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The different families of this name in Freeport, Yarmouth. Cape Elizabeth, Portland, Me., and vicinity, are descendants of 1 John BARTOLL, a fisherman of Marblehead, Miss., who came to this country about 1639. Although it is not known whence he came, yet there is but little doubt of his being a native of Eng. land, and possibly of Crewkerne. Somersetshire. In the Probate Registry, Somerset House, Strand, London, is the will of William Bartole, yeoman, of Crewkerne, dlareil May 9th and proved Dec. 3, 1641, which mentions John Bartol, my brother's son." That a family of this name lived in that parish in the sixieenth and seventeenth centuries is well known, and the church records contain the following entry:

*. Anno Domini, 1601. Aprill.-Jolin, the sonne of John Bartole, was bapt the xsvik dave. John Fuller, Minister.”

While it is impossible to assert that the John baptisell on that date is the emigrant, yet the coincidence is worthy of consideration in view of the fact that it corresponds approximately to his age; but, unfortunately, for the test of the theory, the records of Silen and Marblehead do not contain any data which throw light on his age, so that precise comparisons are impossible.

We first tind him in the courthouse at Salem, July 29, 1610, as a plaintiff' in a civil suit, of which the records give the following information :

"John Burtoll pl ag' Allen Yewe def ac" of debt: Jury find for pl xxix damages & iij costs. And the Court ordered and sent out an attach’ınt to attach the Boat of Allen Yewe being now in. the custody of Jao Goit to the vse of John Bartall for security untill he satisfy the verdict.”

Again in November following, he entered suit at the same court:

"John Bartall pl agi Jao Legg & Th" Sams lef in acc of 5' 10% debt p' bill.” This suit was letörrel till Jan. 3), 1641, but what the result was does not appear on the court records.

His wife (2) Parnell, [probably sister of William Charles?], followed bim to this country in 1641, coming over in the ship

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Sampson," and if we are to believe the testimony of Joli Studley, a fellow passenger, she was guilty of gross immoralities with the boatswain during the passige. She was bronght before court upon his sleposition four years after, and tried for severall miscarrailges,” but the jury found the charge was not proved suffitienilee." This accusation was eviilently draggerl up against her as the result of a neighborhood quarrel. John Bartol bad sued Alice the wite of John Peach, Jr., and Richard Cook for bandying about the village these slanders. He recovered from cach of them £3 and costs of court, and thus legally and perhaps morally, for the time being, vindicated the virtue of his wife. În turn he was twice brought before the jury for Sabbath breaking, but was discharged, as it apears to bee of necessitie for saftie of the fish.” Then he preferred charges against one of the witnesses who testified against his wife, but could not sustain his case. lle was again prosecuted for prophane swearing by the name of God.” and adjudged guilty. Altogether the recoril of this series of criminations and recriminations gives us the insiile lining of an well-regulated an 1 fully developed neighborhood row.

At the next session of the court, Sept. 9, 1615. John Bartol :ppeared and “s' y he can prove Jane James a comon Lyer, a theef & a falce forsworn woman," but the records do not state whether he succeedel in bringing the jury to thi: same opinion. And now came John Peach, Jr., before the court, dissatisfied with the verdict anıl damages obtained against his wife Alice. The whole question was again tried hy a jury on its inerits, and they found that Parnell Bartoll was guilty of the charges of immorality and awarded the plaintiff -xxx* dam & xvs coste.” With these two diverse verdicts we leave the character of the woman in the hands of the reader, only bespeaking for her the benefit of the doubt.

Jane Podger, of Dorchester. held a bill against John Bartoll, dated Feb. 27, 1641, upon which she got execution Mar. 25, 1644, and June 30, 1646, John Bartoll songht to obtain a review of the case, but failed, and had to pay the bill with interest and extra costs.

In 1653 he was constable of Marblehead, but the next year forgetting the dignity of his office was found guilty and fined 40s for assault and battery. He was selectman of the town, 1657-8, and in 1664 ; besides being Culler of Fish, Packer, Guager and Sealer at various times. In 1656 the town was indebted to him £3, 19, 5, and the next year --being on ye grand jury and not appearing, being legally calleil, the Court" fines him à noble.” Being appointed by ye Towne of Marblehead for Clearke of the writts, is allowed of and confirmed by the Court," but he did not live to enjoy the honors and emoluments of this position for many months. The first day of October 1664, his dead body was taken up out of the sea, and the jury of inquest, upon ample evidence

probably, returned a verdict of suicide! What led him to this course, if true, we are unable to ascertain.

