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The Easter Recess—Congresses of the Independent Labour Party and the Social

Democratic Federation-Parliament Reassembles-Second Reading of the

Territorial and Reserve Forces Bill; Elucidation by Mr. Haldane ; Debate

Begun-Lord Cromer Retires—Procedure Debate; Closure by Compartments

-The Scheme of Grand Committees Comes into Operation-Criminal Appeal

Bill-Patents and Designs Bill—Butter and Margarine Bill—Civil Service

Estimates-Mr. Asquith's Budget Statement_Parliamentary and Press

Comments—The King's Visits to the Kings of Spain and Italy: Their Inter-

pretation - The Colonial Conference; Predictions as to Colonial Action ;

Subsidiary Conferences—Welcome to the Premiers—Preparations for the

Conference; Sir Frederick Pollock's Committee ; Resolutions from Australia

and New Zealand; Mr. Deakin's Attitude-Opening of the Conference :

Welcomes from the King and Prime Minister; Procedure; Future Meet-

ings and the Secretariate; Imperial Defence; Addresses by Mr. Haldane

and Lord Tweedmouth; Emigration; Imperial Court of Appeal-Entertain-

ments to the Premiers ; Their Declarations ; Accessory Meetings; Tariff Re-

form Demonstration at the Albert Hall-Home Politics : Agitation for Land

Reform; the Prime Minister and Small Holdings—Town Planning-Debate

on the Budget Resolutions—The Territorial and Reserve Forces Bill Read &

Second Time-Naval Affairs-Sir Horace Plunkett's Office; Debate; His Resig-

nation-Small Land holders (Scotland) Bill—Social Reform Schemes : Eight

Hours for Miners, Temperance, Shop Hours, Old Age Pensions—News in

War Time-Budget Resolutions Disposed of—Territorial and Reserve Forces

Bill to be Guillotined-Difficulties of the Government-Lord Newton's Bill

for the Reform of the Lords—Irish Councils Bill Introduced-Its Reception

-Probation of Offenders Bill-Colonial Conference: Debate on Colonial

Preference-Imperial Coastwise Trade-Naval Defence-Penny Post-The

Colonies and the “Cold Shoulder "-Mr. Balfour at the Primrose League

Demonstration–The Prime Minister at Manchester-The Finance Bill: Mr.

Austen Chamberlain's Amendment-Close of the Conference-Sir Robert

Bond and the Daily Mail-Colonial Premiers at the Baltic Exchange --Re-

sults of the Conference-Prince Fushimi's Visit-Debate on the Whitsuntide

Adjournment; the Congo; Business of the House ; Secondary Education-

Position of the Government


and Reserve Forces Bill; Committee Begun-Criminal Appeal Bill; Second

Reading-Course of Business ; Statement by the Premier-National Liberal

Federation at Plymouth; the Premier's Speech-Territorial and Reserve

Forces Bill; Committee-Indian Budget-Disorder in Ireland; Debate in

the Lords; Mr. Balfour at the Albert Hall; Friction between Liberals and

Irish-Small Holdings Bill-Anglo-Spanish and Franco-Spanish Agreements

- Cordite-Territorial and Reserve Forces Bill ; Report Stage and Third

Reading-Ministers and Government Contracts—The Government and South

Africa--The Government and the Lords; a Blocking Motion ; Debate—Mr.

Balfour on the Scheme-The Lords and the Territorial and Reserve Forces

Bill — Earl Roberts on National Service - Work of the Board of Trade;

Commerce and Railways ; Post Office Telegraphs and Telephones - Finance

Bill Committee; the Tea Duty The Death Duties Irish University

Education–Irish Land Purchase—The Financial Outlook—The Jarrow

Election State of the Navy-Evicted Tenants Bill, Second Reading—The

Government and the Sugar Duties--Land Values (Scotland) Bill—The Terri-

torial and Reserve Forces Bill in the LordsDebate on the Education Vote

--Sir Edward Grey on Macedonia-Mr. Lea on Party Funds and Honours-

Vote of Censure on the Government for Rejecting Colonial Preference—Home

Office Vote; the Edalji Case-Colne Valley Election-Territorial and Reserve

Forces Bill—Qualification of Women Bill—The County Magistracy-Uni-

versity Reform - Educational Administration ; Deputation to the Prime

Minister; Debates in both Houses - Evicted Tenants Bill, Committee

and Report-Irish Estimates--The Premier on the Programme-Third

Reading of the Finance Bill-Debate on Pension to Earl Cromer- The

Evicted Tenants Bill Passes the Commons — Debate on the Navy — The

King Inspects the Home Fleet-He Visits the German and Austrian Em-

perors—Debate on Foreign Affairs in the Commons—The Lords and the

Congo — Expediting Legislation The House of Lords on the National

Finances and on the Evicted Tenants Bill-The Scottish Land Bill in the

Lords—Small Holdings Bill; Report-The Belfast Riots—The Appropriation

Bill ; Debate in the Commons-Position of the Land Bills—Small Holdings

Bill Passes the Commons-Its Reception in the Lords—The Deceased Wife's

Sister Bill-Minor Measures—The Transvaal Loan—The Nigerian Railway-

The P. & O. Contract—The Land Values (Scotland) Bill Passes the Com-

mons — The Evicted Tenants Bill Returns - Fate of the Scottish Small

Land holders Bill—The Land Values Bill Rejected in the Lords—Compro-

mises on the Other Land Bills—Close of the Session; the King's Speech-


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Signature of the Anglo-Russian Agreement—The Trade Union Congress-Old

Age Pensions—Mr. Haldane and the Army-Establishment of the County

Associations—The King and the Lords-Lieutenant-Party Controversy in the

Recess; Fears of Socialism ; Unionist Divisions—Kirkdale Election-Prospect

for 1908—The Deceased Wife's Sister Question—The Church Congress and

Politics—The Prime Minister at Edinburgh-Mr. Lloyd-George on Welsh

Disestablishment_The Coming Education Bill; Parental Rights-Mr.

Asquith on Socialism-Lord Rosebery's Speeches at Glasgow and elsewhere

-The Prime Minister at Dunfermline-Mr. John Morley on India-Lord

Cromer Receives the Freedom of the City-Speeches at the End of October-

The Municipal Elections—The Railway Servants' Agitation; Points in the

Controversy; Mr. Lloyd-George Intervenes; a Strike Averted—Women's

Suffrage Agitation ; Liberal Meetings Disturbed - Mr. Lloyd-George on the

Suffragists' Policy-The Irish County Councils and the Losses on Land Stock

- The Guildhall Banquet; Sir John Fisher on the Navy-State of the Navy

- The Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs—The Congo Agitation-Reorganisa-

tion of the Colonial Office-The King's Birthday—The German Emperor's

Visit-Other Royal Visits—Mr. Birrell at Southampton-Tariff Reform and

the Unionists—The Prime Minister at Bristol ; His Illness-Unionist Confer-

ence at Birmingham-Resolution on Tariff Reform-Mr. Balfour's Speech-

Its Reception by the Press—Mr. Asquith's Comment-Lord Milner on Tariff

Reform and Social Reform-Earl Cromer's Defence of Free Trade-Letters
from the Duke of Devonshire and Lord George Hamilton-Mr. Bonar Law

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