg leave to respectfully submit the following report:

One entire tier of lots upon the west side of said grounds has been purchased, and the deeds have been made out, and are now ready for delivery whenever the money shall be paid for the same, except two, viz: Nos. 140 and 173. On account of a little delay on the part of the agent for the sale, lot No. 140 has not been fully secured by deed. The temporary absence of Mr. Sherfy has also delayed the transfer, by deed, of lot No. 172. The lots already deeded to the Trustees rate as follows, viz: Lot No. 105.

$300 106.

300 139.

300 174.

300 206.

250 207.

250 208-half lot....



Your Committee would further state that, in setting the fence on the west side, fourteen feet of said grounds were left out, so as to make the street on the west (Wright street) eighty feet in width, and would suggest that the same width-eighty feet-be continued south, along the 40 acres, on the west line, making an avenue through to the 160 acres known as the experimental farm, and that said avenue be called “College Avenue.”

Time having been given to the Committee to report upon the purchase of the lots upon the east side of the University grounds, the Committee now report as follows:

Twenty-four lots upon the east side of the University grounds, in blocks 41, 42, 51 and 54, making half of said blocks, and consisting of three tiers of lots, running from Main street, on the north of the University, to the Springfield road south. The cost of said twenty-four lots on the east would be, at present prices, as follows: Lot 5 Block 41


5 & 6 42

900 4 5 & 6 51





* 7 & 8

* 3 & 8

" 4 & 7


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[blocks in formation]

By the vacation of the streets, four more lots would fall to the Trustees, which would make the whole number of the lots, in fact, twenty-eight; twenty-four of which would have to be paid for, and four gained by the vacation of the streets passing between certain lots in the twenty-four.

The purchase of these lots would add over five and a half acres to the grounds, making in all about twenty acres, which will prove in the end to be none too much.

In the purchase of the above lots, the ground would be extended on the east and west, so as to bring the University grounds, proper to the same width as the forty acre tract known as the Wills tract; thus amplifying the college grounds for ornamental shrubbery, flower gardens, parade grounds, etc., and bring it into uniform width with the farming lands, adding beauty and symmetry to the whole premises. A consideration of these facts induces your Committee to most respectfully recommend the purchase of the last-mentioned twenty-four lots. (Signed)


J. H. PIOKRELL. By vote of the Board, this report was laid upon the table.

The Treasurer of the Board, J. W. BUNN, read, by request, a statement of his receipts, expenditures and investments to this date.

Mr. COBB, from Finance Committee, read a proposition from Mr. Lewis, for the purchase of one hundred thousand acres of scrip at eighty-five cents per acre.

The proposition was referred to the Finance Committee.
On motion, the Board took a recess until 2 o'clock, P. M.


November 26, 1867. Board met at 2 o'clock. REGENT in the Chair. Twenty-two members were present.

The CHAIRMAN called for the report of Committee on Library and Cabinet.

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