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2. That this resolution shall be entered upon said book as a part of the proceedings of this meeting.

3. That until a system of by-laws shall be adopted by the board of trustees, the rules and proceedings usually adopted by deliberative bodies, shall be and are hereby adopted for the government of this board.

4. That all resolutions when offered shall be reduced to writing, and sent to the desk of the recording secretary to be read, before action shall be taken upon such resolutions by the board.

Which were unanimously adopted. The following was offered by Mr. FLAGG: Resolved, That the Secretary of State be requested to have immediately printed for the use of this board two hundred copies of all the acts of Congress and of our State Legislature, relating to the Industrial University of this State.

Which was adopted, and the recording secretary ordered to farnish the Secretary of State with a certified cops therenf

Mr. FLAGG offered the following: Resolved, That the recording secretary pro tem., be empowered to procure such blanks, rolls, etc., as may be necessary, for the use of the board.

Adopted. Mr. Burroughs offered the following: Resolved, That we now proceed to an informal ballot for Regent of the Industrial University;

Which was, on motion, adopted; but as several gentlemen desired to submit to the board certain statements touching the merits of their respective candidates, the vote by which it was passed was reconsidered and a motion to re-pass it was tabled.

Messrs. DUNLAP, QUICK, BURROUGHS and BATEMAN, severally spoke at length on the merits of the various candidates put in Domination.

Mr. DONLAP offered the following; which was laid on the table: Resolved, That any member of the General Assembly is competent to hold the qñce of Regent.

Mr. BLACKBURN offered the following: Rezolved, That a majority of the votes of all the members appointed as trustees, and of the members, ex officio, be required to elect any of the officers to be chosen by this board.


Mr. Quick called up the resolution of Mr. BURROUGHS, which lay on the table, to proceed to an informal ballot for Regent.

Which was agreed to.

And the question being, “Shall the resolution pass ?”

Mr. Flagg moved to amend by striking out the word “ballot," and inserting in lieu thereof, the word “vote,” which was lost, and the resolution adopted.

The Chair appointed Messrs. Quick and BURCHARD tellers.

The Board then proceeded to an informal ballot for Regent, which resulted as follows: Gregory 16, Pinckney 5, Pickard 5, blank 1.

Mr. BLACKBURN offered the following: Resolved, That we now proceed to elect, by formal ballot, a Regent for the "Illinois Industrial University.”

Which was adopted.
Mr. BURCHARD withdrew the name of Hon. J. L. Pickard.

Mr. DUNLAP withdrew the name of Hon. D. J. Pinckney, which was subsequently put in nomination by Mr. PICKRELL.

The Board then voted formally by ballot, when the result stood -Gregory 22, Pinckney 4, blank 1.

On motion of Mr. PICKRELL, Dr. J. M. Gregory was declared unanimously elected.

Mr. BURROUGHS introduced the following: Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to arrange and bring to the notice of the Board the business requiring attention at this meeting.

Which was adopted, and, under its provisions, the Chair appointed Messrs. Burroughs, Burchard and Hayes.

Mr. BLACKBURN made a motion that the salary of the Regent be fixed at three thousand dollars ($3,000) per annum.

Mr. BURCHARD suggested that the motion of Mr. Blackburn be referred to a committee of three.

Mr. Hayes moved the postponement of the consideration of salary.

Mr. BLACKBURN offered as a substitute a motion that the question of the amount of the Regent's salary be referred to a committee of five, to be appointed by the Chair; which was adopted.

The Chair appointed Messrs. Blackburn, Dunlap, Goltra, Quick and Pickrell, as such committee.

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Mr. CUNNINGHAM offered the following: Resolved, That the Recording Secretary be instructed to prepare nine ballots marked two years, nine ballots marked four years, and ten ballots marked six yearst that the Recording Secretary call the roll of members, and that as the names are called, the President draw a ballot, and that the ballot so drawn shall designate the term of service of such member on this Board.

To which Mr. Hayes offered the following amendment: “Strike out “ten' and insert nine ; and insert after six years,' and one ballo; blank.' Add at the close, the Recording Secretary shall prepare three ballotsone marked two years, one four years, and one six years, and the President shall draw one of them to designate the term of office of the member who shall have drawn the blank lot."

