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APRILL 8, 1868.

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The Pictorial History of England, with Index.
Smyth's Lectures on Modern History-Ed. Sparks..
Rawlinson's Herodotas...
Memoirs of Napoleon, His Court and Family-Delosse D'Abrantes..
History of Finance-white
Lectures on the History of France-Sir J. Stephen.
History of France-Michelet..
History of France, 1661 to 1715–Martin..
History of Ten Years, 1830 to 1840-Louis Blanc..
Thiers French Revolution...
Joseph the Second and His Court-Muhlbach.
History of the Eighteenth Century-Schlosser.
History of Germany-Kohlrausch..
Philip the Second-Prescott..
Robertson's Charles the Fifth-Prescott.
History of Civilization in England-Buckle..
Florence of Worcester's Chronicle..
Queens of England...
istory of England-Macauley.
History of the Four Georges-Smucker..
Constitutional History of England-Hallam..
The English Constitution-Creasy.
Hume's History of England....
History of Civilization Guizot.
Proude's History of England.
Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon with his Brother Joseph...
Hallam's Middle Ages..
History of Henry the Fifth-Towle.
History of Rome-Arnold
Digest of Ancient and Modern History-Dew
Adams' Roman Antiquities.
Life and Letters of Cicero
Boswell's Johnson..
Life of Cicero-Forsyth..
Lives of the British Historians.
Life of Carl Ritter-Gage.....
Jules Cæsar.-by Napoleon.
Lives and Times of the Chief Justices-Planders....
Life and Times of John Milton-Masson..
A Journey to Ashango Land-DuChaillu.
Livingstone's Travels and Researches in South Africa
Monasteries of the East-Gurzon..
General Garibaldi-Autobiography
Leo Tenth ; Life and Pontificate-Rosco..
Letters from Spain-Bryant.
Letters from Switzerland-Prime..
Junius--the Mask of Lord Chatham-W.D.
Lieut. Gen. Scott-Autobiography
Naval Life-Lieut Lynch..
Amos Lawrence-Diary and Correspondence
Literary Life of J. K. Paulding
The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution-Headley..
Life of Benj. Silliman-Fisher..
Life of Washington-Edward Everett.
Francis Wayland; Memoir of Life and Labors-by his sons.
Archibald Alexander; life-J. W. Alexander.
Living Orators in America-Magoon..
Land and Lee-W. Colton..
Three Years in California-W. Colton
Sea and Sailor-W. Colton.
To Cuba and Back-Dana.
Temperance Recollections; Autobiography-Marsh.
Jefferson's Complete Works...
Life of Horace Mann.....
Democracy in America-De Toqueville..
History of the Rebellion; its Anthors and Causes—Giddings.
The Great Rebellion-J. T. Headley..
Army of the Potomac-Swinton..
Henry Clay; Life and Speeches-Mallory.
Last Years of Henry Clay-Colton.
John Randolph ; Life....
Planting and Training of the Christian Church-Neander..
History of the Christian Church-Schaff..
History of the Christian Church-DeHass.
Ecclesiastical History-Marsh...



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The Book of the Garden-McIntosh..
Loudon's Horticulturist..
London's Villa Gardener.
The Horse-Yonatt..
Illustrated Horse Doctor-Mayhew.
Agricultural Chemistry-Davy.......
White's Farriery-Rogger
Youаtt on Sheep. ...
North America; its Agriculture and Climate-Russell.
Michigan. Board of Agriculture, 1865..
Report Department of Agriculture, 1866–five copies..

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Our Farm of Four Acres.
Essays--Agricultural and Literary-Gray.
Rural Chemistry-Solly..
Wet Days at Edgewood-D. G. Mitchel.
American Fruit Book--Cole..
Agricultural Chemistry and Geology--Johnston,
Sorgho and Imphee-the New Sugar Canes-Olcott.
Western Fruit Book-Hooper,
Rural Studies-D. G. Mitchell.
Land Drainage-Klippart...
Hedges and Evergreens-Warder.
foney Bee-Langstroth...
Huish on Bees.
The Wheat Plant; its Culture, etc.-Klippart
Organic Chemistry of Agriculture and Physiology--Liebig.
Natural Laws of Husbandry--Liebig...
Insects Injurious to Vegetation--Harris.
Grasses and Forage Plants Flint..
Report Department of Agriculture, 1864-67.
Milch Cows.
American Poultry..


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New American Cyclopedia..
Annual Cyclopedia...
Cyclopedia of Anecdotes of Literature and Fine Arts-Awine.
Wedgewood's Etymology--Marsh...
English Literature and Language--Craik
Modern Philology-B. W. Dwight.
Cyclopedia of Literature and the Fine Arts--Ripley & Taylor.
Cowper's Wrrks...
Milton's Works..
Pope's Works..
Scott's Works
Shakspeare's Dramatic Works
Modern British Essayists..
Ethical and Physiological Inquiries-Dana.
Reveries of a Bachelor-D, G. Mitchell...
Paris in America-LaBonlaye..
Dream Life-D. G. Mitchell.
Literature of Europe-Hallam..
Plain Talks on Familiar Subjects-Holland.
Letters to the Joneses-Holland,
Gold Foil-Holland,
Lessons in Life--Holland,
Titcomb's Letters_Holland.
Bitter Sweet-Holland,
Art of Extempore Speaking_Bautain.
Amenities of Literature-D'Israeli.
Macaulay's Essays..
Critical and Miscellaneous Essays--Carlyle..
Charles Lamb's Works..
Dies Boreales, by C. North-J. Wilson.
Harold (Vol. 2)— E. Bulwer Lytton...
The Last of the Barons-E. Bulwer Lytton..
Thirty Poems-two copies—Bryant..
Bryant's Poems-Bryant.
Cruise of the Betsey–Hugh Miller.
Tales and Sketches--Hugh Miller
Miscellaneous Essays_Hugh Miller..
First Impressions of England--Hugh Miller.
Short Studies on Great Subject Proude..
Man and Nature-C. P. Marsh...
Lectures on the English Language--C. P. Marsh..
Appleton's Cyclopedia of Drawing-Worthen
Morris' Poems-G. P. M....
De Quincy's Writings.
Plato - Translated.
Quarterly Review.
North American Review-1856 to 1859
Bay Path-Holland...


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