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Book 12; p. 201; 20 Oct. 1727. Joseph Royall, of Boston, "only son of Joseph Royall, and great-grandson of William Royall of Casco," to Jacob Royall, of Boston, "Land in North-Yarmouth, east of Arnold Allen, 20 acres in extent." "Also 200 acres between Westcustogo and Chesquisick."

Book 12; p. 211; 6 Dec. 1727. Thomas Millett, of Falmouth, to Wymond [— Wyman?] and Phineas Jones, of North Yarmouth, "4 acres of marsh on Cousins' River."

Book 12; p. 240; 12 July 1680. Dominicus, Samuel and Jeremiah Jordan, of Spurwink, to Walter Gendall, of Spurwink, "one half of Jebeque, (or Geboag), Island, in Westgustogoe."

Book 12; p. 255; 23 Feb. 1727. Capt. Benjamin Larrabee, Senior, of Falmouth, to son-in-law Samuel Proctor, of Falmouth. "two lots of Land in North Yarmouth: one east by Wm. Ashfield's and the other on the western side of the western river, near boiling spring, 14 acres in extent."

Book 12; p. 260; 7 Nov. 1714. Ephraim Savage, of Boston, Administrator of the estate of Richard Wharton, deceased, to Thomas Hutchinson, John Wentworth, Adam Winthrop, John Watts, David Jefferies, Stephen Minot, Oliver Noyes and John Ruck, all of Boston, "a tract of land called Merriconeage, lying over against an island called Sebascoe, alias Sequasco Diggen.'


Book 12; p. 279; 22 Apr. 1728. John Smith, of Boston, to Abiah Wadsworth, of North Yarmouth, "a lot of land in North Yarmouth, that was allotted to Tobias Oakman by the Committee of said town, and the said Oakman sold to me."

Book 12; p. 281; 10 Mar. 1725. Mary, wife of Abraham Batting, of York, to Jonathan Preble, of York, "one half of an island, called Cousens' his island, in Westgostugoe."

Book 12; p. 298; 24 Mar. 1704. Nathaniel Wallis, of Beverly, to Stephen Sewall, of Salem, "one half of 72 acres in North Yarmouth, he bought of John Cousens and Richard Bray."

Book 12; p. 316; 20 Mar. 1727. Moses Felt, of Rumney Marsh, son of George Felt, of North Yarmouth, and George Felt, of Salem, grandson of the said George Felt, to the Committee for the resettlement of North Yarmouth, viz., William Taylor, Elisha Cook, William Dudley, John Smith and John Powell, "the rights of George Felt, Senior, to land in North Yarmouth, excepting house lots of ten acres each granted to said Moses and George."

Book 12; p. 352; 14 Sept. 1727. Jonathan Watson, of Medford, to Phineas Jones, of North Yarmouth, "the lot of land set off to him by the Committee of resettlement of North Yarmouth, Lot No. 20, 10 acres."

Book 12; p. 353; 14 Sept. 1727. William Bond, of Boston, to Phineas Jones, of North Yarmouth, "the lot of land set off to him by the Committee of resettlement of North Yarmouth, Lot No. 10. 10 acres."

Book 12; p. 362; 23 Oct. 1728. mouth, to William Ward, of North No. 24."

James Parker, of North Yar-
Yarmouth, "the ten acre lot,

Moses Felt, of Boston, to

Book 13; p. 13; 10 Mar. 1729. Phineas Jones, of North Yarmouth, "ten acres in North Yarmouth, north-easterly on George Felt's ten acre lot: south-westerly by land originally [Robert?] Standford's."

Book 13; p. 29; 3 Dec. 1728. Nathaniel Emmes, to John Harrod, both of Boston, "lot in North Yarmouth, being the same that was conveyed to Thomas Stevens by several Indian Sagamores, 19 Jan. 1673" [see p. 412, OLD TIMES.]

Book 13; p. 29; 5 Dec. 1728. Joseph Robie, to John Harrod, both of Boston, "lot in North Yarmouth, being the same granted to Thomas Stevens by several Indian Sagamores, 19 Jan. 1673" [see as above.]

Book 13; p. 117; 28 May 1728. John Smith, of Boston, to James Parker, of North Yarmouth, "Lot No. 24, consisting of ten acres of land."

Book 13; p. 54; 8 Apr. 1729. Jeremiah Moulton, of York, to Rowland Houghton, of Boston, "Lot No. 14, North Yarmouth."

