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Convicted of burglary and larceny, and sentenced three years, March term, 1862, by Warren county Common Pleas.

Pardoned October 9, 1862.

On certificate of Doctors Weber and Loving, stating that he has become partially imbecile from onanism; believe he will continue the practice, and become hopelessly insane, if he remains ; recommend bis release. Vihers recommend pardon-warden says his mind has been failing for months.

JACOB PAINTER, Convicted of horse stealing, and sentenced three years, June term, 1861, by Trumbull county Common Pleas.

Pardoned November 2, 1862.

On recommendation of prosecuting witness, prosecuting, attorney, judge, ju. rors and citizens of character ; good conduct in prison ; punished enough.


Convicted of having in possession counterfeit bank notes, for the purpose of bartering and selling, and sentenced ten years, December, 1863, by Hamilton county Common Pleas.

Pardoned November 2, 1862.

Mainly on ground of very good conduct in prison for a long period ; a long term is nearly out. It is deemed proper to encourage continued good conduct by a pardon.

WILLIAM JACOBS AND ALONZO MITCHELL, Convicted of robbery, and sentenced three years, Nov. term, 1861, by Muskingum county Common Pleas.

Pardoned November 3, 1862.

Examined in May and continued, to give them proper punishment. Now deemed sufficient for their offense, at their young age; their conduct in prison being reasonably good,

WM, CLARK AND WM. LOURY, Convicted of passing counterfeit bank notes, and sentenced three years, May term, 1860, by Perry county Common Pleas,

Pardoned November 3, 1862.

On recommendation of judge, prosecuting attorney and citizens, good conduct in prison, and length of time punished.

Respectfully submitted,

B. F. HOFFMAN, Private Sec'y.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 20, 1862. To DAVID TOD, Governor :

As requested, I present herewith, the accounts of expenditures from your extraordinary, and ordinary contingent funds

The total unreturned expenditures, from the extraordinary military contingent fuod, from January 14th, to December 19th, 1862, inclusive, amount to $122,071 47.

The total expenditures from the ordinary contingent fund, same period, amount to $656 26.

By an examination and analysis of the items and vouchers of the extraordinary expenditures, it will be seen that the expenses for different prominent purposes, are, viz : Eleven steamboats chartered to transport sick and

wounded soldiers from Pittsburgh Landing and other places on the Tennessee, Obio and Mississippi rivers, home to Cincippati, amount...

$30,737 60 Paid in part by special appropriation...

5,000 00 Balance paid from military contingent....

825,737 60 Superintendents, Medical Directors, Surgeons, Nurses,

supplies, stores, etc., for these boats, amount of ex. penst S.

10,271 96 Amount of requisitions issued to the Quartermaster General to pay transportation and other expenses..

42,038 75 The items of the accounts, of the Quartermaster Gen

eral, returned to this ffice, up to August 1st, 1862, sbow that an unreturned balance of transportation, paid out of this fund, was then....

$17,524 98 Since then, his requisitions, to meet expenses of trans

portation, most of which was thus applied, amount to 13,000 00

$30,524 98

Making in transportation requisitions ...
His requisitions for expenses in laboratory, arsenal,

pay roll of clerks and employees, etc..

11,513 77

Making the total, as above stated.....

842,038 75

For telegraph accounts paid

811,814 29 Paid the several Medical Boards, for examining surgeons for the army

2,158 83 Paid State assistant surgeons..

7,822 25 Paid Pay Agents

2,954 31 Paid volunteer surgeons, nurses, sanitary agents and stores ..

7,683 86 Paid advertising and printing bills...

1,894 80 Paid " Soldiers' Home," Cincinnati....

1,000 00 Paid salaries and clerk hire and other expenses in offices of Adju

tant-General, Quartermaster-General, Surgeon-General and Executive, etc.

8,181 29 Paid military postage...

