The History of the Church Family: Notes Collected by the Hon. Oliver Chase, of Fall Rver, R. I., and Arranged by His Nephew, Edward A. French, Esq. To which Has Been Added Many New and Valuable Notes, Collected by Vernon Wade, Esq

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James Newell Arnold
Narragansett historical publishing Company, 1887 - 85 pages

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Page 24 - O safe on that calm shore, Where sin, and pain, and passion are no more ! What never wealth could buy, nor...
Page 24 - Church in the forty-fifth year of her age.. It is due to the merits of this lady to say she possessed many eminent virtues. As a wife she was kind, faithful and endearing; as a mother tender, affectionate, and discreet; as a friend beloved, esteemed, and respected. By her acquaintance, long will she be remembered. "All, all is right by God ordained or done; And who but God resumed the friend he gavef
Page 1 - ... in Catell or in Corn or in Marchants pay if in Cattell thay must be prised if in Corn it must be at the prise Currant if in Marchants pay hee must take it as hee Receveth it ; and the marchants pay is to bee paid in linnen and woollen and shoos and stockens heere at plymouth if they be there to bee had if not hee is to take it in the other pay. And Elizabeth the wife of Richard Church aforsd the day and yeare aboue written did acording to order giue her free and full Concent vnto the salfe of...
Page 2 - God that shee shall leave this life my will is, that what Estate I shall leave to her that shall not bee necessarily Expended for her maintenance shall then bee Equally diuided amongst my children, only my sonn Joseph to have a dubble Portion, that is twice so much as any of the rest of my children, by reason of the...
Page 3 - Whereas, the court are informed that your neighborhood is destitute of leading men, either to call a meeting or otherwise to act in your public concerns, this court impowers you, the above named Joseph Church, to call your neighborhood at Socennett, togethre in convenient time to make such necessary and wholesome orders as may be for your common good and peace...
Page 6 - ... gushed out of his mouth like a torrent. His wife was soon brought to him. He tried but was unable to speak to her, and died in about twelve hours.
Page 24 - Mr. Benjamin Church, Junior, son of Mr. Benjamin Church of this town, in the 20th year of his age. In the death of this young man his surviving parents and brothers and sisters will mourn the bereavement of a son and brother endeared to them, and esteemed by all who knew him for the affability of his manners, and the sweetness of his temper and disposition. His youthful and intimate acquaintances will bewail the loss of an affectionate friend, and the community will regret the privation of enterprise...
Page 24 - Escaped from earth, 0 safe on that calm shore, Where sin and pain and passion are no more; So, soft remembrance drops a pious tear And holy friendship sits a mourner there.
Page 1 - Cubbert and a bime1 and all the shelues and benches y4 are in the house and all [' ie binne. DP] the ladders ye are about the house and the sd Richard Church doth bind himselfe his heaires and asynes to Ensure all y* the sd Richard Church hath sould to Robert Bartlet y* no man shall not truble him for it but the said Richard Church is to take his Corn of from the ground and to threash it in the barn in fourteen days and hee is to leaue the plancks y* are in the barne.
Page 21 - Capt. Thomas Sanford found the vessel with a light in the cabin, but with no one on board. For many days the river was dredged, cannon were fired, and every effort was made to recover the bodies, but neither of them was ever found.

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