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Mr. Van OsDEL introduced a series of resolutions, looking to the establishment of a Polytechnic branch of the University at Chicago; which, by consent, were laid over till to-morrow.

Mr. Harding moved that the Board proceed to the nomination of candidates for Treasurer; which was agreed to.

Mr. BLACKBURN put in nomination the name of Thomas A. Cosgrove, Esq., of Champaign, and accompanied the nomination by a lengthy petition from citizens of Champaign county, which was laid on the desk of the Recording Secretary.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM put in nomination the name of the Hon. Clark R. Griggs, of Urbana, and accompanied the nomination by a petition from citizens of Champaign county, in support of the same, which was also laid on the Secretary's desk.

Mr. MCCONNELL put in nomination the name of John W. Bunn, Esq., of Springfield.

On motion, adjourned till 9 o'clock to-morrow.


MARCH 13, 1867—MORNING SESSION. Meeting called to order by Mr. BURROUGHS, in the absence of the Governor, and Mr. Hammond appointed to the chair pro tem.

Prayer was offered to Almighty God, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, by Rev. Dr. BURROUGHS.

Board proceeded to the election of Treasurer of the University, as per special order.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM spoke at length in favor of the claims of Hon. Clark R. Griggs for the position, and concluded by calling for the reading of a petition from some fifty-two citizens of Champaign ounty, praying for his election, which lay upon the table of the Recording Secretary; which was read, as requested.

Mr. BLACKBURN followed in a speech in favor of Mr. Cosgrove, and closed by reading a petition numerously signed by citizens of Champaign county, in favor of his candidate.

Mr. McCONNELL spoke in favor of John W. Bunn, Esq., who, he said, had been Treasurer of the State Agricultural Society for many years, and who had always honored the warrants of the Society, whether it had any funds in his hands or not.

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An informal ballot was then taker, resulting as follows:


Bunn. A motion was then made to proceed to a formal ballot for Treasurer.

Mr. Quick moved to lay the motion on the table, in order to determine the value of the bond which the Treasurer should be obliged to give to the Trustees, conditioned to the faithful performance of his duties; which motion was carried.

The Governor arrived at this juncture, and assumed the chair.

The Chair announced the committee on course of study, and to suggest a faculty, as follows: The Regent of the University, Gen. Mason Brayman, S. S. Hayes, Willard C. Flagg and Dr. Newton Bateman.

Mr. COBB offered a resolution fixing the amount of the Treasurer's bond at $300,000.


Mr. BATEMAN moved to amend by striking out $300,000 and inserting in lieu thereof $100,000.


Mr. Quick moved to amend the amendment by inserting $500,000.


The several amendments were put to the meeting and lost, and the question recurring on the original resolution of Mr. Cobb, it was carried.

Mr. BURCHARD offered the following, which was adopted : Resolved, That the Treasurer's bond, when executed, be, referred to the Finance Committee, to report at the next meeting upon the sufficiency of the securities.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM offered the following: Resolved, That at the earliest moment practicable, a good and suficient fire and burglar proof safe be procured and placed in the office of the building hereafter to become the seat of the Illinois Industrial University, in which shall be kept ali moneys and securities belonging to such Institution, while in the hands of the Treasurer.

Resolved, That the books and papers of each officer to be elected by this Board, together with all moneys and securities in the possession of the Treasurer, belong.


ing to the Illinois Industrial University, be at all times held by such officers open to the examination of any member of this Board.

Resolved, That the Treasurer of this Board be prohibited, under pain of removal from office, from depositing in any bank, banking house or place of deposit, other than as provided above, any part of the money, scrip or securities in his possession belonging to this University, or of loaning any part thereof, or of using on private account, or in any other manner, except as ordered by this Board.

Mr. BLACKBURN moved the reference of Mr. Cunningham's resolutions to the Finance Committee.

Mr. Johnson moved to lay the resolutions on the table; which was carried.

Election of Treasurer was proceeded with.

Mr. BLACKBURN withdrew the name of Mr. Cosgrove as a candidate.

The Chair appointed Messrs. Quick and Burchard tellers.
A ballot was then taken, resulting as follows:


1 The Chair announced that no candidate having received the necessary number of votes (16) there was no election. .

Second Ballot.
A second ballot was then taken, resulting as follows:


..12 No choice.

Third Ballot.


.14 No choice.

Mr. BLACKBURN moved to postpone the election of Treasurer until the meeting in May next. Lost.

Fourth Ballot.


.14 No choice.

Fifth Ballot.


.13 No choice.


Sixth Ballot.


No choice.
A motion to take a recess till 27 P. M. was put and lost.

Seventh Ballot.

The Chair declared John W. Bunn, Esq., as the duly elected
Treasurer of the Illinois Industrial University.

On motion of Mr. CUNNINGHAM, the election of Mr. Bunn was declared unanimous, and the Recording Secretary, pro tem., was instructed to inform him of his election.

On motion, the Board took a recess till 2 P. M.



Board met, pursuant to adjournment.
Dr. BATEMAN, in the absence of the Governor, in the chair.

Mr. Johnson moved that the Board now proceed to an informal ballot for a candidate for the position of Corresponding Secretary.


Mr. COBB put in nomination the name of Dr. J. W. Scroggs, of Champaign.

Mr. Flagg that of O. B. Galusha, of Grundy county.
Mr. Quick that of Rev. Isaac S. Mahan, of Marion county.

Mr. DUNLAP spoke at some length in favor of the claims of Dr. Scroggs.

Messrs. Quick and BURCHARD were appointed tellers.

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Second Ballot,
Mr. FLAGG withdrew the name of 0. B. Galusha.


10 No choice.

Third Ballot,

.11 No choice.

Fourth Ballot.
Mr. BURROUGHS, by permission, put in nomination the name of
Willard C. Flagg, of Madison county.


No choice.
Mr. QUICK withdrew the name of Mr. Mahan.

Fifth Ballot.


.16 The Chair pronounced Willard C. Flagg as duly elected to the office of Corresponding Secretary of the Illinois Industrial University.

On motion, Mr. Flagg's election was declared unanimous.

Mr. Quick said that as the law did not limit the term of office of the Corresponding Secretary, he would move that the term be two years.

Which motion, on being seconded, was put to the meeting and carried.

Mr. Flagg returned thanks for his election.

Mr. Quick moved that the Board proceed to the election of a Recording Secretary for the Industrial University for the term of two years.

Nominations being in order,

Mr. MCCONNELL nominated O. B. Galusha, and there being no other nomination, Mr. Galusha was elected by acclamation.

The Chair pronounced O. B. Galusha duly elected to the position of Recording Secretary for the period of two years from the next meeting of the Board.

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