513 54 Making the total military

8122,071 47 Respectfully submitted,

B. F. 'HOFFMAN, Private Sec'x. 4-PART I.-Ex. Doc.

Expenditures from the Extraordinary Contingent Fund of the Governor.


1862. Jan. 21 Military telegraph bills, irom Aug. 1, 1861, to Jan. 1, 1862 (left by Gov. D).....

$4,085 97 21 2 M. D. Potter & Co, advertising

33 50 324 3D. Parry & Son, livery, for mustering officers

175 00 28 Lt. Col W. E Gilmore expenses

20 50 Tune 305 Gem. G W. Morgan, expenses to Washington, military order

75 00 Feb. 30 P. Buckingham, Adjt Gen., clerks' wages, 7 receipts

425 00 7 70. Delano expenses to Washington as Com'y General ..

85 50 10. Military telegraph acct., ; Adjt Gen., $182 85; Surg. Gen., $9 95

192 80 1090. F. Forbes, Surg. 67th Regt, traveling expenses from New Creek, Va., to Columbus, and return to New Creek, on order of Governor...

25 00 130 Military telegraph acct., Executive office....

95 76 13 John W Russell, MD, Medical Examiner of Surgeons for the Army, services and expenses

112 00 132 Dr. T. Woodbridge, Medical Examiner of Surgeons for the Army, services and expenses

116 75 133 Dr. John A. Murphy, Medical Examiner of Surgeons for the Army, services and expenses...

115 50 174 Surg Gen. Weber, for services and expenses going to Ft. Donelson, care of Ohio troops

200 00 195 T. Donelson, for 7 months' services in Adjt General's office, at $40 per month, $280, less $100 returned (being paid before).

180 00 2016.G. I. Young, Col., Aid to Governor, visiting Ohio regiments with Pay master, to get pay for families and distribute, expenses

75 00 Mar. 17 Geo B. Wrignt, Q M. General, to pay clerks and laboratory pay-roll 1,500 00

10. P. Buckingham, adjt General, monthly pay of clerks, for Feb., 1862 425 00 419 R W Duff expenses in guarding prisoner of war from Dayton here

5 20 6 24 Mi itary telegraph account, Executive office.....

100 21 621 Adjt General's Department..

205 54 1222 Dr S. M Smith and Francis Collins, expenses in visiting sick and

wounded soldiers of Ohio, in Kentucky and Tennessee, and carrying
cont ibutions at Governor's instance

69 55 142 Geo B. Wright, Q. M. General, requisition to pay Laboratory pay-roll 579 76 1524


262 65
15 25 G. C. E. Weber, Surg. Gen., for 2 months' services, January 13 to March
13, 1862

$441 60
For traveling expenses and transportation to Fort Donelson and
St. Louis, Governor's order

118 00

$559 60 Cr.-Requisition No. 14 (above), to meet expenses 200 0

359 60 182641 M. Chapin, for 25 days' services as Pay-agent of Governor, under allotment law, expenses

136 00 2027 N B Walker, expenses and services in visiting Paducah, Fort Henry,

Savannah, Tenn., and other pointe, to receive money of soldiers, and
transmit the same to State Treasury, for distribution and benefit of
fami ies.....

122 15
222-G I Young, Aid to Governor, expenses of trip to same places for same

56 90 23. W Cole, for 3 days' work in making out allotment rolls...

10 50 20131 W. Brown, Vol. urg , for expenses traveling with Cumberland and

Tennessee expedition, and treating individuals and detached compa
nies, furnishing medicines, &c. ....

90 50. April 20. P. Buckingbam, Adjt General, office clerks' pay-roll, for Mar, 1862 425 00 ito B. Wright, Q M. General, expenses of his Department, clerks Laboratory, Arsenal, &0..

1,426 91 34 Mi itary postage stamps

15 00 735 +. I Young, Agent, deficit in allotment acct. and returns for soldiers. 149 29 8136 Military telegraph acet, Executive office .

