History of Oakland County, Michigan, Vol. II

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Page 662 - I warn my countrymen that the great recent progress made in city life is not a full measure of our civilization; for our civilization rests at bottom on the wholesomeness, the attractiveness, and the completeness, as well as the prosperity, of life in the country.
Page 523 - In no profession is there a career more open to talent than in that of the law. and in no field of endeavor is there demanded a more careful preparation, a more thorough appreciation of the absolute ethics of life, or of the underlying principles which form the basis of all human rights and privileges. Unflagging application and intuitive wisdom and a determination to fully utilize the means at hand, are the concomitants which insure personal success and prestige in this great profession, which stands...
Page 817 - MD, in his professional service has been prompted by a laudable ambition for advancement as well as by deep sympathy and humanitarian principles that urge him to put forth his best efforts in the alleviation of pain and suffering. He has gained recognition from the profession as one of its able representatives and the trust reposed in him by the public is indicated by the liberal patronage awarded him.
Page 772 - His rugged honesty and sterling worth are the outcome of a close association with nature and in all the relations of life he manifests that generous hospitality and kindly human sympathy, which beget comradeship and which cement to him the friendship of all with whom he comes in contact. Successfully engaged in diversified agriculture and the...
Page 622 - cultivated man " in only its good sense — in Emerson's sense. In this paper, he is not to be a weak, critical, fastidious creature, vain of a little exclusive information or of "an uncommon knack in Latin verse or mathematical logic; he is to be a man of quick perceptions, broad sympathies, and wide affinities ; responsive, but independent ; self-reliant, but deferential ; loving truth and candor, but also moderation and proportion ; courageous, but gentle; not finished, but perfecting.
Page 744 - OLD Grimes is dead, that good old man, We ne'er shall see him more ; He used to wear a long black coat, All buttoned down before.
Page 819 - Heyser is a noble illustration of what independence, self-faith and persistency can accomplish in America. He is a self-made man in the most significant sense of the word for no one helped him in a financial way and he is selfeducated.
Page 618 - Missouri, where he also holds membership in the temple of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. He is...
Page 547 - American citizenship consisting of strong and able-bodied men, loyal and public spirited in civil life, honorable in business and alert and enthusiastically in sympathy with every measure tending to further the material welfare of the entire country. The great empire of Germany has contributed its fair quota to the upbuilding of this great nation and among its representatives in this country are to be found successful men in every walk of life, from the professions to the prosperous farmer.
Page 648 - ... mind thoroughly awake to the reality and meaning of human existence there are noble and imperishable lessons in the career of an individual who...

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