An Analysis of Paley's View of the Evidences of Christianity: In Three Parts ...

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B. Flower, sold by J. Deighton [and 3 others], 1803 - Apologetics - 81 pages

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Page 62 - That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.
Page 10 - That there is satisfactory evidence, that many, professing to be original witnesses of the Christian miracles, passed their lives in labours, dangers, and sufferings, voluntarily undergone in attestation of the accounts which they delivered, and solely in consequence of their belief of these accounts; and that they also submitted, from the same motives, to new rules of conduct" (Evidences of Christianity, p.
Page 7 - I desire moreover that in judging of Christianity it may be remembered, that the question lies between this religion and none; for, if the christian religion be not credible, no one with whom we have to do, will support the pretensions of any other.
Page 83 - The influence of religion is not to be sought for in the councils of princes, in the debates or resolutions of popular assemblies, in the conduct of governments towards their subjects or of states and sovereigns towards one another, of conquerors at the head of their armies...
Page 66 - It was not yet known to the apostles that they were at liberty to propose the religion to mankind at large. That ' mystery,' as Saint Paul calls it, and as it then was, was revealed to Peter by an especial miracle.
Page 8 - ... it is contrary to experience that a miracle should be true, but not contrary to experience that testimony should be false.
Page 8 - Strictly speaking, the narrative of a fact is then only contrary to experience, when the fact is related to have existed at a time and place, at which time and place we being present, did not perceive it to exist...
Page 9 - If twelve men, whose probity and good sense I had long known, should seriously and circumstantially relate to me an account of a miracle wrought before their eyes, and in which it was impossible that they should be deceived; if the governor of the country, hearing a rumour of...
Page 72 - STORY should not be rejected, by reason of some diversity of circumstances with which it is related ; for the character of human testimony is, substantial truth under circumstantial variety ;- but a close agreement induces suspicion of confederacy, and fraud. Important variations, and even contradictions, are not always deemed sufficient to shake the credibility of the fact. The embassy of the Jews to Claudian, Phiso places in harvest, Josephus in seed time.
Page 46 - To those which do remain, we apply this final distinction; "that there is not satisfactory evidence that persons pretending to be original witnesses of the miracles passed their lives in labours, dangers, and sufferings, voluntarily undertaken and undergone in attestation of the accounts which they delivered, and properly in consequence of their belief of the truth of those accounts.

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