40 38




To whom paid, and for what purpose.


1862. April 37 Military telegraph account, Surgeon General

$9 24 A djutant General

66 27 69 Expenses of Adjt. Gen. Buckingham to Washington (ordered). (Requi miti in $100, returned unexpended, $34 05).

65 95 9 Surg Gen Weber, expenses of surgeons, do, on 1st boat, “ Magnolia,” to Pittsburg Landing (See voucher 68.)

1,000 00 May 176 urg. Gen. Weber, expenses in addition (See voucher 40, above.)

80 99 April 911 Lt Gov. Stanton, Superintendent of Magnolia, for expenses. $1,000 00 Returned, unexpended, into Treasury....

756 921

243 03 (Of the part experded, $100 was handed to Col. Bliss.) 1142 Postage account of Adjutant General's Department

192 57 154 David Johns, expenses of transporting sick soldiers from Paducah home 17 00 26 15 Abraham ells, vol nurse, exp. to Pittsburg Land., and return, 16 days 44 63 264G H Latimer,

43 55 2-17 Richard Gandern," on steamer Glendale, expenses

25 00 2-1 m. A. Holden, vol. surgeon, expenses to Pitts'g Landing, “ Glendale"| 20 00 2- 49 Seo. B Senter, superintendent of Glendale to Pittsburg Landing, and

return, for sick and wounded, by order of Governor-requisition of
$500 ; returned to Treat ury, $412 42 ; expended only..

87 58 3050 Adjl. Gen. Hill, pay roll of clerks for April, 1862.....

291 66 305113. F Hoffman, to repay divers sums paid on order of the Governor. (See receipts, with his account).......

69 70 May 154 Geo. B. Wrigat. Q. M. General, requisition to pay expenses of his De partment (Se bill, and his account.)..

2,500 00 254 G C E Weher, Surgeon General, to meet expenses of Dr. S. M. Smith

boat expeditions--$1,000. Smith handed the same to Col. S. Bliss
Bliss returned $56 92 ; expended

943 03 655 Military telegraph account, Executive office..

253 40 656 Adjutant-General's office

35 15 105-1. W. Russell, Medical Examiner, services and expenses

108 25 101.9 ohn A. Murphy

110 00 140 Hurt, Allen & Co., military advertising-orders .

20 30 1261 W. L. McMillen, requisition to meet expenses of removing sick, $500

returned, as unexpended, and certified, back to Treasury, $480 ; bal 20 00 1362 Franklin Bowker, to pay expenses as volunteer nurse for 5 weeks.... 30 00 1963 Justin Morrison, for services in making abstracts of soldiers' allotments 16 67 16/64 ur S M Smith, requisition to meet expenses of 4th trip as Medical Director for sick, &c. (For account of expenditures, see No. 192)

500 00 1055 B. W Cole, for services on prison record and letters

39 00 146 Geary & Son, advertising medical examination of surgeons ...

y 60 171.7 T. Dean, owner of steamer " Tycoon,” for balance out of contingen

Fund (over and above special appropriation by Legislature, of $5,000,
lo transport sick and wounded. This steamer's bill, $3,122 25,
another steamer's bill of $2,122 50, also paid out of the $5,000);
balance paid out of Contingent Fund...

244 75
1769 deory Pearce, Treasurer of Sanitary Commission of Cincinnati, to pro
vide for the “ Soldiers' Home,” in Cincinnati..

1,000 00 20N B. Marple, druggist bill of medical stores for “ Magnolia":

111 33 27.11. Soards & son, coffins and boxes for dead soldiers, " Glendale".

38 00 27 James Bugher, " Glendale” steamer, services, trip and expense of board 3,050 00 2 7 Silas Merchant, 20 days' services as Governor's agent, Cleveland, sick and wounded

30 00 2471 Lieut. Gov. Welker, Superintendent of “ Emma Duncan,” to meet ex. pe: ses, $500 ; returned of it, $230 ; actually expended ..

