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The University., 1894

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Page 22 - College; provided, that nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the legislature of this commonwealth from making such alterations in the government of the said university, as shall be conducive to its advantage, and the interest of the republic of letters, in as full a manner as might have been done by the legislature of the late Province of the Massachusetts Bay.
Page 15 - Bay, passed in the year one thousand six hundred and forty-two, the Governor and Deputy-Governor, for the time being, and all the magistrates of that jurisdiction, were, with the President, and a number of the clergy in the said Act described, constituted the overseers of Harvard College...
Page 82 - From the middle of the eighteenth to the middle of the nineteenth century...
Page 21 - It is declared that all the said gifts, grants, devises, legacies, and conveyances are hereby for ever confirmed unto the President and Fellows of Harvard College, and to their successors in the capacity aforesaid, according to the true intent and meaning of the donor or donors, grantor or grantors, devisor or devisors.
Page 147 - The competitors may be either: — (1) undergraduates in Harvard College, (2) Harvard graduates who are resident at the University as students in the Graduate School, or (3) students in Radcliffe College.
Page 29 - ... of communication between the Corporation and the Overseers, and between the Corporation and the Faculties ; to make an annual report to the Overseers on the general condition of the University; to preside on public academic days; to preside over the several Faculties; to direct the official correspondence of the University; to acquaint himself with the state, interests, and wants of the whole institution; and to exercise a general superintendence over all its concerns.
Page 329 - ... founded in 1861 by Miss Mary P. Townsend of Boston, by a bequest to the College of twenty thousand dollars, the income of which is to be used for the benefit of indigent scholars. In addition to the...
Page 264 - College are open to persons who satisfy the faculty of their fitness to pursue the particular courses they elect, although they have not passed the usual examination for admission to college.
Page 38 - DANIEL TREADWELL, Rumford Professor and Lecturer on the Application of Science to the Useful Arts, 1834-1845.
Page 146 - The version must be neatly and legibly written or typewritten, upon letter paper of good quality, of the quarto size, with a margin of not less than one inch at the top, at the bottom, and on each side, so that it may be bound up, if desired, without injury to the writing.

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