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That Henry C. Carey, Charles E. Smith, Seth Caldwell, F. Corporators. W. Hughes, Abraham Hart, William Milnes, Jr., and Enoch W. M'Ginnes, and their associates, successors and assigns, be and they are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, under the name, style and title of the North American Shaft Title. Company, by which name, the said corporators shall have perpetual succession, and enjoy all the privileges, incidents and Privileges. franchises, usually pertaining to a corporation, and not inconsistent with the powers and duties, hereinafter set forth, for Limitation. and during the space of twenty years, from and after the passage of this act. SECTION 2. That the above named persons, or such of them

Meeting as shall, by signature, accept this charter, and such as they shall associate with them, shall meet, as soon as convenient, after the passage of this act, and after giving reasonable notice Notice. of the time, and place, of a future meeting, for the purpose of considering the provisions of this act; and, in case of ihe acceptance of the same, shall proceed to elect, by ballot, five of

Election of ditheir number, to serve as directors, for the term of one year rectors. thereafter, and until their successors shall be duly elected, and annually, thereafter, at such time, and place, as shall be appointed by the directors, to serve for one year, and until their successors shall be duly elected; and each share of stock shall entitle the holder thereof to one vote; the directors, so chosen, Votes. shall elect one of their number, as president of the corporation, and all other officers, and agents, of the corporation, shall be Officers. elected, and appointed, as shall be prescribed by the by-laws; upon notice of the acceptance of the provisions of this act, and the due organization of the board of directors, in the manner aforesaid, to the governor of this commonwe

wealth, there shall be Letters patent. granted, in the usual form, letters patent, to the corporators. SECTION 3. That it shall be lawful for the said corporation

Objects and to have, and to hold, coal lands, coal or mineral rights, and

powers. estates, in such lands, or coal or mineral rights, in fee simple, or for terms of years, or in fee simple, as to part, and for a term, or terms of years, as to part; and, in cases of terms for years, subject to such reasonable rent, per ton, on all coal, or other minerals, as may be agreed upon; and it shall, and may, be lawful, for said corporation, to place a valuation upon said lands and estates, for years, as it shall deem prudent and right, and tbe same to convert into a common stock, which shall be divided into a convenient number of shares, and apportioned among the several corporators, according to such interests as they may have or acquire therein, respectively, immediately before the conveyance of such lands, or estates, to said company; and for which

Certificates of certificates of stock shall be issued, from time to time, as said stock to be is. lands and estates are acquired, signed by the president, with the sued. corporate seal thereto affixed, and attested by the treasurer; guch certificates shall be issued, and made transferable, as the Transferable. directors may prescribe, by their by-laws; and the shares of stock, so created, shall, for all purposes, be deemed, and treated, as personal estate; and the capital stock of said company shall Capital stock. be two hundred thousand dollars, to be divided into shares of fifty dollars each, with the privilege of increasing the same, to any amount, not exceeding six hundred thousand dollars.


SECTION 4. That, in like manner, certificates of stock may be issued, for all moneys subscribed, or paid into said company, for the making of any of the improvements, or openings, upon

their lands, or estates, as aforesaid, as herein authorized : ProProviso.

vided, That it shall be lawful for any railroad, or canal, company, engaged in the transportation of coal, from Schuylkill county, to take any portion of the loan, authorized by this act, at such price, and on such terms, as may be agreed upon by them, or either of them, with the corporation hereby created.

SECTION 5. That the lands and estate, of said company, shall Amount, location and devel- be in the county of Schuylkill, and not to exceed two thousand opment of lands. acres; and the said company shall have the power, and authority,

to open and develop said lands, and fully prepare the same for mining operations; and, for this purpose, may sink slopes and shafts, erect breakers, mining houses, and tenements, construct lateral railroads, and do all things needful for the development

of said lands and estates, except that said company shall not Prohibition. be engaged in the business of mining and selling coal, but may

accept of coal mining leases, with the right to sub-let, to mining tenants, and may contract for the right of way, and landing room, for all coal mined from their lands, or estates, by tenants aforesaid.

