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The ayes and noes being called for on the adoption of the report, were taken, and resulted in—22 affirmative votes, and one negative vote.

Mr. Quick introduced Dr. Gregory to the Board, who accepted his position, and took his seat as President of the Board of Trustees.

The oath of office was administered to the Regent by Hon. J. 0. Cunningham.

L. R. MOMORRAY also took the oath of office at this time.
MASON BRAYMAN filed his oath of office as Trustee.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM moved that inasmach as the minutes of the former meeting are published, they be adopted without reading.

Carried; and minutes adopted.

PROF. POWELL'S LETTER. The President announced that the receiving of communications was in order, and introduced Dr. Sewall, of the Normal University, who read a communication from Prof. Powell, of Normal, in relation to his proposed expedition to the Rocky Mountains.

The letter was referred to a committee of five, who were appointed as follows:

Messrs. Burchard, Scroggs, Goltra, Brown, of Pulaski, and Quick.

Regent called for reports of committees.

Mr. COBB, Chairman of the Finance Committee, reported that the committee had used due diligence to obtain an attorney to aid the committee, but had not succeeded until this morning.

The services of Thomas P. Bonfield, of Kankakee, have now been secured, who is now engaged in examining titles to the lands offered by Champaign county to the Industrial University.

TREASURER'S BOND APPROVED. Mr. Cobb further reported that the Treasurer's bond had been examined and was considered ample.

The bond was read, and, on motion of Mr. HAYES, was approved.

Mr. GOLTRA moved that the bond be put on record.
The motion prevailed.

Mr. Van OsDEL, from Committee on Seal, reported that the Chairman was not present, and asked further time.

Mr. DUNLAP, of Local Committee, repor'ed a bill of Wm. W. Strong, for furniture for University; which was referred to Finance Committee.

Dr. SCROGGS, in behalf of the Congregational Society of Champaign, offered the basement rooms of their church for the use of the Board.

Mr. Hayes moved that the invitation be accepted, and that when this Board adjourn, it adjourn to meet at the Congregational Church. The motion prevailed.


Mr. GOLTRA moved that a committee of five members, upon Buildings and Grounds, be appointed.

The motion prevailed, and the committee was appointed, as follows: Messrs. Goltra, Van Osdel, Edwards, ' anlap, and Pollen.

Mr. BURCHARD moved that the Board adjourn, to meet at seven o'clock this evening. The motion prevailed, and the Board was declared adjourned.


Board met, pursuant to adjournment, in the Congregational Church.

REGENT in the Chair. Meeting opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Stonghton. Twenty-two members present. President called for reports of committees. 1st. Finance Committee. Mr. COBB, Chairman of Finance Committee, read the report of Thomas P. Bonfield, attorney of the committee, respecting titles of real estate conveyed by Champaign county to the Board of Trustees. Which report was ordered placed on file.

Mr. BURCHARD moved that Mr. Bonfield be instructed to personally examine all titles of the real estate, and make a full abstract and certificate of all titles to all lands offered by the county to this Poard. Carried.

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Mr. BURCHARD, Chairman of Committee on Prof. Powell's letter, ask«d time (until morning) to report.

Which was granted.

The Committee on By-Laws, reported, in part, through its chairman, Mr. Mahan, and asked further time.

Which was given.


Mr. COBB, of Finance Committee, further reported, as follows: The committee, believing that the titles to the lands offered by Champaign county are substantially perfect, are prepared to recommend the acceptance of such titles : Proviled, said county or its citizens shall execute to the University a bond in the sum of $25,000, conditioned that no latent defect shall affect said titles. Signed by the committee. Mr. A. M. Brown moved the adoption of the report.

Mr. Johnson moved to amend by referriog the report back to the committee.

Mr. Hayes moved to amend by recommitting the report, with instructions to the committee to ascertain and report, as early as convenient, the utmost amount of damage that might accrue from the defects in the titles referred to; and that they procure and present to this Board a bond sufficient to indemnity the Board against loss from such defects of titles.

A'nendments accepted and report referred back to the committee.

On motion of Mr. Scruggs, the Board adjourned until nine o'clock to-morrow morning.

CHAMPAIGN, MAY 84–9 O'CLOCK, A. M. Board of Trustees met, according to adjournment. Regent presiding.

Session opened with prayer by Mr. Rea, according to the form of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Present: Messrs. Allen, A. M. Brown, Burchard, Burroughs, Cobb, Danlap, Edwards, Galusha, Goltra, Hayes, Hungate, Johnson, Lawrence, Muhan, McMurray, Pickrell, Pullen, Quick, Scroggs, Topping, Van Osdel, the Regent—22 members.

