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That George W. Snyder, Benjamin W. Cumming, John H.

Corporators. Adam, Charles M. Atkins, Charles W. Pitman, J. Macomb Wetherill, William Way Atkins, Samuel Shannon, Henry John, and Cornelius H. Tyson, their associates and successors, be and the same are hereby erected into a body corporate and politic, in law, and in fact, by the name and style of the Pio- Style. neer Iron Company, of Pottsville, and shall have all the powers, and privileges, and immunities, and be subject to all the re- Powers and strictions, contained in the act of assembly, approved the seventh privileges. day of May, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five, entitled “An Act to incorporate the Johnstown Iron Company," with this difference: in section fourth of said act of incorporation, that said Pioneer Iron Company shall not hold more than one May bold land. thousand acres of land at any one time, and said land shall be in Schuylkill county: Provided, That this act shall continue Limitation. in force for a period of twenty years.

SECTION 2. That the stockholders of the said company shall Individual lia, be jointly, and severally, liable, in their individual capacities, bility. for all debts and contracts made by said company, to the amount of stock remaining unpaid on each share of stock held by them, respectively; and sball, also, be liable for all debts due mechanics, workmen, and laborers, employed by said company, to be sued for, and collected, as provided for by the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth sections of the act incorporating the Lackawanna Coal and Iron Company, approved the fifth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three.

SECTION 3. That the said corporation shall pay a bonus of Bonus and tax one-half of one per centum on the capital stock of said com- upon dividends. pany, and upon any increase thereof, payable in four equal annual instalments, the first payment to be made in one year from the date hereof, and shall pay such tax upon dividends as is, or may be, provided by law.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker of the Senate. APPROVED — The twelfth day of May, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven.



No. 587.

An Act

To extend the charter of the Cumberland Valley Mutual Protection Com

pany of Dickinson township, Cumberland county. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assem. bly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the provisions of an act, entitled "An Act to incorporate the Cumberland Valley Mutual Protection Company, of Dickinson township, Cumberland county," approved the ninth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, with a supplement, passed the eleventh day of April, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, and the same is hereby extended for the period of twenty years, from the ninth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three; the legislature reserving the power to alter, revoke or annul the same, when, in their opinion, it may be necessary for the public welfare, in such manner, that no injustice be done to the corporation.

A. BROWER LONGAKER, Speaker of the House of Representatives. WM. H. WELSH,

Speaker of the Senate. APPROVED— The twenty-sixth day of March, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight.



No. 588.

An Act To incorporate the Clearfield Gas Company. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That Jonathan Boynton, G. R. Barrett, William L. Moore, W. Corporators. A. Wallace, J. B. M'Enally, G. L. Reed, John L. Weaver, R. V. Wilson, Richard Mossop, A. K. Wright, James S. Leonard, W. L. Irwin, C. Kratzer, Isaac Johnston, James Wrigley, Wm. Radabaugh, Lewis R. Carter, Richard Shaw, John L. Cuttell, L. J. Crans, M. A. Frank, William Porter, M. A. Woods, Wil. liam Powell, Robert Mitchel, Samuel Mitchel, John M'Pherson, and their successors, and associates, be and the same are hereby made, and constituted, a body politic, and corporate, by the name, and style, of the Clearfield Gas Company; and, Name. by the said name, they, and their successors, shall, and may, have perpetual succession, and shall be, in law, capable of Privileges. suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, in all courts, and judicatories, whatever; and also, of contracting, and being contracted with, relative to the business, and objects, of said corporation, as hereinafter declared; and they, and their successors, may have a common seal, and may change, and Seal. alter, the same at pleasure; and shall have power to lease, and purchase, in fee simple, or otherwise, such real estate as may be necessary for carrying on the business of said corporation; and, in their corporate name, to borrow money, and to make, and execute, obligations, for the liabilities created in the transaction of said business of the corporation.

SECTION 2. That the said corporation shall have exclusive To have exclu. authority to supply, with gas light, the borough of Clearfield, sive authority and its vicinity, in the county of Clearfield; and such persons,

to supply gas. partnerships, and corporations, residing therein, as may desire the same, at such price as may be agreed on; and also, to make, and erect, within said borough, the necessary buildings, Erection of machinery, and apparatus, for manufacturing, and distributing, builings, laying the same, with the right to enter upon any public street, lane, pipes, &o., rela

tive to. alley, or highway, for the purpose of laying down pipes, altering, inspecting, and repairing, the same, doing as little

damage to said streets, lanes, alleys, or highways, and impairing the free use thereof, as little as possible.

SECTION 3. That the capital stock of said corporation shall Capital stock.

be fifteen thousand dollars, to be divided into shares of twentyfive dollars each; and may be increased, from time to time, not to

exceed thirty thousand dollars, as the managers thereof shell Stock certifi- deem necessary; for all of which stock, certificates shall be is. cates to be issu- sued, signed by the president, and countersigned by the secreed.

tary, and sealed with the common seal of said corporation; which Transfers of, certificates shall be transferable, only, by the owner thereof, or how made. by attorney, duly authorized for that purpose, in the presence

of the president, or secretary, in a book kept for that purpose, by said corporation: Provided, That a majority of the managers are satisfied said transfer shall be made.

