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Jumbers continued from l'olume I. 27-By-Laws and Laws of the Board of Regents, with Extracts from the Federal

and State Laws which relate to the University. 28—Opinion, ('ase 1'-76, Public Service Commission. 2-List of Registered Automobiles and Motorcycles to April 12, 1916. 30% List of Licensed Insurance Agents, 1915. 31-Official Returns of the Election of November, 1916. 32—“Bread and Bread-Making"--Home Economies Series No. 1, Agricultural

Extension Division. 33—“Rabies"-I'niversity of Nevada Bulletin No. 9, Public Service Division. 34"Dairy ('attle“-Bulletin No. 1, Agricultural Extension Division. 37—“Dairying Projects"-Bulletin No. 2, Agricultural Extension Division. 34–“Dual-Purpose and Beef ('attle”—Bulletin No. 3, Agricultural Extension

Division. 37 - Annual Report of the State Sheep ('ommission for the year 1915. 38 Biennial Report of the State Board of Health for the years 1915 and 1916. 3- Report of Audit and Investigation and Memorandum In Re Nevada Indus

trial Insurance Act. 40List of Contributors to Nevada Industrial Commission. 41-Abstract of Claims to the Waters of the flumboldt River and Its Tributaries. 12—"Boys and Girls Club Projects"-Bulletin No. , Agricultural Extension

Division. 13—“The Value of High-Level Meteorological Data in Forecasting Changes of

Temperature"-Bulletin No. 83. Agricultural Experiment Station. H-Abstract of Claims to the Waters of Evans ('reek and Its Tributaries. 4.3—" Alfalfa and Sweet Clover"-Bulletin No. 5, Agricultural Extension Division. 16- "Clothing"-Bulletin No. 6, Agricultural Extension Division. 47-Abstract of Claims to the Waters of Salmon River and Its Tributaries. 48 Annual Insurance Report for the year 1916. 49_-"Ilome Butter-Making"-Bulletin No. 7. Agricultural Extension Division. 50—"The Kingdom of the Plants"-Bulletin No. 8, Agricultural Extension Divi

sjon. 51_-"Soups, ('ereals, Vegetables, Salads"-Bulletin No. 9, Agricultural Extension

Division. 52—Report of Bureau of Biological Survey on the Rabies Eradication Campaign

in the State of Nevada to The Nevada Rabies (commission. 53-Zoology I, Laboratory Outline, University of Nevada. 5+/Hygiene I, Laboratory Outline, University of Nevada. 544-Annual Report of the Board of ('ontrol for the Fiscal Year Ending June

30, 1915, Agricultural Experiment Station. 5.74 New Course of Study for the Rural Elementary Public Schools of Nevada. 54—1915 Amendments to Elementary Course of Study and to 1914 Amendments. Numbers continued in l'olume III.

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