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Section 2621. Office--records-deputy. The superintendent of public instruction shall have an office in the capitol, in which shall be filed and kept separately all papers, reports and documents, transmitted to him each year by the several county superintendents, and open to inspection by the governor or a committee of either house of the general assembly whenever required. He shall keep a record of all matters and things done in his office, which, together with all other papers and documents, at the conclusion of his term, shall be turned over to his successor He may appoint a deputy, who shall qualify in like manner as his principal, and who, in the absence or inability or the superintendent, shall perform his duties. (C. '73, $$ 766-7, 770, 1578; C. '51, $$ 416, 1078.]

Sec. 2622. Duties-teachers' conventions and institutes. He shall be charged with the general supervision of all the county superintendents and the common schools of the state; may meet county superintendents in convention at such points in the state as may be most suitable for the purpose, at which proper steps may be taken looking toward securing a more uniform and efficient administration of the school laws. He shall appoint, upon the request of county superintendents, the time and place for holding teachers' institutes, such institutes to be called when it is probable that not less than twenty. teachers will be present, and remain in session not less than six working days, of which time and place of meeting he shall give notice to the county superintendent of the proper county. He shall attend teachers' institutes thus called in the several counties of the state, so far as consistent with his official duties, and assist in their management and intruction. He shall have power to collect, publish and distribute statistical and other information relative to public schools and education in general; to visit teachers' association meetings and make tours of inspection among the common schools and other institutions of learning in the state, and may deliver addresses upon subjects relative to education; to prepare, publish, and distribute blank forms for all returns he may deem necessary, or that may be required by law, of teachers, or school officers; to publish and distribute annually leaflets and circulars relative to arbor day, memorial day, and other days considered by him worthy of special observance in public schools, the number to be determined by the executive council; to prepare questions for the use of county superintendents in the examination of applicants for teachers' certificates; and to prepare, publis and distribute, among teachers and school officers, courses of study f use in the rural and high schools of the state, the number thereof be fixed by the executive council. When any county superintende fails to make any report as required of him by law the superintende of public instruction may appoint some suitable person to perfor such duties and fix reasonable compensation therefor, which sha be paid by the delinquent county superintendent. [31 G. A., ch. 3, § 28 G. A., ch. 94, § 1; C. '73, $$ 1577, 1584; C. '51, sec. 1080.]

Notes: 1. Term of institute. No teachers' institute will be appointed fo less than six working days. There may be two or more sessions, but on of them must be of at least six working days' duration.

2. Supplemental institute. Supplemental institutes will be appointed fc less than six days if requested by the county superintendent. The su plemental session should be requested in connection with the regular il stitute.

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Sec. 2623. Opinions—appeals. He shall render opinions in writin upon request of any school officer regarding the school law, its admir istration, and the duty of such officer, and shall determine all case brought before him on appeal from the decisions of the county super intendents. [C. '73, § 1577; C. '51, § 1080.]

Notes: 1. All questions answered. It has been the custom for man years to answer all proper inquiries, from whatever source, touching th construction and application of the school laws.

2. Letters not returned. As all correspondence of value must be filed fo preservation, it is obvious that it is impossible to comply with a reques to return a letter with the reply.

Sec. 2624. Publication of school laws. He shall every four years if deemed necessary, cause to be printed and bound in cloth all schoo laws in forcé up to that time, with such notes, forms, rulings and decisions as may be of value in aid of school officers in the proper discharge of their duties, reference being made to previous law amended or changed, so as to indicate the effect of such amendment 01 change; one copy of which shall be sent to each county superintendent and one to each district and independent district in the state, to be distributed by the several county superintendents. Volumes bound, in paper covers shall be furnished to each school director to be distributed by the county superintendent, which shall be turned over by the director to his successor in office. Should he deem it unnecessary at any time to prepare a volume as above provided, the superintendent may cause to be published in pamphlet form such amendments to the school laws as have been passed by the general assembly, which shall be distributed in the manner and to the parties hereinbefore provided. He may subscribe for a sufficient number of copies of some educational school paper, printed and published in the state, to furnish one to each county superintendent; but no paper shall be selected which will not publish each decision made by him relating to the school law, and which he may regard of general importance; and the certificate of hav'ing thus subscribed shall be sufficient authority for the auditor of state

