Hearings, Reports and Prints of the House Committee on Appropriations

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Page 102 - SEC. 2. The Commission shall hear and determine the following claims against the United States on behalf of any Indian tribe, band, or other identifiable group of American Indians residing within the territorial limits of the United States or Alaska...
Page 116 - Gentlemen, we are glad to have you with us. Do you have a statement you want to put in the record or do you want to read your statement?
Page 12 - ... and military requirements in time of peace or national emergency. 3. Serves as the principal channel of communication between the Federal Government and the Interstate Oil Compact Commission, State oil and gas regulatory bodies, and the petroleum and gas industries. 4.
Page 711 - System was established in 1963 by action of the President's Office of Science and Technology and the Federal Council for Science and Technology, with responsibility to administer it assigned to the National Bureau of Standards.
Page 528 - Mobilization, made an appropriate investigation and determined that crude oil and crude oil derivatives and products were being imported in such quantities and under such circumstances as to threaten to impair the national security.
Page 393 - ... into the abundance, life history and ecology of any species of aquatic life...
Page 491 - Since the inception of the Office -of Saline Water of the Department of the Interior, the freezing procedure has progressed with better than anticipated success.
Page 779 - State — these are the programs of old-age assistance, aid to families with dependent children, aid to the blind, aid to the permanently and totally disabled, and medical assistance to the aged.
Page 94 - Board"), which shall be composed of three members, who shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.
Page 776 - States, the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools.

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