Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries, Volume 1

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Page 14 - ... feet 1 inch; kilometer (1,000 meters) equals 0.62137 mile (3,280 feet 10 inches) ; myriameter (10,000 meters) equals 6.2137 miles. Metric Surface Measure.
Page 7 - Congress assembled, that the value of foreign coin as expressed in the money of account of the United States shall be that of the pure metal of such coin of standard value ; and the values of the standard coins in circulation of the various nations of the .world shall be estimated annually by the Director of the Mint, and be proclaimed on the first day of January by the Secretary of the Treasury.
Page 380 - Baronet of Nova Scotia; Knight Grand Cross of Our Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George; etc., etc., Governor General of Canada.
Page 176 - There are no official returns of the value of the imports and exports of the colony from and to all countries, but only mercantile estimates, according to which the former average four, and the latter two, millions sterling.
Page 7 - April i, 1894, have been prepared to assist in computing the proper values in American money of the trade, prices, values, wages, etc. , of and in foreign countries, as given in consular and other reports. The series of years are given so that computations may be made for each year in the proper money values of such year. In hurried computations, the reductions of foreign currencies into American currency, no matter for how many years, are too often made on the bases of latest valuations.
Page 192 - ... is indicated by the above figures. Large quantities of provisions (flour, canned goods, etc.) are sent to Hongkong or other ports for transshipment, and are credited to those ports instead of to Manila.
Page 379 - ... in each case being old wine measure; in addition to the above specific duty there shall be an ad valorem duty of...
Page 7 - January by the Secretary of the Treasury." In compliance with the foregoing provisions of law, annual statements were issued by the Treasury Department, beginning with that issued on January 1, 1874, and ending with that issued on January 1, 1890.
Page 378 - ... and further, until the end of twelve months after either of the contracting parties shall have given notice to the other of its intention to terminate the same...
Page 2 - The publications of the Bureau of Foreign Commerce, Department of State, are: I. — COMMERCIAL RELATIONS, being the annual reports of consular officers on the commerce, industries, navigation, etc., of their districts. II.

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