SECTION 6. That it further be lawful, for said corporation, Authorized to to demise and let, for a period, or periods, of not exceeding let mining pri- twenty years, to such person, or persons, as may be selected, vileges, &c.

and upon such terms as may be agreed upon, any of the said lands, and the right and privilege of mining, taking, and carrying away the coal, iron ore, and other minerals and materials, therefrom, and to aid in the development of the minerals and other materials, and the use, and transportation of the same to market.

SECTION 7. That this corporation shall pay into the treasury Bonus. of the commonwealth, a bonus of one-half of one per centum,

on the capital stock, hereby authorized, or hereafter created, in four equal annual instalments, and such other tax as is now,

or may hereafter be, imposed, by law, on corporations; and Individual lia the stockholders of said company shall be individually liable, bility.

for all debts due mechanics, workmen and laborers, employed by said company, and for all materials and provisions, furnished to said company, to be sued for, and collected, as is provided in the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth sections of the act incorporating the Lackawanna Coal and Iron Company, approved

the fifth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and fiftyProviso.

three: Provided, That no stockholder shall be held individually liable for any such debts, unless the same shall be sued for, within one year after they shall become due.

SECTION 8. That it shall, and may, be lawful, for said comMay borrow money and is- pany, to borrow, at a rate of interest not exceeding eight per sue bonds. cent., per annum, for the purposes of said improvements, and

the development of said lands and estates, as aforesaid, a sum, not exceeding three hundred thousand dollars, and to issue their coupon bonds, therefor, in sums not less than one hundred dollars each, and to secure the same, by a mortgage, or mort. gages, of all their lands, estates, buildings, improvements, and corporate franchises,

SECTION 9. That said company may make semi-annual divi- Dividends. dends of the net profits and receipts of the same, to, and among, all the stockholders, whether for stock issued, for capital paid in, forimprovements, as aforesaid, or distributed, as hereinbefore prescribed, for lands, or estates, as aforesaid.

SECTION 10. That the dividends of said company shall be Taxation, su bject to such taxation as is imposed upon other corporations, by the general laws of this commonwealth; and that the lands of said company shall be subject to state, and county, and local municipal taxes, according to the assessors' valuation thereof, as the lands of individuals are assessable, and taxable, and that the payment of such taxes shall exempt said corporation, and the stockholders therein, from any tax, upon the capital stock, issued for lands, or estates, as aforesaid.

Section 11. That it shall be lawful for the said directors, or Seal. a majority of thenı, and of whom a majority shall constitute a quorum, to adopt a common seal, with appropriate device, for the use of said corporation; and the certificates of stock, and other official acts of the corporation, shall be authenticated, by a fixing the same; and to enact such by-laws, and regulations, By-laws. as may be expedient, for conducting, and regulating, the affairs of the corporation : Provided, That the same shall not be in- Proviso. consistent with the constitution and laws of this commonwealth.

SECTION 12. That the legislature reserves the right to amend, Reservation. or repeal, this act, if the same shall, hereafter, be considered as incompatible with the general good of the commonwealth; but, in such wise, nevertheless, as to do no injustice to stockholders, purchasers, and lessees, of the said lands.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker of the Senate. APPROVED— The twenty-seventh day of March, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two.


No. 610.

3 ct To incorporate the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of the bo

rough of Mechanicsburg, and its vicinity, in Cumberland county.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represen. tatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same,


Corporators. That Lewis Bricker, Peter Eberly, Isaac Baker, Phillip Ubler,

John Shettle, John Riegel, Samuel Eckels, Robert Wilson and George Hummel, and their successors in office, duly elected, as hereinafter specified, be and they are hereby constituted, and

declared, a body politic and corporate, in deed and in law, by Title.

the name, style and title of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, of the borough of Mechanicsburg, and its ri

cinity. Privileges.

SECTION 2. That said corporation shall have perpetual succession, and shall have the right, and power, to take, hold and enjoy, lands, tenements, rents, annuities, franchises, moneys, goods, chattels, and effects, which now are, or hereafter may. be, conveyed, assigned, transferred, devised, or bequeathed, to said corporation, or to any person, or persons, in trust for it: Provided, That the clear yearly income thereof shall not exceed four thousand dollars.

