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Mr. Chairman, I hate graft and despise grafters and for that reason I expect to raise my voice against them every opportunity I have, and I declare an extravagant expenditure of trust funds, whether belonging to nations or individuals, to be graft pure and simple, and there is no truthful way of getting around it.

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The House being in Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union and having under consideration the bill (H. R. 19255) making appropriations for the diplomatic and consular service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1911

Mr. MACON said:

Mr. CHAIRMAN: Before I proceed I will ask unanimous consent to be allowed to revise and extend my remarks in the RECORD.

The CHAIRMAN. The gentleman from Arkansas asks unanimous consent to revise and extend his remarks in the RECORD. Is there objection?

Mr. BENNET of New York. Mr. Chairman, reserving the right to object, I would like to ask the gentleman if his remarks are going to have any reference to myself or the Immigration Commission ?

Mr. MACON. Yes, they are; but there will not be any unparliamentary language inserted in connection with them.

Mr. BENNET of New York. Mr. Chairman, for the present I object.

Mr. MACON. Mr. Chairman, that is only in keeping with the policy which has been employed by that side of the House whenever any attempt has been made upon this side to expose the rotten expenditures of any commission appointed by the majority of the House. [Applause on the Democratic side.]

A few days ago, upon advices received from different sources, I made some remarks upon the extravagances of the Immigration Commission which was appointed by this House nearly three years ago, and, I think, after deliberate reflection and investigation that I was justified in everything I said. I know I had foundation for what I said, for a year ago the same question was advocated in the Senate and also in the House by the gentleman from Kansas [Mr. MURDOCK), a Republican, and certain exposures were made of the extravagances of the commission at that time. Now, after they have had ample opportunity of investigating immigration questions, when they have expended $657,992.67, without giving to the country any adequate return therefor, and I saw fit to oppose a further extension of the life of the commission and an additional appropriation of $125,000, which was asked in order that it might live another year, a mighty howl is waged against me for doing so. I did it, sir, without any partisan feeling whatever. I realized that the commission was composed of Democrats as well as Republicans and I realized that wherever Democrats have shortcomings they ought to be exposed as well as Republicans who commit wrongful acts. 28417--8723


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