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A resolution was passed, on motion of J. W. SOROGGs, appointing Messrs. Cobb, Pickrell and VanOsdel a Committee to arrange with the Illinois Central Railroad Company a commutation of freight for passengers' fare, for benefit of members of the Board of Trustees and the different Committees attending to the business of the University; and that the Committee be further instructed to obtain passes for the members of the Board from such other roads as they may deem necessary.

On motion of M. L. DUNLAP, J. W. Scroggs, and J. M. Van Osdel, together with the Regent, were appointed a Committee on lumber and material for building purposes, with power to purchase by the cargo, or otherwise, provided they do not purchase to exceed 150,000 feet of lumber; also, to purchase such number of posts as may be necessary for the use of the grounds and lands.

On motion of J. H. PICKRELL, it was Resolved, That a competent survey of the 160 acres of land lying adjacent to the University building be made before any fences are built on said land, and that the Regent be authorized and requested to employ a surveyor to make the survey and to establish permanent corners.

On motion of M. L. DUNLAP, Resolved, That the Regent, Treasurer, and Chairman of the Finance Committee be authorized to sell, at their discretion, 100,000 acres of the land scrip: Provided, that said scrip shall not be sold for less than 56 cents per acre: And, provided, further, that the consent of a majority of the Trustees be first had, in writing, to such sale.

After the adoption of the above, the following members gave their consent, in writing, to the proposed sale of scrip: M. L. Dunlap, Emory Cobb, J. W. Scroggs, J. H. Pickrell, J. M. VanOsdel, J. O. Cunningham, I. S. Mahan, and John M. Gregory.

A copy of said agreement is on file with the Secretary of the Executive Committee.

On motion of J. W. SCROGGS, a Committee was appointed to confer with a committee from the County Board of Supervisors, said Committee to consist of Messrs. Cobb, Pickrell, and Cunningham.

On motion, adjourned till 2 o'clock, P. M,

AFTERNOON SESSION_JUNE 14, 1867. The Committee met at 2 o'clock, P. M., pursuant to adjournment. REGENT in the chair.

Mr. QUICK, a member of the Executive Committee arrived and took a seat with the others.

Mr. VANOSDEL, from the Finance Committee, reported bill of Mr. W. Strong, for furniture, for $464, and recommended its payment, and that an order be drawn on the Treasurer.

Report was adopted, and the order drawn. On motion of Mr. COBB, Resolved, That the bill for advertising and other expenses incurred in selling land scrip be sent to the proper State officers for payment, and that a committee, composed of the Regent, the Treasurer, and Gen. Brayman, be appointed, with power to act in the premises.

Resolved, That in the event of delay in the payment of the above bill by the State, that the Regent draw an order for the amount just paid, and that it be collected from the State, as provided by the act of Congress making grant of land for college purposes.


On motion, the bill of the REGENT for stationery and postage, was allowed, and ordered paid. Amount $26.

Mr COBB moved that the contract for grading the grounds be approved, and that the Regent be authorized to draw an order for payment of said work, in accordance with said contract. Adopted.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM offered a resolution to the effect that the Regent be authorized to make all necessary contracts for carrying out all improvements ordered by the Board of Trustees or Executive Committee. Carried.

Mr. COBB moved that J. O. Cunningham be appointed a committee to ask the city of Urbana to vacate the alleys and streets, or so much of them as divide the University grounds, running east and west through blocks 52 and 53, viz: Stoughton and streets. Carried.

Mr. Van OsDEL offered the following: Resolved, That Dr. Scroggs and the Regent be Committee to purchase the two lots, 4 and 7, in block 52, on the best terms they can obtain from the parties owning them, and that the Regent draw the necessary order on the Treasurer for the payment of the same.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM offered the following; which was adopted :

Resolved, That sidewalks eight feet wide, made of two-inch pine plank, properly supported, be constructed in front of the University building, and also on the streets east and west of the building, as far south as the street intercepted by the University ground; also, such walks in the grounds as the Regent may deem necessary.


