Annual Report - Vermont. Agricultural Experiment Station, Burlington, Issues 5-8

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"Condensed outlines of articles published in Reports 1-19, Bulletins 1-133, 1887-1907, [by Joseph L. Hills], "in no. 20 p. 387-505.

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Page 9 - June 30, 1002 ; that we have found the same well kept and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the treasurer of the United .States are shown to have been...
Page 141 - The plan which I have adopted for applying the test is, substantially that which has been recommended by the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture at Washington. DC.
Page 48 - The proof which has been presented to our readers is more than sufficient. The results are absolute and gratifying, and show that tuberculin is a reliable agent for determining the presence of tuberculosis in cattle.
Page 32 - Nay, if we take the whole civilized world and compare with the tuberculosis mortality, all the accumulated deaths from war, famine, plague, cholera, yellow fever and small pox we find that the latter are comparatively very insignificant.
Page 58 - ... that on the contrary, the bacilli of tuberculosis are present and active in a very large proportion of cases in the milk of cows affected with tuberculosis...
Page 5 - Jersey citizen who is concerned in agriculture, whether farmer, manufacturer, or dealer, has the right to apply to the Station for any assistance that comes within its province to render, and the Station will respond to all applications as far as lies in its power.
Page 41 - Lydtin quotes the following description of the disease as taken from a Swiss sanitary order: • A dry, short, interrupted, hoarse cough, -which the sick animals manifest especially in the morning at feeding time, still more after somewhat violent exertion. At first these animals may be full-blooded and lay on a considerable amount of fat when well fed. As the disease progresses they grow thin and show more and more those appearances which indicate diseased nutrition, such as a staring, lusterless,...
Page 55 - BI, the lungs, most of the abdominal viscera, muscular tissue, and udder being tuberculous. The milk had been used in the family. In August the baby was taken sick and died in seven weeks of tubercular meningitis. Post-mortem showed tubercular deposits in the membranes covering the brain, and some in the lungs. Two years later a two-year-old child in the same family died of tubercular bronchitis and seven years later a nine-year-old boy, "delicate" for years, died of "quick
Page 55 - The nutritive constituents, total acidity, and mineral elements of the fruit were determined by the methods of the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (1) or by slight modifications of these procedures.
Page 55 - Dr. Demme records the cases of four infants in the Child's Hospital at Berne, the issue of sound parents, without any tuberculosis ancestry, that died of intestinal and mesenteric tuberculosis, as the result of feeding on the unsterilized milk of tuberculous cows. These were the only cases in which he was able to exclude the possibility of other causes for the disease, but in these he was satisfied that the milk was alone to blame.

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