270 00 21 75 Steamer “ Magnolia,” sick and wounded soldiers transported-service. 2,449 00 21 Dean & Hale, com. merchants, 2 bills of sanitary stores for boats, do... 1,177 15 217r Dean, owner of " Tycoon," charter and trip for sick and wounded. 2,596 00 27174 Jean & Hale, etores to fit out “ Emma Duncan,".



May 30 80 4. D. Kibbee, Pay-agent, services and expenses to receive and transmit

30 81 Clark Warren, services and expenses at Cleveland, agent to attend sick

soldiers, &c.
31 82 Geo. B. Wright, Q. M. General, requisition to meet transportation acet,

accrued and accruing, for month of June..
bilma 31 83 Geo. B. Wright, Q M. General, requisition for transportation and other

expenses (acct.).
June 21 844. L'Morrison, State Assistant Surgeon, services May 3 to 31, at $100

per month.
285 Dean & Hale, account and draft, for stores for boat for sick...$673 58

De Weber handed $200 of this to Col Bliss, who returned of it 43 74
2-86 Dr S. Hudson, State Assistant Surgeon, to apply on service in advance
3 87 Dr. S. M. Smith, to meet contingent expenses, transporting sick and

wounded. (See No 192 for acct.) ...
488A. T. Markle, State Assistant Surgeon, April 8 to May 8, services
4 89 John Cooper, Pay agent, expenses and services. . .
4 90G. O. E. Weber, to apply on salary as Surgeon-General..
4 91 F Y.Bachelor, steamer Emma Duncan," engaged May 24, and con-

trolled by governmect in transporting sick, &c., charter and board..
5 92 Western Union Tel. Co telegraph account for May..
5 9: Geo B. Senter, Superintendent of "Lady Franklin,” for balance of ex

penses paia ; acct. $158 02; paid, by S. Bliss, $100 ; balance....
94 John W. Russell, Medical Examiner, services and expenses.
51 95 has. C. Cook
5 96 John A. Murphy
697 G W. Williams, Pay-agent, account of services and expenses.

69 Dean & Hale, stores for " Emma Duncan"
E6 99 las Bugher, "Glendale" and "Lady Franklin," transp'ting sick, &c
P7100 Wm. J. Holmes, sevices as Clerk of the Post, and assistant at Camp

Chase Prison, March 3 to June 3, 1862
9101 3. F. Hoffman, for payment of divers small claims, military advertis

ing, organizing regiments, surgeons, nurses, &c (acct.)
10102r. Dean, owner of Tycoon," ll days' services, transporting sick,

wounded, &c......
10 1034. S Stevens, Agent to visit sick soldiers, hospitals, &c., by order of

Governor, expenses
10104 Isaac Dalton, Agent at Columbus Depot, for sick and destitute soldiers

Governor's order, services and expenses
10105 W. W Locke, and several purses, on steamer Tycoon," expenses
11104 S. P. Alcorn, State Assistant Surgeon, 2 months' services.
17 107 D. E McMillen,

1 month's
1710-W F. Graham,

1 month's 17109 Dean & Hale, for money advanced on draft..

$300 00 And bill of stores for boat...

312 03

$612 03 Less unexpended, of draft money, returned.

35 20
W 170W. A. Brown, State Surgeon, 1 month's services.
1814 F. Y. Bachelor, Master of "Emma Duncan,” for use of boat, and

boarding and transporting sick, &c.
18112 R. W. Tayler, for expenses to Washington, to present and settle mili-

tary account: $100 requisition ; expenses actually paid.....
18013 Geo В Wriglat, Q. M. General, requisition to pay transportation acct..
1114 B. F. Hoffman, to repay boat expenses, nurses, &c., paid by him
23150 O Cooke, medical examiner, service and expenses..
23 114 John A. Murphy,
23/17|J. W. Russell,

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