Renewal of Term Insurance Policies of World War I Veterans: Hearing Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, Eighty-second Congress, First Session, on H.R. 1072, a Bill to Amend Existing Law to Provide the Privilege of Renewing Expiring Five-year Level-premium-term Policies of United States Government Life Insurance. April 19, 1951

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Page 80 - Subject to regulations, the insured shall at all times have the right to change the beneficiary or beneficiaries of such insurance without the consent of such beneficiary or beneficiaries, but only within the classes herein provided.
Page 82 - III of this act, either in his lifetime or by his last will and testament, or if the designated beneficiary does not survive the insured, then there shall be paid to the estate of the insured the present value of the remaining unpaid monthly installments...
Page 54 - If no person within the permitted class be designated as beneficiary for yearly renewable term insurance by the insured either in his lifetime or by his last will and testament or if the designated beneficiary does not survive the insured...
Page 53 - ... such other provisions for the protection and advantage of and for alternative benefits to the insured and the beneficiaries as may be found to be reasonable and practicable, may be provided for in the contract of insurance, or from time to time by regulations.
Page 46 - That no suit against the Government of the United States shall be allowed under this paragraph unless the same shall have been brought within six years after the right accrued for which the claim is made: Provided, That the 'claims of married women.
Page 52 - That when the amount of an individual monthly payment is less than $5, such amount may, in the discretion of the director, be allowed to accumulate without interest and be disbursed annually.
Page 74 - In case where an insured whose yearly renewable term insurance has matured by reason of total permanent disability is found and declared to be no longer permanently and totally disabled, and where the insured is required under regulations to renew payment of premiums on said term insurance, and where this contingency is extended beyond the...
Page 46 - Judgments heretofore rendered against the person or persons claiming under the contract of war-risk insurance on the ground that the claim was barred by the statute of limitations shall not be a bar to the institution of another suit on the came claim. No State or other statute of limitations shall be applicable to suits filed under this section. This section shall apply to all suits now pending against the United States under the provisions of this section." SEC. 4. That section 28 of the World...
Page 56 - Administration or to bring suit under section 19 of this Act on any prior contract or policy, and if found entitled thereto, shall, upon surrender of any subsequent contract or policy, be entitled to payments under the prior contract or policy : Provided further, That this section shall be deemed to be effective as of April (i, 11U7, and applicable from that date to all contracts or policies of insurance: And provided further.
Page 51 - ... becomes or has become totally and permanently disabled, or dies, or has died, without having applied for insurance, shall be deemed to have applied for and to have been granted insurance, payable to such person during his life in monthly installments of $25 each.

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