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to issue his warrant upon the state treasurer for the amount of the eof to

subscription. [22 G. A., ch. 59 ; 18 G. A., ch. 150, SS 1, 2; C. '73, $$ 1579,

1531.] ndent

Sec. 2625. Reports. He shall on the first day of January report to ndent

the auditor of state the number of persons in each county between erform

the ages of five and twenty-one years, and biennially to the governor; shall

which report shall contain a statement of the condition of the common 3, § 6; schools in the state, the number of school townships and districts

therein, number of independent districts, number of teachers, number ted for of schools, number of schoolhouses and value thereof, number of per

sons of school age, number of scholars in each county attending school

the previous year, number of books in district libraries, the value of ted for ne sup

all apparatus in schools, and such other statistical information as may lar in- be of public importance, plans matured or adopted for the more perfect

organization and efficiency of the common schools; and any sugges

tions he may deem important, regarding further legislation, which writing will strengthen the common schools of the state. Provided, however, admin

he shall make a report during the year 1906, which said report shall 1 cases

cover the period only from the date of his last biennial report, and super. shall report to the governor biennially thereafter. [31 G. A., ch. 121;

22 G. A., ch. 82, § 29; C. '73, $$ 1582-3; C. '51 $.1086.] r many Note: Explanation. The word districts in line five means subdistricts.

Sec. 2626. Appropriations for institutes. To defray the expenses iled for of county teachers' institutes, there is hereby appropriated out of any request moneys in the state treasury not otherwise set apart a sum not to

exceed fifty dollars annually for each institute held in each county,

which sum the superintendent shall receive from the state treasurer, - years school upon the warrant of the state auditor, to be issued to him upon his

certificate; which amount, when drawn, shall be forthwith remitted to the proper county superintendent. If any balance remains of this sum after paying the expenses of the institute, it shall be covered into the county treasury of the proper county and credited to the institute fund. [C. '73, § 1584.]

Sec. 2627. Salary and expenses. The salary of the superintendent of public instruction shall be twenty-two hundred dollars per annum, and that of his deputy eighteen hundred dollars, to be paid monthly upon the warrant of the state auditor, and, in addition thereto, the state superintendent shall receive three hundred dollars annually, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to pay actual traveling expenses incurred in the performance of official duties, to be allowed upon an itemized and verified account filed with the state auditor, who shall draw his warrant upon the state treasurer for the amount allowed. [32 G. A., ch. 2, $ 5; 28 G. A., ch. 94, $ 2; 22 G. A., ch. 109, $1; 21 G. A., ch. 118, $ 6; C. '73, $ 3760.

Sec. 2628. Members. The educational board of examiners shall

consist of the superintendent of public instruction, president of the of state university, principal of the normal school, and two persons to be ap

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pointed by the governor, one of whom shall be a woman, the appoint to hold office for a term of four years and be ineligible as his or successor, the superintendent of public instruction to be by virtue his office president of the board. (19 G. A., ch. 167, § 1.]

Sec. 2629. Meetings—examination. The board shall meet for transaction of business at such times and places as the president n direct, and shall annually hold at least two public examinations teachers, to be conducted by a member or the secretary of the board by such qualified person or persons as the board may select. All exa inations shall be conducted in accordance with rules and regulatio adopted by the board, not inconsistent with the laws of the state, and record shall be kept of all its proceedings. It may issue state cert cates and state diplomas to such teachers as are found upon examinati to possess a good moral character, thorough scholarship and knowled of didactics with successful experience in teaching, or with such oth training and qualifications as the board may require. The examinati for certificates and diplomas shall cover orthography, reading, writin arithmetic, geography, English grammar, bookkeeping, physiology, h tory of the United States, algebra, botany, natural philosophy, dra ing, civil government, constitution and laws of the state, and didactic those for diplomas, in addition to the foregoing, geometry, trigonoi etry, chemistry, zoology, geology, astronomy, political econom rhetoric, English literature, general history, and such other studies the board may require. [32 G. A., ch. 6, § 2; 29 G. A., ch. 114; 28 A., ch. 95; 19 G. A., ch. 167, $S 2-4.]

Sec. 2630-b. Special certificates. The educational board of exan iners may issue a special certificate to any teacher of music, drawing penmanship or other special branches, or to any primary teacher, sufficient experience, who shall pass such examination as the boar may require in the branches, and methods pertaining thereto, fo which the certificate is sought. Such certificates shall be designate by the name of the branch, and shall not be valid for any other depart ment or branch. The board shall keep a complete register of all per sons to whom certificates or diplomas are issued. [28 G. A., ch. 96, 2; 23 G. A., ch. 22.]

Notes: 1. Kinds. Under authority of this section, the board of examiners may issue special state certificates for any subject or group of subjects taught or maintained in the public schools.

2. For whom. The special state certificate is intended for teachers of special branches, as a recognition of professional skill, expert scholarship, and successful experience in teaching a particular subject.

3. Scholarship. While the candidate must possess complete and technical knowledge of the special branch for the teaching of which a certificate is desired, some general education and culture will be required, as a certificate cannot be granted on account of proficiency in one subject only.

4. Subjects. The holder of a special certificate will be authorized to teach the branch specified, in any public school in the state for a period of five years. Section 2631. A special primary certificate authorizes the holder to teach in primary departments. Primary departments are held to include work in first, second and third grades.

5. Special county certificates. See section 2734-e.

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