Diversion of Water from the Niagara River

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Page 372 - ... consent also of the local authorities having the control of, that portion of a street or highway upon which it is proposed to construct or operate such railroad be first obtained, or in case the consent of such property owners cannot be obtained, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, in the department in which it is proposed to be constructed, may, upon application, appoint three Commissioners who shall determine, after a hearing of all parties interested, whether such railroad ought to...
Page 359 - State or national are divided into the three grand departments, the executive, the legislative and the judicial. That the functions appropriate to each of these branches of government shall be vested in a separate body of public servants, and that the perfection of the system requires that the lines which separate and divide these departments shall be broadly and clearly defined.
Page 286 - The High Contracting Parties agree that it is expedient to limit the diversion of waters from the Niagara river so that the level of Lake Erie and the flow of the stream shall not be appreciably affected. It is the desire of both parties to accomplish this object with the least possible injury to investments which have already been made in the construction of power plants on the United States...
Page 372 - Waterford and on the East River or over the waters forming a part of the boundaries of the State. " The legislature shall pass general laws providing for the cases...
Page 124 - Each of the high contracting parties reserves to itself or to the several State Governments on the one side and the Dominion or Provincial Governments on the other as the case may be, subject to any treaty provisions now existing with respect thereto, the exclusive jurisdiction and control over the use and diversion, whether temporary or permanent, of all waters on its own side of the line...
Page 158 - In determining the price to be charged for gas or electricity the Commission may consider all facts which in its .-judgment have any bearing upon a proper determination of the question although not set forth in the complaint and not within the allegations contained therein, with due regard among other things to a reasonably average return upon capital actually expended, and to the necessity of making reservations out of income for surplus and contingencies.
Page 295 - The United States may authorize and permit the diversion within the State of New York of the waters of said river above the Falls of Niagara, for power purposes, not exceeding in the aggregate a daily diversion at the rate of twenty thousand cubic feet of water per second.
Page 372 - Locating or changing county seats. Providing for changes of venue in civil or criminal cases. Incorporating villages. Providing for election of members of boards of supervisors. Selecting, drawing, summoning or impaneling grand or petit jurors.
Page 84 - ... force for three years from and after date of its passage, at the expiration of which time all permits granted hereunder by the Secretary of War shall terminate unless sooner revoked, and the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to revoke any or all permits granted by him by authority of this Act, and nothing herein contained shall be held to confirm, establish, or confer any rights heretofore claimed or exercised in the diversion of water or the transmission of power.

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