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SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS, March 12, 1867. In pursuance of the foregoing laws, and in response to the subjoined letter of appointment from His Excellency, Richard J. Oglesby, Governor of Illinois, the Board of Trustees (thereby created), met in the hall of the House of Representatives in this city, on Tuesday, the 12th day of March, 1867:



SPRINGFIELD, March 1, 1867. To

Dear Sir:-You are hereby notified and informed that you have been appointed a trustee of the Illinois Industrial University, located in Champaign county. Your appointment will bear date March 1, 1867.

You are also notified that the first regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held in the city of Springfield, Illinois, on Tuesday, March 12, 1867, being the second Tuesday of said month, as provided by the act.

At this meeting the Board of Trustees, among other important duties to be perormed, will be required to elect a Regent of the University. You are therefore respectively requested to attend said meeting, as required by law.

Yours, etc.,


Governor of Nlinois. As an ex officio member of the board, His Excellency, the Governor, called the meeting to order, and, directing attention to certain provisions of the law for the organization of the institution, said that it was made his duty to appoint one trustee from each Congressional District, thirteen in all, and five from each one of the three Grand Judicial Divisions of the State, making in all twenty eight trustees to be appointed by him. In addition to these, the law also appointed four other ex officio members, to-wit: The Governor, and Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State, the President of the State Agricultural Society, and the

Regent of the University, when he should be elected, who was also to be President of the Board. He felt that the trust devolving opon them was a highly important one, and that the men who assumed it, and discharged it gratuitously, were serving their State in no mean capacity.

The Governor heartily indorsed the project, and wished it the utmost success, not doubting that it was destined to be one of the foremost institutions of our State at no very distant day. Discretion, labor and perseverance were necessary to give it a successful impulse. He thought the State might congratulate itself upon the appointment of such a board, and again hoped their labors would be crowned with eminent success.

A temporary organization was then effected by the election of His Excellency, Governor Oglesby, as chairman, and James Rea, Esq., as recording secretary.

The secretary then proceeded to call the roll of members as furnished by the Governor's private secretary, Col. George A. Harlow, as follows:

First Congressional District, David S. Hammond, of Cook county, present.

Second Congressional District-Luther W. Lawrence, of Boone county, absent.

Third Congressional District-Horatio C. Burchard, of Stephenson county, present.

Fourth Congressional District-John S. Johnson, of Hancock county, present.

Fifth Congressional District-Samuel Edwards, of Bureau county, present.

Sixth Congressional District~0. B. Galusha, of Grundy county, present.

Seventh Congressional District-M. L. Dunlap, of Champaign county, present.

Eighth Congressional District-Lemuel Allen, of Tazewell county, present.

Ninth Congressional District-Alexander Blackburn, of McDopongh county, present.

Tenth Congressional District-M. C. Goltra, of Morgan county, present.

Eleventh Congressional District-J. P. Hungate, of Clay county, present.

Twelfth Congressional District, Willard C. Flagg, of Madison county, present.

Thirteenth Congressional District-A. M. Brown, of Pulaski county, present.

First Grand Judicial Division-L. B. McMurray, of Effingham county, absent.

Charles H. Topping, of Union county, present.
Thomas Quick, of Washington county, present.
Burden Pullen, of Clinton county, present.
Isaac S. Mahan, of Marion county, present.

Second Grand Judicial Division-George Harding, of Edgar county, present.

J. H. Pickrell, of Macon county, present.
Mason Brayman, of Sangamon county, absent.
J. C. Cunningham, of Champaign county, present.
J. W. Scroggs, of Champaign county, present.

Third Grand Judicial Division-John M. Van Osdel, of Cook county, present.

J. C. Burroughs, of Cook county, present.
S. S. Hayes, of Cook county, present.
Emery Cobb, of Kankakee county, present.
Robert Douglass, of Lake county, absent.