SECTION 3 That the said corporation, by the name, style and Seal

title aforesaid, shall have power to adopt and use a common seal, and the same, at pleasure, to alter, and renew, and shall be able to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in any court, or tribunal, of law, or equity, in all manner of suits, com

plaints, pleas, matters, and demands whatsoever, and also shall By-laws.

be able to make by-laws, rules and ordinances, and the same to alter, and amend, for the proper administration of the funds,

and due government of the affairs, of said corporation: ProProviso. vided, That said by-laws, rules, and ordinances be not repug.

nant to the constitution and laws of the United States, or to

the constitution and laws of this commonwealth : And proProviso. vided further, That every by-law, or alteration thereof, be

proposed at least eight days before enacted. Membership

SECTION 4. That the members of said church sball consist of those, only, who participate in the Lord's Supper, according to the formula for the government, and discipline, of the Evangelical Lutheran church, within one year, unless prevented by sickness, or absence, and who profess, and adhere to, the tenets and doctrines of the Evangelical Lutheran church, and shah bave paid contribution toward the discharge of the yearly ex. penses of the congregation, according to their ability, within one

year. Expiration of

Section 5. That the said corporation, by the name and style terms of corpo. aforesaid, shall always be represented by a council, consisting rators.

of nine members, of whom six shall constitute a quorum; that the corporators shall compose said board, until the first Wednesday of January, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three; that, on said first Wednesday, the term of the three corporators, Peter Eberly, Isaac Baker and Phillip Uhler, shall terminate, and an election shall, on said day, be held, to supply their place; that, on the first Wednesday of January, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, the term of the three corporators, Lewis Bricker, John Shettle and Samuel Eckels, shall terminate, and an election shall, on said last mentioned day, be held, to supply their place; and that, on the first Wednesday of January, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, the term of the three corporators, John Riegel, Robert Wilson and George Hummel, shall ter

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minate, and an election shall, on said last mentioned day, be
held, to supply their place.
SECTION 6. That the stated meeting, for the election of three

Election and members of council, shall be the first Wednesday of January qualifications of of every year; that the duration, in office, of said members of council. council, shall be three years; that to be eligible, for such office, the candidate must possess all the qualifications necessary for an elector, as hereinafter specified, and must, at the time of election, be in full communion with the church aforesaid, by having partaken of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

SECTION 7. That on the death, removal, or resignation, of Vacancios. any member of council, or in the event of failure to elect a member, or members, then, and in every such case, a new election, to supply the vacancy, shall be held, upon the remaining members of council, or a majority of them, giving seven days' notice of the time and place of election.

SECTION 8. That the power of the council shall extend to Powers and duthe temporalities of the church, in rating, and letting, the pews, ties of council. collecting the pew rents, or other dues of the church, receiving the public collections, keeping the place of worship in repair, providing for, and paying, the debts of the church, either by bond and mortgage, or otherwise, paying the salary of the minister, clerk and sexton, and, when the funds admit of it, to relieve the poor of the congregation, and maintain a school; but they shall have no power to alienate the church, or lot of ground, or dispose of the public moneys, for any other use than that for which they were intended : Provided, That the Authorized to council of said congregation shall have power to borrow money,

borrow maney. to any amount, not exceeding three thousand dollars, for the purpose of paying any debt, or debts, which are now due and owing, or may become due, by said congregation, for the erection of their present church, or place of worship, or any improvements made thereto, and secure the same by judgment bonds, or mortgages, on any property belonging to said congregation.

SECTION 9. That the council shall meet the Monday next Meeting of after the regular election on the first Wednesday of January, council. in each year; they shall choose, from among themselves, a president, treasurer and secretary, and from among themselves, Election of offior other members of the church, a sexton; they shall keep cers. fair books of their proceedings, and of the moneys received, and expended, by them, and sball annually make up a state- Statement of ment of their accounts, on the day of election for members of accounts. council, on wbich day they shall exhibit, to the electors, said statement.

SECTION 10. That meetings of the council shall be called by How meetings the president, of his own accord, or at the desire of any two to be called. members, the notification to be given, either on a Sabbath day, after public worship, or by written notices, left at the dwelling house of each member.

SECTION 11. That in all elections to be held, every person, Qualifications who is in full communion with this congregation, and who of electors. submit to its government and discipline, regularly administered, and who shall appear, by the books of the congregation, to be either a pew-holder, in the church, or at least, shall have been

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