World War Veterans' Legislation: Hearings Before the Committee on World War Veterans' Legislation, Seventy-seventh Congress, First Session on H.R. 4, H.R. 164, H.R. 1066, H.R. 1441, H.R. 1583, H.R. 1621, H.R. 1797, H.R. 2105, H.R. 2115, H.R. 2226, H.R. 2289, H.R. 2299, H.R. 2476, H.R. 2481, H.R. 2491, H.R. 2492, H.R. 2493, H.R. 2524, H.R. 2652, H.R. 3069, to Amend Certain Laws and Veterans' Regulations Affecting World War Veterans and Their Dependents

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Page 39 - States, and periods of honorable service in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard of the United States...
Page 315 - July 2, 1921, is discharged or resigns shall be conclusively held and taken to have been in sound condition when examined, accepted, and enrolled for service...
Page 313 - The United States shall bear the excess mortality cost and the cost of waiver of premiums on account of total disability traceable to the extra hazard of military or naval service, as such hazard may be determined by the Administrator.
Page 44 - II (a) to (j), shall be increased by $31.50 per month. "(1) If the disabled person, as the result of service-incurred disability, has suffered the anatomical loss or loss of use of both hands, or of both feet, or one hand and one foot, or is so helpless as to be in need of regular aid and attendance, the monthly pension shall be $135.
Page 218 - ... shall be exempt from taxation, shall be exempt from the claims of creditors, and shall not be liable to attachment, levy, or seizure by or under any legal or equitable process whatever, either before or after receipt by the beneficiary.
Page 179 - ... for any disability due consideration shall be given to the places, types, and circumstances of his service as shown by his service record, the official history of each organization in which he served, his medical records, and all pertinent medical and lay evidence.
Page 304 - The action of the Commission in allowing or denying any claim under this Act shall be final and conclusive on all questions of law and fact and not subject to review by any other official of the United States or by any court by mandamus or otherwise...
Page 49 - States and have been separated therefrom under honorable conditions and who have established the present existence of a serviceconnected disability or who are receiving compensation, disability retirement benefits, or pension by reason of public laws administered by the Veterans...
Page 304 - All decisions rendered by the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs under the provisions of this title, or the regulations issued pursuant thereto, shall be final and conclusive on all questions of law and fact, and no other official or court of the United States shall have jurisdiction to review by mandamus or otherwise any such decision. SEC. 6. In addition to the pensions provided in this title, the Administrator of Veterans...
Page 47 - A vacancy in the Commission shall be filled in the manner in which the original appointment was made.

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