The amendment was accepted by Mr. CUNNINGHAM, and the resolution, as amended, adopted. Whereupon the Recording Secretary prepared the ballots; which were drawn in the manner prescribed, with the following result: Allen

.4 years. Hammond... Burchard.

Harding.. Barroughs

Hayes... Blackburn

Hungate.. Brown


.2 Brayman

Lawrence. Cobb....

Mahan... Cunningham


McMurray Douglass..

Pullen ... Dunlap.

.0 Pickrell.. Edwards.

Quick.. Flagg

Scroggs. Galusha.


.2 Goltra

Van Osdel...
Mr. Dunlap subsequently drew a two years ballot,
On motion, the Board took a recess till 7} P. M.

. 2 years.

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Board met pursuant to adjournment, the Governor in the chair.


Mr. BLACKBURN, from the committee to whom was referred the question of the Regent's salary, submitted the following repot:

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" To the Board of Trustees of the State Industrial University :

“The committee on salary respectfully report and recommend that the salary of the Regent of said University be fixed at the sum of three thousand dollars ($3,000) per annum.


J. H. PICKRELL." Mr. DUNLAP moved that Mr. Quick be appointed a committe on the part of the Board to inform Dr. John M. Gregory of his election to the Regency of the University, and the amount of salary offered; which was amended by the addition of the names of Mr. Dunlap and Dr. Bateman to the committee, and adopted, as amended.

Mr. BURROUGHS, on behalf of the committee to whom was referred the duty of preparing a routine of business, made the following report:

The committee to which was referred the duty of presenting to the Board sub. jects, which, by the terms of the bill establishing the college, or by the necessities of the University, will need the attention of the Board, beg leave to report the following order of business for each day's proceedings:

1st. The reception of communications.
2d. Reports of committees.
3d. Unfinished business.

They also report the following subjects as needing the attention of the Board at this session, and recommend that committees be appointed to consider and report on the same :

1st. By-laws for the government of the proceedings of the Board.
2d. The finances of the University.
3d. Election of Treasurer.
4th. Corresponding and Recording Secretaries.
The report was accepted.

The same committee also submitted the following supplemental report :

The course of study and the faculty of the University should receive attention at this meeting, and your committee respectfully suggest that a committee of five, of which the Regent shall be chairman, be appointed to consider these subjects and to report at the next meeting of the Board,

Which was accepted.
Mr. CUNNINGHAM offered the following:

Resolved, That when this Board adjourns, it adjourn to meet at the building prepared for the uses of the University at Urbana, on the first Tuesday of May next. That Messrs. Dunlap, Cunningham and Scroggs be a committee to prepare a room

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in said building and supply it with the necessary furniture for said meeting of ths Board."


Mr. BURCHARD moved that a committee of three be appointed to prepare by-laws, and to report at the next meeting in May; which was agreed to.

The Chair appointed Messrs. Mahan, Allen and Brown, as such committee.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM offered the following, as suggested by the report of the committee:

Order of Business. Resolved, That a committee of five, of which the Regent shall be chairman, be appointed by the chair, to prepare and report a course of study for the University, to the adjourned meeting of this Board to be held in May next, and also to suggest a faculty.


Mr. BURROUGHS moved that the chair appoint a committee of five, to be styled the “Finance Committee," to serve for one year; which was adopted.

The Chair appointed as such committee Messrs. Cobb, Van Osdel, Cunningham, Galusha and Harding.

Mr. DUNLAP moved to defer the election of the other officers of the Board until its next meeting.

Mr. BATEMAN opposed the motion.

Mr. BURROUGHS called for a division of the question, so as to vote first on the postponement of the election of Treasurer; which was carried; and the question being, “Shall the election of a Treasurer for the University be postponed till the next meeting ?" it was decided in the negative; when the second division of the question—“Shall the election of Corresponding and Recording Secretaries be postponed till next meeting ?” was put and also negatived.

Mr. BURROUGHS moved to postpone the election of Treasurer till half-past nine to-morrow. Lost.

Mr. McCONNELL moved to proceed to the election of Treasurer


Mr. Quick moved to amend, by inserting “ten o'clock to-morrow;" which was agreed to, and the motion put and carried

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