His Excellency, Governor Oglesby, present.
Newton Bateman, LL. D., present.
A. B. McConnell, absent.
Making in all twenty-six members present, and five absent.

The Governor declared that a quorum of members being pres ent the meeting was regular and lawful for the transaction of the business for which it was convened.

Mr. DUNLAP moved that the board now take a recess till 2 P. M.; which, by request, was withdrawn.

Mr. HAMMOND moved that the present organization be considered as permanent until after the election of a regent; which, on

; being seconded, was put and carried.

Mr. BURCHARD suggested whether the next business in order would not be the locating of the institution.

Mr. Hayes rose to a question of order, and suggested that to the better carrying out of the spirit of the constitution, it would be proper, before proceeding farther with the business or hand, that the members of the board take the customary oath to preserve the constitutions of the State and Nation, against duelling, etc., and moved that the members present do now subscribe to the said oath; which was seconded and carried.

Police Justice, L. B. Adams, being present, was called upon, and administered the following oath, which was subscribed to by all the members present, with uplifted hands :

“You do severally solemnly swear that you will support the constitutions of the United States and of this state, and faithfully perforin the duties of trustees of the Illinois Industrial University, to the best of your knowledge and ability. You do also solemnly swear that you have not fought a duel, nor sent or accepted a challenge to fight a duel, the probable issue of which might have been the death of either party, por been a second to either party, nor in any manner aided or assisted in such duel, nor been knowingly the bearer of such challenge or acceptance since the adoption of the constitution, and that you will not be so engaged or concerned, directly or indirectly, in or about any such duel, during your continuance in office. So help you God.”

Mr. BURROUGHS preferred that a Regent should be elected today, so that the scrip might be issued and located with as little delay as possible.

Mr. BLACKBURN thought that in view of the supplemental act “for the organization, endowment, etc.,” of the University, there could be no doubt that the institution was located at Champaign, and thought the board should assume such a shape as to receive the property donated, before the Regent should be elected.

Mr. Quick thought that the board should proceed at once to the election of a Regent.

Mr. BURCHARD wanted light as to the best man for the position, and therefore made a motion to adjourn till 27 P. M., at which time the board shall proceed to the election of a Regent under the law.

An amendment was offered making the election of a Regent the special order for 23 this P. M.

Mr. SOROGGS thought the motion to adjourn was before the house, and that no discussion was in order.

The Chair etated that the question before the house was whether the election of a Regent shall be fixed as the special order for 24 this P. M.; which, on being put to the meeting, was carried.

A motion to adjourn, by Mr. GOLTRA, was withdrawn, to make way for nominations for the office of Regent of the University. Nominations for Regent being then in order,

Mr. DUNLAP put in nomination the Hon. DANIEL J. PINOKNEY, of Ogle county.

Mr. Quick, in an eloqnent speech, put in nomination Dr. JOHN M. GREGORY, of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Mr. BURROUGHS nominated Dr. N. N. Wood, of Morgan county.

Mr. BURCHARD put in nomination the Hon. J. L. PICKARD, of Cook county.

Mr. BURROUGH8 withdrew the name of Dr. N. N. WOOD.
After which the board, on motion, took a recess till 24 P. M.


Board met pursnant to adjournment, when Mr. McCONNELL took his seat, and subscribed to the foregoing oath.

Mr. BURROUGHS offered the following resolution : Resolved, That sensible of our dependence on the Divine blessing in the great work in which we are engaged, it should be a standing order of this board to commence each day's proceedings by reading of the Word of God and prayer.

Which was seconded, and adopted unanimously; whereupon,

Mr. Mahan was called to the platform and led in prayer to Almighty God, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, invoking His blessing upon the members individually, and upon the enterprise they were met to organize.

Mr. Hayes submitted the following series of resolutions for adoption :

Resolved, That the recording secretary, pro tem., procure for the use of the board of trustees a well bound book, in which shall be entered of record, in a plain and legible hand, the proceedings of the present and succeeding meetings of this board.

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