Questions and Answers on Law: Alphabetically Arranged, with References to the Most Approved Authorities, Volume 6

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A. Kinne, 1865 - Law

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Page 149 - When perpetrated from a premeditated design to effect the death of the person killed, or of any human being.
Page 182 - Certainly a person of disparaged fame is not entitled to the same measure of damages with one whose character is unblemished, and it is competent to show that by evidence.
Page 153 - On the contrary, although he may be laboring under partial insanity, if he still understands the nature and character of his act, and its consequences; if he has a knowledge that it is wrong and criminal, and a mental power sufficient to apply that knowledge to his own case, and to know that, if he docs the act, he will do wrong and receive punishment; such partial insanity is not sufficient to exempt him from responsibility for criminal acts.
Page 153 - A man is not to be excused from responsibility, if he has capacity and reason sufficient to enable him to distinguish between right and wrong as to the particular act he is then doing; a knowledge and consciousness that the act he is doing is wrong and criminal, and will subject him to punishment.
Page 154 - Either the delusion is such that the person under its influence has a real and firm belief of some fact, not true in itself, but which, if it were true, would excuse his act, — as where the belief is that the party killed had an immediate design upon his life, and under that belief the insane man kills in supposed self-defence.
Page 235 - Plea, non assumpsit. At the trial before Lord Abinger, CB, at the London sittings after Trinity term, it appeared that...
Page 153 - These extremes," he then proceeds to state, "are easily distinguished, and not to be mistaken. The difficulty lies between these extremes, in the cases of partial insanity, where the mind may be clouded and weakened, but not incapable of remembering, reasoning, and judging ; or so perverted by insane delusion, as to act under false impressions and influences.
Page 209 - Twelve months after date we, or either of us, promise to pay to .the order of George W.
Page 33 - ... and the same shall be conclusive evidence of itself in favor of such bankrupt, unless the same shall be impeached for some fraud or wilful concealment by him of his property or rights of property, as aforesaid, contrary to the provisions of this act, on prior reasonable notice specifying in writing such fraud or concealment; and if.
Page 155 - The same is true in regard to any question of science, because persons conversant with such science have peculiar means, from a larger and more exact observation, and long experience in such department of science, of drawing correct inferences from certain facts, either observed by themselves or testified to by other witnesses. A familiar instance of the application of this principle occurs very often in cases of homicide, when, upon certain facts being testified to by other witnesses, medical persons...

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