The minutes were read, but action thereon deferred.

Mr. LAWRENCE took the oath of office, which was administered by llon. A, M. Brown.



Mr COBB, Chairman of the Finance Committee, reported as follows:

Your committee consider that sufficient assurauces bave been given by the Illinois Central Railroad Company that they will fulfill their agreement in regard to the fifty thousand dollars frright proposed in the offer of Champaign county.

Further: that Mr. Dunlap has filed with the Secretary a sufficient bond, covering the furnishing of two thousand dollars worth of trees and pb

Further: that the one hundred thousand dollars of Champaign county bonds are in the hands of the committee, to be delivered as soon as the location is made.

Forther: in regard to salaries of officers, which were referred to this committee, we would report that, inasmuch as the duties of said Trsasurer and Secretaries are, as yet, not defined, we would respectfully suggest that, for the present, we allow pay according to services rendered.

Wbich report was adopted.

Mr. BURROUGHS moved that the Finance Committee be instructed to exaniine the lands deeded to the Illinois Industrial University by Champaign county, and ascertain and report whether these lands correspond, in respect to quantity and location, with the offer of said county to the State. Carried.


Mr. DUNLAP, Chairman of Auditing Committee, reported bills of expenses of mernbers attending the meeting of the Board at Springfield, and bill of the Recording Secretary, pro tem.

Mr. BURCHARD moved to amend by adding the condition that the warrants shall not be drawn until there are funds in the treasury with which to pay them.

The amendment was lost, and the report of the committee adopted.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM, from Finance Committee, made a verbal and explanatory report upon titles of real estate. No action taken.


A. M. Brown read the following preamble and resolutions, and moved their adoption by the Board, viz:

WHEREAS, The county of Champaign has caused to be conveyed to the Board of Trustees of the Illinois Industrial University, by good and unincumbered titles, the building and grounds known as the Urbana and Champaign Institute, described as follows: Commencing at the north-west corner of the south-west quarter of the south-east quarter of section seven (7), town nineteen (19), range nine (9) east; running thence east four hundred and sixty-two (462) feet; thence south seven hundred (700) feet; thence west four hundred and sixty-two (462) feet; thence north seven hundred (700) feet, to the place of beginning. Also, a part of the south-west quarter of section number eighteen (18), in said township, as follows: Beginning at the north-east corner of said tract; thence west eighty (80) rods ; thence south one hundred and seven and thirty one-hundreths (107 30-100) rods ; thence east eighty (80) rods; thence north one hundred and seven and thirty onehundredths (107 30-100) rods, to the place of beginning. Also twenty-eight (28) acres off the north side of the south half of the south-east quarter of said section number eighteen (18). Also, the north half of the south-east quarter of said section eighteen (18). Also, the north-west quarter of section nineteen (19), in said town. ship. Also, the north half of the south-west quarter, the south half of the north-east quarter, the north-west quarter of the south-east quarter, and the north-east quarter of the north-east quarter, of said section nineteen (19). Also, the south half and the south half of the north-east quarter of section twenty one (21), in said township; and,

WHEREAS, also, said county of Champaign has issued, under the forms of law, and delivered to said Board of Trustees, one hundred thousand dollars in the bonds of said county, due and payable ten years hence, bearing interest at ten per cent, per annum ; and,

WHEREAS, also, the contract of M. L. Dunlap for the delivering, upon the order of ghe said Board, of fruit, shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery, to the value of two thousand dollars, has also been delivered to this Board ; and,

WHEREAS, the Illinois Central Railroad Company has likewise assured to said Board the sum of fisty thousand dollars in freight over said road : and in consideration of the foregoing premises, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Illinois Industrial University be and the same hereby is permanently located at Urbana, Champaign county, Illinois,

The ayes and noes were called on the resolution, which resulted in an unanimous affirmative vote-twenty four members voting.

On motion of Mr. Hayes, the Board excused the Finance Committee from further consideration of a bond of indemnity.

Moved that the Board take a recess until two o'clock P. M., when it shall meet in secret session. Carried.

Board met, as per agreement.
President called Rev. Mr. Burroughs to the chair.

Mr. Flagg, Corresponding Secretary, appeared and took his seat with the Board.

On motion of Mr. Sororgs, the regular order of business was suspended to allow time for special business.

The Finance Committee presented several communications relating to the subject of the scrip.

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