Johu Bartoll dying intestate, an luventory of whose Estate was brought into Court by Parneli, his wife, amounting to £71, 10, 0, by acco' of debts demanded by scuerell men 10 ye value of £64, 18, 5, the said Parnell gave oath to jie truth of ye sd Inventory to the best of her knowledge, and is allowed of, and ye st Parnell is appoynted Administratris : and by the go Inventory there is but of cleere estate £6, 11, 7." 29 Nov. 1664.

Among the items in the invoice of his estate, taken 16 Nor. 1664, are the following : **2 acres of medow at Capan" (Gloucester] ; "land bought of Robert beans ner goits house”; “one fourth part of a staige and land lieing toe il" ; ''2 beds mad of silk gras with bolster and blankits."

After her husband's death, as we learn from the will of John Peach, Senior, dated 2 Oct. 1682, (Esses Co. Prob. Rec. iv 95), she lived with Peach, who bequeathed to her the use of his house during her natural life. In 1672, when making a deposition, she swore that she was aged 70 years or thereabouts," which would bring her birth to 1602, a year younger than her husband, taking the Crewkerne baptismal entry as belonging to him. She died before 1689, as in i hat year her estate is mentioned (Essex Deeds, siv 310.)

Children :
3 William? ; of whoin hereafler.

4 John2 ; probably "non compos inentis." The evidence of this rests upon a document (Essex Deeds. vii 714) in which his mother declares (2 Jan. 1680) that she is “apprehensive of the helpless condition" of her son, and in return for a comfortable maintenance to be provided by his brother-in-law, Wm. Lightfoot. conveys a lot of four acres at Peachy Point, Marblehead. He was employed in 1657, and probably after, as town cowboy, according to the following extract from the Marblehead records :

-John Stacie, the elder, and John Bartoll, the younger, are agreed with to keep the town cows this year, and are to keep the yearlings, and John Stacie is to have 6s a week and John Bartoll As a week. They are to keep them seven months, to begin the first of April. The sail keepers are to take the cattel at the cross war at Chillson's house, by that time the sun be half an houre hie, having given warning before by blowing the horne at or about the rising of the suon, at the same place. and so out, so that they beareth the herid berond the first bridge at oor before the sunn be an hour hie : ilsoe to bring home the caitel to the first bridge an hour before the sun selt, or their ibonts, and give information lo any one whose caitel are wanting, rising their best endeviours 10 tind them, soe that they doe not neglect the heril : they are to keep the cattel at all seasons anil espatially to be carefull in wet weather."


5 Joana; married Edmond Chapınan, shipwright, about 1651, and as her marriage dowry her father built and gave to her a house, which in after years became the subject of litigation. "The deposition of William Charles, agel 77 or thereabouts, this deponent saith that olit goodman Bartoll & iny self was ouer uppon the Island together when the house was raiserl, & Edmond Chapman came over to me to Inireate me to goe oner to eat p' of the victualls, & ye ye old Bartoll said to his son in law Edmond Chapman that theire is a good bouse for thee, and the saiil Chapman said thanke you father, & further saith not." Sworne in Court at Salem, 29, 44", 1672, atteste, Hilliard Veren. clerk. Moses Maverick testified 29 June 1672 about a discource with John Bartle deceased” in 1651 or 1652 as to a house he built for Joan and her husband, and widow Parnell Bartol at the same court made oath that she always understood goe house was built for my daughter's portion wch was to be married to Edmond Chapman.” She married, second, John Coduer, before 1664, whose will was provedl in 1710. She was living 26 Mar. 1696 (Essex Decis, xiv.45.)

6 Mary? ; -danghter of John Bartoll, borne of the body of Parnell Bartoll, his wife, the 1 day of třebruary 1642" (Essex Court, i 27.) Probably married William Lightfoot, who was born about 1632. She did not escape the prevalent scandals of the day, and in 1669 was complaineid of by her husband for an improper intimacy with Jeffrey Thistle.