Book 13; p. 92; 29 Apr. 1729. John Atwell, of Lynn, and wife Margaret, to Lieut. John Brintnall, of Boston, "ten acres of land in North Yarmouth, and one-tenth of the right of the heirs of John Maine, said Atwell being grandson of said John Maine."

Book 13; p. 104; 25 July 1729. Joseph Harris, of Boston, to son Amos Harris of North Yarmouth, "ten acres of land in North Yarmouth, bounded by county road, ministerial lot and common lands."

Book 13; p. 110; 20 Mar. 1727. Elizabeth Cook, of Roxbury, grand-daughter and only heir of John Holman, late of North Yarmouth, deceased, to the Committee for the resettlement of the town, "exchanges a lot of land where said Holman lived on Broad Cove."

Book 13; p. 111; 17 Feb. 1728. Elizabeth Cook, of Roxbury, to John and Thomas Hill, of Boston, "land in North Yarmouth, on Holman's Point, near Broad Cove."

Book 13; p. 115; 25 July 1729. Joseph Harris, and wife Rebecca, of Charlestown, to son Amos Harris, of North Yarmouth, "ten acres northerly by Gershom Rice's lot, easterly by Broad Cove."

Book 13; p. 117; 23 Feb. 1726. Elizabeth Larrabee, wife of Thomas Larrabee, deceased, with John Larrabee and Benjamin Larrabee, sons of Thomas Larrabee, deceased, to James Parker, of North Yarmouth, "all our rights to land in North Yarmouth owned by our late father."

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Att a meeting of the Committee for re-
settleing the township of North Yarmouth,
MAY 16, 1727
in Casco Bay, May 16, 1727, at the house
of Mr James Parker, Innholder at North Yarmouth aforesaid:
Present: William Tailer, Esq', Elisha Cook, Esq', John Smith,
John Powell, Committee, and several of the Proprietors.

The Committee haveing at Sundry times heretofore given Pub-
lick Notice to all Persons, by Printing Advertisements & dispers-
ing them through the Country, of their meeting at Boston to receive
the Claimes of any that heretofore had lotts assigned them in
North Yarmouth by the Committee impowered by the Governour
& Company of the Massachusetts Bay, in 1681, or by the Select-
men of the said town of North Yarmouth, agreeable to the power
committed to them, as well as to admit such others as were desire-
ous of having lotts assigned to them in that township, & did de-
sign to bring forward & perfect the Intended Settlement there, in
a regular & defensible manner as should be directed and appoint-
ed by the Committee, And that the Ancient Proprietors may bring
in or send their Grants or Claimes to any land att North Yar-
mouth, aforesaid, to their Clerk att Boston, that so no one might
be Abridg'd of their former Grants or Allottments, and all future
Controvercies prevented as far forth as the Committee could, and
whereas several did appear in Person and shew forth that they had
grants of land made to them in the years 1681 to 1685-6, together
with others the representatives of Such, in order to Settle that
town, All which appeared to us by the town book of North Yar-
mouth: Many others altho' they could not produce their Grants
from the town book, and the allottments thereof, Yet by Sufficient
witnesses proved that their Ancestors had such grants made them
by the then Selectmen and a Committee appointed for that pur-
pose, and improved the Same untill forced off by the Indian War,
Some of whom had their houses destroyed, their papers & other
things consumed by fire, the whole amounting to thirty six families,
many others also appearing to be admitted and joyn in resettleing
these lands. The Committee having informed themselves of the
Scituation & Circumstances of the Lands there, determined to re-

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ceive so many new Settlers as would make up One hundred with
the former Proprietors, which the tract of Land would sufficiently
accommodate, besides a Ministry Lott. a Minister's Lott and
another lott for the School. All which being done, the Committee,
the 15th of September last, Ordered & Appointed the bounds of
the town to be Run, and to Survey, platt, & lay out, fifty home
lotts on a certain tract of land within the township, on a neck of
land formerly called Maine's Neck, now called Yarmouth Neck,
lying on the west side of Royall's River, to be performed by Capt
Jeremiah Moulton and Mr Benjamin Flagg, And upon reading and
Considering their Return, The Committee Apprehended that the
whole number of Settlers might be accommodated with home lotts,
on the aforesaid neck of land now called Yarmouth Neck, and ac-
cordingly, the 22d day of April last past, directed the aforesaid
Surveyers to repair to North Yarmouth to Survey & platt fifty-
three house lotts more, of the Same Contents of the first fifty, in
the most Convenient places on the aforesaid neck, & to perfect
the platting and laying out the Same, & then to Survey and platt
the whole township.

