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E.L. Freeman Company, state printers, 1899 - Railroads

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Page 108 - And in order to ascertain that value the original cost of construction, the amount expended in permanent improvements, the amount and market value of its bonds and stocks', the present as compared with the original cost of construction, the probable earning capacity of the property under particular rates prescribed by statute, and the sum required to meet operating expenses are all matters for consideration and are to be given such weight as may be just and right in each case.
Page 108 - The state cannot justify unreasonably low rates for domestic transportation considered alone, upon the ground that the carrier is earning large profits on its interstate business, over which, so far as rates are concerned, the state has no control.
Page 18 - Company, on my oath do say that the foregoing return has been prepared under my direction, from the original books, papers, and records of said Company; that I have carefully examined the same, and declare the same to be a complete and correct statement of the business and affairs of said Company in respect to each and every matter and thing therein set forth, to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief; and I further say that no deductions were made before stating the...
Page 94 - ... the corporation that executed the within and foregoing instrument, and acknowledged the said instrument to be the free and voluntary act and deed of said corporation, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned, and on oath stated that he was authorized to execute said instrument, and that the seal affixed is the corporate seal of said corporation.
Page 108 - What the company is entitled to ask is a fair return upon the value of that which it employs for the public convenience. On the other hand, what the public is entitled to demand is that no more be exacted from it for the use of a public highway than the services rendered by it are reasonably worth.
Page 108 - In our judgment. It must be held that the reasonableness or unreasonableness of rates prescribed by a state for the transportation of persons and property wholly within its limits must be determined without reference to the Interstate business done by the carrier, or to the profits derived from It.
Page 90 - ... after the expiration of one year from the opening for use of a street railway in their city or town, and after public notice and a hearing...
Page 89 - If the annual earnmg3dividend paid by such company during the year ending on the thirtieth day of June next preceding the date of the return made according to law to the railroad commissioner for such year is eight per centum on its capital stock actually outstanding during such year, or less, or if no dividend is paid by it, the tax payable by it for that year shall be a sum equal to one per centum of its gross earnings for that year, and if such dividend exceed eight per centum, then the tax payable...
Page 98 - Boston has caused its corporate seal to be hereto affixed and th'ese presents to be signed by , its Superintendent of Lamps.
Page 101 - ... tons carried and 4,664,135 ton-miles accomplished per freight locomotive. All of these items show a decrease as compared with those of the preceding year. The number of passenger cars per 1,000,000 passengers carried during the year under consideration was 69, and the number of freight cars per 1,000,000 tons of freight carried was 1,647. It should be understood, however, that this average does not include such cars, mainly in the freight service, as are owned by private parties, for the use...

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