The Committee of the Board of Supervisors hereby present their report, in response to the resolution of the Executive Committee of the Illinois Industrial University.

Said Committee of Board of Supervisors do, by the powers conferred upon them, donate to the Illinois Industrial University, in block 63, belonging to Champaign county, all of lots 6, 6, 4, 3, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, in consideration of which it is understood that in the conveyance of said lots to said University, the deeds shall be drawn in such form that in case said University should be, by any event, removed from its present location, said lots above designated shall revert to Ciampaign county.

The Committee of the board of Supervisors, hereby agree to sell to the Illinois
Industrial University, the following lots, at the prices marked in the list below, as
follows, to-wit:
Lot !, Block 52......

$500 00

450 00

450 00

450 00

450 00 6

500 00

-$2,550 00 8

400 00 52.

400 00 10

400 00 11 52.

400 00 12 52.

450 00

-$2,050 00

$350 00

350 00

$700 00

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$5,100 00

And they further consent to the wish of the Committee from the Executive Com. mittee of the Illinois Industrial University, and give the University, in its corporate capacity, the refusal of the tier of lots east of the building (at the market price) until the next meeting of the Board of Supervisors, which takes place on Friday, Aug. 23, 1867.

Said lots, on the east side of the building, are numbered and marked as follows, to-wit: Lot 6, Block 41.

$500 00 7 41.

450 00 6 42.

800 00 42.

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450 00

. . . . .

[blocks in formation]

On motion of Mr. Van OsDEL, the report of the Committee from the Board of Supervisors was accepted.

Mr. MAHAN offered the following: Resolved, That the action of the Board of Supervisors of Champaign county, in donating valuable city lots to the University, to enlarge the grounds surrounding the University building, making up the amount to ten acres, entitles that Board and the people of the county, to the gratitude of all the friends of the Institution, and to the appreciation of all the citizens of the State.


Mr. Quick moved that the Regent be authorized to issue a circular, giving information touching the terms of admission of students to the University. Carried.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM moved that the Secretary of this Committee be authorized to procure a suitable book, in which the minutes of the proceedings of the Committee may be kept.

The motion was carried

The Committee adjourned until 71 o'clock, P. M., to meet at the Houston House.


Met at the Houston House at 74 o'clock, P. M., pursuant to adjournment. REGENT in the Chair. Quorum of members of the Committee present. Proceeded to business.

Mr. COBB moved that the Regent and Dr. Scroggs be a committee, to negotiate with McKinley & Burnham for forty acres of land lying between the horse railroad and the 160 acre tract, at a price not exceeding $180 per acre; also, to negotiate for the two lots lying between the Springfield road and the horse railroad; also, to obtain offers for the Griggs farm, or some part thereof, and report at the next meeting of the Executive Committee. Motion carried.

Mr. VANOSDEL offered the following; which was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That owing to the condition of the farm, also of the finances of the Institution, that it is deemed inexpedient to employ any person as Farm Superintendent, or Practical Farmer and Horticulturist, at the present time.

The following bills were reported, examined and allowed :
T. Quick, expenses at May meeting.

$19 05 T. Quick, expenses at June meeting.. I. S. Mahan, expenses at May meeting.

22 52 I. S. Mahan, expenses at June meeting.

17 95 J. M. Van0sdel, expenses at May meeting

23 60 J. M. VanOsdel, expenses at June meeting

17 60

16 30

$116 82

Moved and adopted, that when this Committee adjourns it shall adjourn to meet on Friday, the 23d of August next, at the University building, at 8 o'clock A, M. The Committee then adjourned.


Chairman Executive Committee. J. W. SCROGGS,

Secretary Executive Committee.

August 23d, 1867—9 A. M. Pursuant to adjournment, the Executive Committee of the Illinois Industrial University met at the College building.

Committee called to order by John M. GREGORY, Regent.

Present, John M. Gregory, J. M. Van Osdel, J. Emory Cobb, J. H. Pickrell, I. S. Mahan, J. W. Scroggs, M. L. Dunlap and J. O. Cunningham.

Mr. Flagg, being present, was invited to txke a seat with the committee.

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