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Mr. COBB presented the following resolution, moving that the Regent be authorized to draw warrants for the several sums named, viz:

Resolved, That in a ldition to the sums heretofore appropriated, warrants be drawn for the following purposes, not exceeding the amounts specified for each, as per estimates of the Finance Committee: For the completion of improvements on buildings and grounds....

. $2000 For furnishing chapel, recitation rooms, library and cabinet cases.

1950 For library, to be expended under the direction of Library Committee...

...... 1000 For chemical and philosophical apparatus.

500 For lumber for fences and repairs.....

500 For furniture for kitchen and dining room.

650 The resolution, with the motion, was submitted to vote and adopted.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM presented the following resolution, which, on motion of Mr. HAYES, was laid upon the table, viz:

Resolved, That no motions or resolutions brought before this Board be entered upon the record of its proceedings, except such motions and resolutions as prevail: Pro. vided, That any motion or resolution shall, at the request of any member, be entered upon the minutes with the vote thereon.

Mr. COBB offered the following resolution and moved its adoption:

Resolved, That J. C. Cunningham be authorized to sell the “Griggs farm," or any portion thereof, at not less than sixty dollars per acre. Terms, twenty per cent. down, and the balance on ten years time, at eight per cent. interest, payable annually.

The resolution was put to vote and lost.


The REGENT made a verbal report to the Board of the measures which he had adopted to bring the aims and plans of the University before the people of the State.

He had attended the State Fair and County Fairs and other gatherings, giving public addresses at each.

He had proposed to the people of the several counties addressed to raise a fund of one thousand dollars in each, by subscription; which fund should be safely invested, and the interest thereon used to aid in defraying the expenses of one student from the county, while attending the University-said student to be the most successful

competitor at an impartial examination to be conducted in such manner as the officers of the County Agricultural Society and Regent of the University may provide.

Several counties had already thus provided for "prize scholarships” in the University, and had also contributed the sum of thirty dollars in each, to assist their students during the spring term of 1868.

Mr. Flagg moved that this Board warmly approve the plan of the Regent in regard to prize scholarships.



Mr. BURROUGHS presented the following preamble and resolutions, moving their adoption by the Board:

WHEREAS, the opening of this State University is an event of much importance and public interest, and as such, deserves to be signalized by fitting solemnities i therefore,

Resolved, That the eleventh day of March, 1868, be appointed for the formal opening of the University.

Resolved, That the Regent be requested to deliver the Inaugural Address upon that occasion.

Resolved, That his Excellency, Richard J. Oglesby, and the Hon. Newton Bateman, the respected State Superintendent of Public nstruction, be requested to make suitable addresses on the occasion.

Resolved, That a Committee of five be appointed to make the necessary arrangements for the proper celebration of this inauguration of the work of the University.

The motion to adopt the preamble and resolutions prevailed.

Messrs. Burroughs, Cobb, Brayman, Cunningham and Hayes were appointed said Committee.


Mr. CUNNINGHAM presented a resolution, as follows:

Resolved, That the Regent prepare a report of the names of members of this Board ho gave consent, in writing, to the sale of one hundred thousand acres of land scrip, sold in pursuance of the suggestions of the Executive Committee, at their Jane meeting, and that such report be entered upon the record by the Secretary, or submitted at this meeting.


The Regent reported the names as follows: Messrs. Dunlap, Scroggs, Cunningham, Cobb, Van Osdel, Pickrell, Quick, Mahan Lawrence, Topping, A. M. Brown, Galusha, Burrou, hs, Burchard

Brayman, Bateman, E. S. Brown, Flagg, Goltra, Allen, Blackburn and Gregory, (22).

The REGENT exhibited to the Board a collection of imitations of various fruits and roots, presented to the Board by the manufacturers, Messrs. Hovey & Nichols, of Chicago, to be placed in the museum of the University.

On motion of Mr. HAYES, it was Resolved, That a vote of thanks be tendered to Messrs. Hovey and Nichols, for the imitations of fruits presented to us; and, further, that we express our admiration of the skill displayed in their construction.

The vote passed unanimously.

On motion of Mr. DUNLAP, the Secretary was instructed to furnish Gen. Mason BRAYMAN a certified copy of his report as Chairınan of Committee on Military Department. The Board then adjourned.

0. B. GALUSIA, Recording Secretary.


The Board met in the University building, March 10th, 1868, at ten o'clock, A. M.

The meeting was cailed to order by the Regent, who conducted the devotional exercises.

Upon the call of the roll, the following members were present, and answered to their names, viz: Messrs. Allen, Blackburn, Brayman, Burchard, Cunningham, Galusha, Goltra, Johnson, Mahan, McMurray, Pickrell, Pullen, Quick, Scroggs, and the Regent-15.

As seventeen members are required for a quorum, for the transaction of business,

Mr. ALLEN moved that the Board take a recess until three o'clock, this afternoon; which was agreed to.


The Board re-assembled, and was called to order by the Regent.

The roll was called, and the following members responded, viz: Messrs. Allen, Blackburn, Brayman, Burchard, Burroughs, Cunningham, Dunlap, Galusha, Goltra, Johnson, Maban, McMurray, Pickrell, Pallen, Quick, Scroggs, and the Regent—17.

The REGENT announced that a quorum was present. On motion of Mr. GOLTRA, the reading of the minutes of the ast meeting was deferred.

The CHAIRMAN announced that the reception of communications was in order, when Mr. CUNNINGHAM presented the following:


To the Board of Trustees of the Illinois Industriul University :

The undersigned, Board of Directors of School District No. 1, Township No. 19, Range No. 9, would respectfully represent that the farm owned by the University, known as the “ Busey Farm,” occupies a position near the center of said district, and that the legal voters therein have, by unanimous vote, selected as a site for a school house about to be built for the use of said school district, a point near the southwest corner of the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 19, township 19, range 9, being a part of said Busey farm : Provided, the permission of your Board to such location be granted.

We, therefore, respectfully ask that your permission to such location, and the use of one acre of land, be given, upon such terms as may seem right and just.



THOMAS LINDSEY. On motion of Mr. CUNNINGHAM, this petition was referred to the Committee on Agricultural Department

The Treasurer presented his report, as follows:

In account with John W. Bunn, Treasurer.

DR. To amount paid for lands and lots..

$15,511 00 locating scrip.....

2,544 33 postage and expenses selling.

411 12 Regent's salary

3,666 66 Powell's Scientific Expedition

500 00 library.....

1,000 00 insurance

286 68 cut stone

1,280 00 lumber, etc

1,570 62 labor and materials...

3,716 08 furniture and carpets

898 05 grading .....

722 32 paid on account of farm..

716 60 1,891 24

" for expenses

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