The Committee haveing on the 23d of March preceeding direct-
ed a Printed Advertisement to give Publick Notice that they in-
tended to meet at the house of Mr James Parker, Innholder, att
Yarmouth, the 10th Instant, in order to finish & fix the several
lotts, as also to agree upon such orders and rules as should be
thought most conducive to perfect the Settlement.
And now upon
reviewing what the Surveyer, Benjamin Flagg, hath done, aud
finding that he hath not perfected the laying out and platting the
whole number of the lotts, the Committee deferred Drawing the
same for the present. Upon Thirsday, May 18th, the Surveyor
laying before the Committee a Draught of the One hundred and
three lotts by him Surveyed & marked on the aforesaid tract of
land, now called Yarmouth Neck, the first lott, Number One, be-
ginning at Holman's Point, near Broad Cove, on the easterly side
thereof, at North Yarmouth, in Casco Bay aforesaid, & from
thence the other lotts extending north-easterly by the bay to a
point of land heretofore called Maine's Point, where James Parker
now improves, & from thence up Royall's River, on the south-west
side thereof, near to the first falls in said river, with some lotts on
the back of the aforesaid Lotts bordering on the bay & river afore-
said, and some on Broad Cove.

The Committee proceeded & agreed upon the method for draw-
ing Lotts, for such home lotts as were not heretofore assigned to
the former Proprietors, and some few that were allo
ed to fix up-
on their lotts before any were drawn for: And then those that ap-
peared by themselves or Substitutes were once & againe informed
that none would be Intitled to a lott in North Yarmouth altho' he
was admitted then to draw, unless he would punctually do and

Perform such things as the Committee should direct & order for the more Effectual, Speedy & Sure Settlement of the township, which no one gainsay'd, they began upon the drawing out the several lotts, each man's name that was to draw being wrote upon a single piece of paper, folded up and then putt into a hatt, amounting in the whole to sixty-four, and then the Same Number of Papers folded with a Distinct number on each one & putt into another hatt, and as the Names of the persons were Severally & distinctly taken out the numbered [paper] that followed each man's name determined his lott. These sixty-four with the affixed lotts making up the amount of One hundred and three lotts; Each man's lott as well as the Ancient Settlers', as those now taken, are in the order following: the number of the fixed lotts being interspersed with the others now drawn for, tho' none of them were putt into the hatts.

Home-Lots, North Yarmouth, drawn May 18, 1727.

1 Benjamin Prince.

29 Isaac Leatherby*.
30 William Leatherby*.

2 John Holman's Assignes.

31 Stephen Leatherby's* Assignes.

32 Thomas Leatherby's* Assignes.

33 Samuel Leatherby's* As


34 Henry Coombs' Assignes.
35 John Provender's Ass's.
36 William Ashfell's Ass's.
37 Benjamin Leatherby*.
38 Roger Edwards' Assignes.
39 Ministerial Lott.
40 Joseph Harris.

41 Minister's Lott.
42 Tobias Oakman
43 Gershom Rice.

44 Joseph Harris.`
45 Old John Harris's Ass's.
46 Thomas Southworth.

47 Thomas Blashfield's As

3 Samuel Smith.

4 Thomas Doggett.

5 Thomas Crafts.

6 George Monk.

7 Ephraim Crafts.
8 Barnabas Hatch.

9 Robert Johnson.

10 William Bond.
11 Francis Wyman.
12 Samuel York.

13 Phinehas Jones.

14 Capt Jeremiah Moulton. 15 Coil William Dudley. 16 Benjamin Flagg.

17 Richard Bray's Assignes. 18 Gilbert Winslow.

19 Samuel Fisher.

20 Jonathan Watson.

21 John Batten's Assignes. 22 John Smith.

23 John Maine's Assignes.

24 John Smith.

25 James Parker.

26 Amos Stevens' Heirs or


27 Peter Blackman's Assign's 28 John Stearns.

48 Cornelius Soul.
49 John Powell.

50 Henry Dearing.

51 Joseph Maylem.

52 Samuel Baker (stream excepted.


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