House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Volume 2, Part 1

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Page 364 - An act to aid in the construction of telegraph lines, and to secure to the government the use of the same for postal, military, and other purposes...
Page 1042 - I then saw other two funnels, one on the south side and the other on the north side of the main one. All three moved forward toward me; but the outside ones also moved toward the central one. In a short time they joined the central one, which then appeared to stand still, and whirl around and around for a moment.
Page 364 - That telegraphic communications between the several departments of the Government of the United States and their officers and agents shall, in their transmission over the lines of any of said companies, have priority over all other business, and shall be sent at rates to be annually fixed by the Postmaster General.
Page 364 - ... companies at an appraised value, to be ascertained by five competent disinterested persons, two of whom shall be selected by the Postmaster-General of the United States, two by the company interested, and one by the four so previously selected.
Page 11 - Army •was established, and provision was made that the sums therein specified should be in full of all commutation of quarters, fuel, forage, servant hire and clothing, longevity rations, and all allowances of every name and nature whatever, and should be paid monthly by the paymaster. Further legislation is necessary to define the scope, of this provision, whether it is intended to include certain things, such as transportation in kind of officers...
Page 364 - Union, shall have the right to construct, maintain, and operate lines of telegraph through and over any portion of the public domain of the United States, over and along any of the military or post roads of the United States which have been or may hereafter be declared such by act of Congress, and over, under, or across the navigable streams or waters of the United States...
Page 23 - Except as otherwise provided by law, all balances of appropriations contained in the annual appropriation bills and made specifically for the service of any fiscal year, and remaining unexpended at the expiration of such 6scal year, shall only be applied to the payment of expenses properly incurred during that year, or to the fulfillment of contracts properly made within that year; and balances not needed for such purposes shall be carried to the surplus fund.
Page 364 - War be, and he hereby is, authorized and required to provide for taking meteorological observations at the military stations in the interior of the continent and at other points in the States and Territories of the United States, and for giving notice on the northern lakes and on the sea-coast, by magnetic telegraph and marine signals, of the approach and force of storms.
Page 363 - The nurse will certify that the account is correct and just; that the services were rendered as stated, and that the patient is not related to the nurse.
Page 23 - ... unexpended at the expiration of such fiscal year, shall only be applied to the payment of expenses properly incurred during that year, or to the fulfillment of contracts properly made within that year, and such balances not needed for the said purposes shall be carried to the surplus fund : Provided, That this section shall not apply to appropriations known as permanent or indefinite appropriations...

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