The East India Military Calendar: Containing the Services of General and Field Officers of the Indian Army, Volume 3

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Kingsbury, Parbury and Allen, 1826 - India

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Page 410 - I will not deny myself the pleasure of stating an incident related to me by a respectable public servant of the government of Mysoor, who was sent in 1807 to assist in the adjustment of a disputed boundary between that territory and the district in charge of this collector- A violent dispute occurred in his presence between some villagers, and the party aggrieved threatened to go to Anantpoor and complain to their father- He perceived that Colonel Munro was meant, and found upon inquiry that he was...
Page 329 - The actual survey, upon geometrical principles, of a region containing above 40,000 square miles *, generally of an extremely difficult surface, full of hills and wildernesses, presenting few facilities or accommodations for such a work, and never before explored by European science, in a climate very insalubrious, is itself no common performance...
Page 312 - ... attention, which is so necessary to the success of any pursuit at all times, much more so, to what must be extracted from the various languages, dialects, and characters, of the peninsula of India. In particular, a knowledge of the native languages...
Page 74 - ... as could hardly fail to kindle in the most thoughtless mind a ray of devotional gratitude, while hope was pointing out a prospect of deliverance. Urged on by the noblest of all motives, that of saving his fellow-creatures, the colonel, regardless of his own safety, and in the face of a furious fire poured upon him from the walls, pushed towards the bastion, where a chain formed of the soldiers...
Page 316 - ... or may be still advantageously followed, in arranging the history, antiquities and statistics of that interesting country. After the reduction of Mysore in 1799, and in the arrangements that followed, I was employed in assisting the Commissioners with geographical information...
Page 313 - It was only after my return from the expedition to Ceylon in 1796, that accident, rather than design (though ever searching for lights that were denied to my situation) threw in my way those means that I have since unceasingly pursued (not without some success I hope), of penetrating beyond the common surface of the antiquities, the history, and the institutions of the South of India.
Page 406 - This gentleman, whose occupations for some years must have been rather of a civil and administrative than a military nature, was called early in the war to exercise abilities which, though dormant, had not rusted from disuse. He went into the field with not more than five or six hundred men, of whom a very small proportion were Europeans, and marched into the Mahratta territories to take possession of the country which had been ceded to us by the treaty of Poona.
Page 317 - Much of the materials collected on this occasion were transmitted home in seven folio volumes, with general and provincial maps ; but it is proper to observe, that still more considerable materials for the history of the south are in reserve, not literally belonging to the Mysore survey, though springing from it.
Page 491 - ... full powers to conclude upon the spot whatever arrangements might become necessary, either for the final settlement of peace, or for the active prosecution of the war.
Page 448 - Crawford, by which the 4th battalion was called by the men of the corps, and the natives in general, was an exception to the practice that generally prevailed in former times, of calling corps by the name of the officer...

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