SECTION 4. That the said named persons, or a majority of Organization.

them, shall, as soon as one hundred shares of stock are subscribed, give at least two weeks' previous notice, in two news. papers, published in said borough, of the time, and place, by them appointed; for the subscribers to meet, in order to organ. ize the said company, and to choose, by a majority of votes, of

the said subscribers, by ballot, to be given in person, or by Election of man- proxy, duly authorized, five managers, to serve until their sucagers.

cessors shall be duly elected, which shall be annually, on the first Monday in January, thereafter; and said managers shall have power to select one of their number as president, and also, a secretary, and treasurer, to serve for the same term; and the manner of conducting said election shall be prescribed in

the by-laws of said corporation; and at all elections, the stock. Votes.

holder, shall be entitled to one vote, for each share of stock bona fide held by him, her, or them, either as trustees, execu.

tors, or administrators, at the time of holding said election. Powers and du- SECTION 5. That the board of managers, of this corporation, ties of mana- shall have power to make by-laws, for their own regulation, gers.

not inconsistent with the laws of this commonwealth; and shall keep minutes of their proceedings, which shall, at all proper times, be open to the inspection of the stockholders, and all such acts, and things, for the proper regulation, and

government, of the corporation, as they may deem necessary; Dividends.

they shall have power to declare dividends, of so much of the net profits of the corporation, as shall appear, to them, to be advisable, and at such times, as the by-laws may fix; which shall be paid to the stockholders, on demand, ten days after

the same shall have been declared. Penalty for any

SECTION 6. That if any person, or persons, shall open a com. violation of reg- munication into the gas main, or other gas pipes, of the said ulations, as to company, without authority from the proper officer thereof, or the use of gas. shall let on the gas, after it has been stopped, by order of the

company, or its authorized agent, or use any gas, without drawing it through the meters, put up for the purpose of measuring the same, or shall put up any pipes, or burners, with. out having the same inspected, and approved, by the proper officer, appointed by the corporation, to inspect, at proper times, and under proper circumstances, the pipes, meters, and burners, et cetera, put up, in any building, be, she, or they, so offending, shall be subject to a penalty of not less than twenty,

[ocr errors]

nor more than eighty, dollars, to be recovered, before any justice of the peace, as debts, under one hundred dollars, are recovered; one-half to go to the informer, who shall be a competent witness, the other half, to the company.

SECTION 7. That if any person shall wilfully, maliciously, do, Penalty for inor cause to be done, any act, or acts, whatever, whereby any juries to works, building, construction, or works, of said company, or any gas &c. pipe, gas post, burner, or reflector, or any matter, or thing, appertaining to the same, shall be stopped, obstructed, injured, or destroyed, the person, or persons, so offending, shall be considered guilty of a misdemeanor, and may be, therefor, indicted, in the court of quarter sessions, and on conviction thereof, shall be punished, by a fine of not less than one hundred, nor more than five hundred, dollars, or be imprisoned, for a period of time, not less than ten days, nor more than one year, or both, at the discretion of the court: Provided, That such criminal Proviso. prosecution shall, in no way, impair the right of said company to a full compensation, in damages, by a civil suit.

SECTION 8. That if any subscriber, for stock, to said com- Refusal of sub. pany, or his, her, or their assigns, shall refuse, or neglect, to scribers to pay pay any instalment, called for by the said company, at the instalments, place appointed, and the same shall remain unpaid, for thirty relative to. days after the time appointed, he, she, or they, shall, in addition to the instalment called in, pay at the rate of five per centum, per month, for delay; and if the same shall remain so long that the penalty shall amount to the sum actually paid in by the said stockholders, it shall be in the power of the said company to forbid said stock, and the amount paid thereon may be disposed of by the said company, as will best promote their objects.

SECTION 9. That the stockholders of said company shall be Individual liajointly, and severally, liable, in their individual capacities, for bility. all debts due mechanics, workmen, and laborers, employed by, and for material furnished to, said company, to the amount remaining unpaid on each share of stock, held by them, respectively; to be sued for, and collected, as provided in the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth sections of an act incorporating the Lackawanna Iron and Coal Company, approved April fifth, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three.

SECTION 10. That it shall be lawful for said company, and Authorized to they are hereby authorized, to borrow money, from time to borrow money. time, not exceeding ten thousand dollars, in the aggregate, and to pledge their property, and franchises, by mortgage, or otherwise, for the re-payment of the same; or to issue bonds Bonds. of the company, bearing six per cent. interest therefor: Pro- Proviso. vided, That no such bond shall be of a less denomination than one hundred dollars.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker of the Senate. APPROVED The twenty-fourth day of March, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundrded an fifty-nine.


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