(3) WILLIAM2 BARTOLI.. (John'), a mariner, -eldest son & heir at law” (Essex Deeds, xiv 310), was born, according to a deposition, about 1629. and must have been brought to this country, with his mother, when quite a young boy. He resided in Marblehead, near Little Harbor, succeeding to the paternal estate, and working at the fish stage, which was probably located on Charles Island. He married (7) Mary

about 1655, with whom, 30 April 1869, he made public confession of faith at the First Church of Salem, Mass., and was admitted the next Lord's day, having been propounder the previous month. They were set off, 6 June 1684, to the new church at Marblehead, which was organizeit 13 August following. Being absent while on the grand jury, 27 June 1671, he was tined 138 4d, but iwo years after, for some reason, 6s of his penalty was remitted. From the town records of Marblehead we learn that he owned five cows in 1667, but in 1974 was reduced to two cattle. In 1676 it was voted that Williarn Bartoll pay unto Wm. Cherer 6s 7d, the ballance of his sallery out of his rate ungathered.” He died 2 Nov. 1690, aged about sixty-one years, and the inventory of his estate, taken 27 April 1691 by Richard Rieth and Benjamin Gale, contains the following items: -p' of yt yland with privilege: 1 old house wth garden & privilege: 15 acres land lyen next Jno


Codners : 10 acres lyeing next Timothy Goodwin : his dwelling house and garden anii 2 cowes comons. JohnBartol (9), his son renouncing his right 10 be administrator, the widow and her son Roberts (10) were app.sinteil, 15 June 1691, by the court. After the death of the widow Mirs (7) in 1708, the abovesaid John (9), "only surviving son," was granted alministration of the estate, 28 Feb. 1708-9 (Esses Probate, x 43), and on 16 March following he presented • an account of Debts which I payed for my ffather & for ' třineral of my mother.” The personal estate was appraised then at £8l, which was divided equally among the heirs, tlie administrator as eldest son receiving a double portion. The real estate was ailjuged of the value of £99, all of which went to John3 (9.)

Children :

8 William? ; probably freem'ın, 25 June 1678, and may be the “William Bartle, Jr.,” who sold land to Robert Bartlett (Essex Deeds, xvi 153.) Perhaps married Susanna Woodbury and had Andrew*, b. 20 Aug. 1680), and William*, b. 4 Aug 1682. Ir so, he and his children do not appear as living in 1710 to take part in the division of his father's estate.

9 John3 ; "ffisherman,” marriert twice, and, by firsi wife, whose name is not knowi, he had, Thomas, who m. Abigail, clau. of Capt. Robert and Mary (Walton, Bartlett, 11 Dec. 1707. For second wife he married Christian, daughter of John Hoile and widow of Mark Moss, 17 Dec. 1711. By this last wife he had Capt. John*, b. Oct. 1712, d. 8 Oct. 177i. He died 1725, and lois will, dated 11 Jan. 1721–2, was proved 3 June of that year. It provided for all of his children, but none of the children of my present wite by her former husband. Mark Moss, should have residence or dwelling in any house or part of house that ever belonged to me” (Essex Prob. xv 133,

10 Robert3 ; of whom hereafter.
11 Susanna3 ; b. 25 Feb, 1665-6; 11. before 1710.
12 Thomas3 ; adm. 1691.
13 Samuel ; il. before 1708-9.

14 Mary; m. John Knight, 17 Oct. 168), and, 2d, Thomas Dodd. She brought in a bill at the settlement of her father's estate for purcing" her mother for several years, also one for fl for wine and gloves at the funeral of the Widow Mary. Her husband, Thomas Dodd, also charged Is for digging the grave. The ilverage son-in-law would have done it for nothing.

15 Alice? ; m. Thomas Waters, 7 Oct. 1687; d. before 1710.

(19) ROBERT BARTOLL (Willian?, John'), mariner, was baptizeil 2.3 July 1669, at the First Church, Salem, with all of his brothers and sisters, shortly after the parents had joined (Essex Just., Vol. 1.) lle married (16) Sarah, (laughter of the famous ship-builder, John Beckett, of Salem, who was baptized 21 Oct.

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